Kraken Skulls!

Kraken Skulls!

18,340 USD
of 9,000 USD Goal

What’s In the Treasure Chest?:

  • Signed Limited Edition Kraken Skulls prototype
    Including all 90 (sleeved) game cards, 24 oversized cards, 27 custom dice, 7 standees, and rulebook! Will show some signs of wear as these have been used for reviews and playtesting, but these will be our nicest copies!
    • Signed on the inside of the box lid!
  • Hand-made Kraken plushie by a local maker
  • Chris Couch embroidered logo hoodie (pick your color)
  • Chris Couch “Dice Buds” t-shirt designed by the ever so talented Patrick Weber (pick your color)
  • Mystery 3D-printed prototype pieces that we used to make the game. These might include ships, a kraken, custom dice, tokens and more!

**Planned delivery in September 2023

**Unfortunately, we are unable to ship to certain countries. At the moment, we are unable to ship to the Russian Federation, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Libya and Yemen.

All UpdatesUpdate #1

We're on a Boat! + PnP Link Fixed!

2024-02-29 04:47:03

Avast! Kraken Skulls is on a boat and headed to the USA! The games set sail on Feb 13th. 

We’re anxiously awaiting our palettes of Kraken Skulls to arrive at a port in the States. Once they do, they’ll then be sent out to our fulfillment partner and then they’ll make their way to you. If you haven’t completed your pledge, you can likely click a link recently sent to you to finalize your shipping address. But completed pledges can no longer be modified at this time. If you have a special order like custom cards, those will be shipped directly from us to you so that way we can safely package up your cards.

Current timeline estimates:

  • Mid-late March: Games arrive in the USA
  • Late March - April: Fulfillment begins

We’ll have more specifics once the games hit the USA (such as local pick-up party details), but until then we’re in the waiting game. 

PnP File Link Update

We're not sure how the previous Print and Play link broke that contained all the downloadable files. But, thanks to those that alerted us. We've since updated the link and if you click the photo below, you'll access all PnP files.

Thanks for all your support! 

- The Chris Couch Team

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