Assume the role of an aspiring mountaineer hiking up iconic hills from around the world, featuring a new

A Mountaineering Adventure

In Peaks, you are aspiring mountaineers, beginning the game hiking up iconic hills from around the world as you build your stamina and experience. You will gather equipment and meet companions to assist you in climbing the world’s tallest mountains!

On Your Turn

Choose one of three actions – REST to regain your stamina and trigger bonuses; PREPARE to gain mountain passes and equipment; or CLIMB to climb a mountain and reap its rewards. The winner is the player with the most flags on the board at the end of the game, plus any extras from bonus cards.

Unique Tag Along Mechanism

The unique design of Peaks is due to a new 'tag along' mechanism that keeps players fully engaged even when it's not their turn - adding a collaborative element. The twists on action selection and bonus cards make Peaks feel familiar, yet completely fresh.

Tactile Components

Mechanical player mats with moving tiles, a custom die, and flag minis make for a new, tactile experience.

Simple setup, quick turns, interactive gameplay, and a ruleset that organically develops throughout the game all bring about a satisfying adventure.

Update #7

UnStretch Goal #3 Is HERE!

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Update #6

UnStretch Goal #2 Coming Up!

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Update #5


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Update #4

First Kickstarter Exclusive Revealed!

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Update #3

We are 100% FUNDED!!

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Update #2

PEAKS Overview Video

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Update #1

Rulebook is Here!

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