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Fulfilling a crowdfunding project is a high-risk process. One small miscalculation could end up costing a huge amount of money. Choosing the right partners for delivering your product and coming up with the correct delivery plan is extremely important.

We have run numerous projects of our own using the Kickstarter platform. By going through the entire process and learning (the hard way) exactly what needs to be done, we gained invaluable knowledge and experience, and developed tools that will help make your crowdfunding experience a little bit easier.

Step 1: Fulfilment Strategy

Each project, depending on the size, weight of the final product, and the number of backers, requires a different approach to fulfilment. You want to make sure you don't overcharge your backers for shipping, but you need to ensure you don't undercharge and lose money.

There are also many things you need to consider and make sure you have done during your design and manufacturing process that will help your fulfilment process run smoothly. For example, the certificates and box labels you need in order to import your games into EU/UK/US etc.

We can help you navigate all those decisions, and come up with a plan tailored to your needs for your specific project.

Pre-campaign Fulfilment Checklist:
  • Know the Size and Weight of each item.
  • Have a barcode for each item.
  • Set the target age for your product (affects customs).
  • Have the proper text and logos on each product box.
  • Decide the carton size and packaging.
  • Decide to which countries you will deliver customs-friendly.
  • Get the required certificates to import to EU/UK/AUS/US.
  • Shop around to get shipping quotes from local hubs.
  • Calculate an estimate of shipping costs for your backers.
Step 2: Freight Plan & Management

Once your product is ready, you need to find the most efficient, and cost-effective way to transfer it from your manufacturer to the fulfilment hubs. The fulfilment hubs will deliver to your backers.

This process usually requires transport via cargo ships from China to US, Canada, Australia, EU and UK.

We can help you transport and import your products to all destination countries, handle the import requirements (certificates / invoices / regulations) and advise you on how to navigate import custom fees and EU VAT.

As we work directly with shipping companies, we cut out the "middle-man". This means we can help you create a solid plan with very competitive freight quotes.

Post-campaign Fulfilment Checklist:
  • Have a freight plan from the factory to the local hubs.
  • Deal with Import VAT for EU and UK (if applicable).
  • Calculate the actual shipping costs for your backers (before you open the Pledge Manager and charge shipping costs).
  • Onboard your company with the fulfilment hubs.
  • Prepare documentation for shipping (Commercial Invoices, Packing Lists, SKUs List etc) per destination.
  • Book ships and trucks to move your product from factory to hubs.
  • Monitor the process and deal with any unforseen events (delays, customs authorities, etc).
  • Manage hubs until you get a tracking number for each and every backer.

Fulfilment Support

Get professional help with your fulfilment.


  • Fulfilment Strategy
  • Freight Plan & Management
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Every Creator and every Project is unique!

If the package above does not suit you, then Contact Us to help create your own.

Frequently asked questions
What if I do not want to use a fulfilment hub, and want to ship the product myself?

We can come up with a freight plan that works for you. You will still need someone to get the product from your factory and deliver it to your home or warehouse address. We can do that for you! Of course, in that case our consulting fee will adjust accordingly.

Can you help me figure out what to do with VAT charges for EU and UK backers?

Yes, we can! We have worked with many creators delivering their products in EU and UK. We can help you navigate these processes.

I do not manufacture in China, can you help me move my product around?

Yes, we can pick up your product from any factory in the world and deliver to US/China/EU/UK/Canada/Australia/Brazil.

What if I already have my own freight forwarder?

We understand that each project is different, with unique needs and requirements. As such, we are flexible with our service offerings and will work with you to create a package that best suits your needs. Set up a call with us and we will work together to figure out the best approach!

Our Mission

Hive is committed to developing potent tools tailored to empower Kickstarter creators. With a singular platform that tracks every facet of their journey —from pre-campaign preparations to the final delivery— Hive ensures an easy, efficient, and comprehensive experience for creators.

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