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We work with many Kickstarter creators and help them move their product from China to US/EU/UK/Canada/Australia. This allows us to bring creators together, consolidate their cargo, and get you the best freight prices in the market!

We provide this Freight Consolidation service FREE!

How do we do it? We collect cargo information, create a consolidation plan, and mange the freight!

Cargo Information

The first step is tell us about your project and what cargo you want to move. At this stage, we require the following information:

  • Cargo CBM and Weight
  • Estimated Cargo Ready Date (the day it can be picked up from the factory)
  • Pick up Address
  • Destination Information (Country/Fulfillment Hub)

The pick up date can be an estimate. We usually have shipments leaving China every 1-2 months. If you plan ahead, you will have the opportunity to join others and save on freight costs.

Consolidation Plan

Once we have cargo information from creators, we start matching destinations, and getting freight and local transport quotes.

The goal of this process is to fill 40HQ containers, which allow you to get the best freight price.

We will give you two freight options. The first option will show the cost if you consolidate your cargo with other creators. The second option will show the cost of freight on your own. The final choice is always yours. We understand that plans can change and delays may occur during mass production, but you can leave the stress of organizing your freight to us!

Freight Management

Once the plan is approved, we proceed with booking containers, trucks and ships! We will make sure your product is picked up from the address you specify and delivered to your destination.

Your work finishes when you get confirmation from your factory that the product is ready for pick up. If your project needs to clear customs, needs local transport and de-consolidation of product, you do not need to worry. We will manage each process for you and keep you updated along the way!

Are you interested in this FREE cargo consolidation service?

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