Kraken Skulls!

Kraken Skulls!

18,340 USD
of 9,000 USD Goal

What’s In the Treasure Chest?:

  • Signed Limited Edition Kraken Skulls prototype
    Including all 90 (sleeved) game cards, 24 oversized cards, 27 custom dice, 7 standees, and rulebook! Will show some signs of wear as these have been used for reviews and playtesting, but these will be our nicest copies!
    • Signed on the inside of the box lid!
  • Hand-made Kraken plushie by a local maker
  • Chris Couch embroidered logo hoodie (pick your color)
  • Chris Couch “Dice Buds” t-shirt designed by the ever so talented Patrick Weber (pick your color)
  • Mystery 3D-printed prototype pieces that we used to make the game. These might include ships, a kraken, custom dice, tokens and more!

**Planned delivery in September 2023

**Unfortunately, we are unable to ship to certain countries. At the moment, we are unable to ship to the Russian Federation, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Libya and Yemen.

Update #1

We're on a Boat! + PnP Link Fixed!

2024-02-29 04:47:59 Read More
Pledge Levels
Crewmate Pledge
Crewmate Pledge

Get 1 copy of Kraken Skulls!

- Includes any stretch goals unlocked during the campaign.
- Shipping fees will be charged via a pledge manager (emailed survey) after the campaign is complete.

Pledge $30

Estimated Delivery: Mar 2024

First Mate Pledge
First Mate Pledge

Get 2 copies of Kraken Skulls! One for you, one for your first mate!
- Includes any stretch goals unlocked during the campaign.

Pledge $55

Estimated Delivery: Mar 2024

Digital Print & Play
Digital Print & Play

For all of our Paper Pirates, get a digital copy of Kraken Skulls to download and print at home that contains:

- Standard and oversized cards
- STL files for all ships, tokens, custom dice, and the kraken
- Sticker sheets for custom dice and standees
- Items from all unlocked expansions

Pledge $5

Estimated Delivery: Sep 2023

Pirate's Best Friend Pledge
Pirate's Best Friend Pledge

Get 1 copy of Kraken Skulls!

Put your pet in the game! Send in a photo and receive a one-of-a-kind Supply Card designed by the creators of Kraken Skulls! This will arrive with your copy of the game. We will contact you after the campaign to complete the custom process.

Pledge $100

Estimated Delivery: Mar 2024

Limited Quantity: 1 left

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