Plan a Successful Campaign

Embarking on a Kickstarter campaign demands a well-crafted plan.

Have you established a communication strategy? Are your goals realistic and attainable? Have you meticulously reviewed and validated your pricing, encompassing both pledge amounts and shipping costs?

Demonstrate to your backers that you're not just passionate about your project but also well-prepared and firmly in control of every facet of the journey. Your success begins with a comprehensive and thoughtful approach.

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Pledge Manager

The crowdfunding momentum doesn't halt when your campaign concludes!

Employ the potent tools integrated into our robust Pledge Manager to persistently raise funds and optimize your revenue streams. Seize the post-campaign phase as an opportunity to further engage your backers and enhance the overall success of your project.

Our pledge manager will follow your project every step of the way, adapting to each phase's needs, maximizing your success!

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Customer Support

Utilize our embedded Support Ticketing platform to manage all communications seamlessly, handling inquiries about missing items, replacements, and other concerns from your backers efficiently and effectively.

All the tools you need inside the same platform, under one account, easily accessible, ensuring a smooth and successful post-campaign experience for you and your supporters.

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Collaborate with us to discover optimal fulfillment solutions for your campaign. Whether it's freight, delivery logistics, or addressing EU VAT concerns, we've got you covered.

By going through the entire process ourselves and learning (the hard way) exactly what needs to be done, we gained invaluable experience and developed tools that will help make your crowdfunding experience much easier.

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Powerful crowdfunding tools

Harness the power of Hive's tools to maximize your Kickstarter campaign's success! We have the experience to guide you through every step of the process.

Pledge Manager

Our robust pledge manager allows you to maximize the effectiveness of your project from pre-campaign to final delivery and beyond!

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Campaign Consulting

Running a successful crowdfunding campaign is a difficult task. Even if you reach your funding goal, manufacturing and delivering can be extremely challenging. Tap into our expertise to maximize your success.

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Backer Support

Communication with your backers is the most important aspect of your campaign. Do not lose any messages, do not leave any issue unresolved. Get organized!

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Fulfilment Solutions

Each project is unique and requires broad knowledge and experience to find the most cost-effective solution to deliver your product to your backers. Let us help you find the best solutions for your project!

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Freight Consolidation

We can help you transfer your product from China to hubs around the world. Focus on creating an awesome product, leave the hassle of freight, import, inland deliveries and VAT registrations to us.

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Replacement Handling

Even with the best laid plans, when mass producing and shipping items, there are bound to be some errors. We have trained personnel who will learn your product, and package and ship replacements for you, at very competitive rates!

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Learn from the experiences of successful projects, harness proven strategies, and pave the way for your own successful Kickstarter campaign.

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Our Mission

Hive is committed to developing potent tools tailored to empower Kickstarter creators. With a singular platform that tracks every facet of their journey —from pre-campaign preparations to the final delivery— Hive ensures an easy, efficient, and comprehensive experience for creators.

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