New Kingdom: Gardeners

New Kingdom: Gardeners

Plant a garden teeming with fruit for the harvest in this elegant, family-friendly, biblically-inspired, 1-4 player strategy game.

16,665 USD
of 9,500 USD Goal
All Stretch Goals Unlocked
All Stretch Goals Unlocked - We are Unlocking Early as a Thank you to Backers!

All components are subject to change due to manufacturing, art, or community input. Note the cubes and doves are now Screen Printed Meeples.
Yellow Fruit
Now the yellow cubes are yellow screen printed Fruit meeples. They are a smaller scale than the purple to easily distinguish.
Purple Fruit Meeple
Now the purple cubes are purple screen printed Fruit meeples. They are a larger scale than the yellow to easily distinguish.
dove meeple
The Doves are now screen printed meeples as well.
Shipping and VAT assessed in the Pledge Manager after the campaign. Additional games can be purchased as add-ons at any pledge tier aside from the Worker tier.

Hive Interactive logo
Our pledge manager will be Hive Interactive

Dragon Egg Games - Co-publishing support and consulting

NiceFunny Games - Manufacturing

Gamesquest - Shipping and fulfillment

Funding Freak - Marketing, consulting and amazing Kickstarter page build

Hive - An incredible pledge manager 

Timeline is an estimate based on current projections from manufacturing, fulfillment, and design partners. Everything in the timeline above is subject to change.
Update #8

December Update 2: Tracking Numbers

2023-12-14 20:04:56 Read More
Update #7

December Update! Fulfillment Time!

2023-12-10 02:47:23 Read More
Update #6

BONUS Thanksgiving Update!

2023-11-23 17:48:19 Read More
Update #5

October Update: Pleasant Surprises!

2023-10-31 07:28:49 Read More
Update #4

September Update: What a Freight!

2023-10-04 01:31:22 Read More
Update #3

August Update: PNP, Manufacturing Timeline, and New Games

2023-09-01 10:08:01 Read More
Update #2

July 2023 Update: Manufacturing is underway and PNP is ready to go!

2023-08-02 22:12:59 Read More
Update #1

June 2023 Update: Welcome to Hive!

2023-07-01 02:49:39 Read More
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