New Kingdom: Gardeners

New Kingdom: Gardeners

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All Stretch Goals Unlocked - We are Unlocking Early as a Thank you to Backers!

All components are subject to change due to manufacturing, art, or community input. Note the cubes and doves are now Screen Printed Meeples.
Yellow Fruit
Now the yellow cubes are yellow screen printed Fruit meeples. They are a smaller scale than the purple to easily distinguish.
Purple Fruit Meeple
Now the purple cubes are purple screen printed Fruit meeples. They are a larger scale than the yellow to easily distinguish.
dove meeple
The Doves are now screen printed meeples as well.
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Timeline is an estimate based on current projections from manufacturing, fulfillment, and design partners. Everything in the timeline above is subject to change.
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August Update: PNP, Manufacturing Timeline, and New Games

2023-09-01 10:05:49

Greetings Gardeners!

This update contains lots of pictures of the manufacturing process and three big updates: a correction to our PNP files, an update on manufacturing and timeline, and finally, announcements for new projects you may be interested in.

For fun the manufactuing photos will be scattered throughout this update. Let's start with the PNP files (but first look at all those boxes):

The PNP files I sent had a small misprint on the expansion cards. The backs of the Gardeners were not Gardener backs but main deck card backs. I have updated the files, so if you have your links the files should be updated there. However, if you downloaded PNP files or missed the files the first time. I just resent them, so you should see them in your inbox!

Next let's talk manufacturing (after we take a look at the finished expansion components):

I'm very happy to announce that our timeline for delivery is still right on track.

Mass manufacturing just finished today and assembly is starting, meaning we will begin our ocean freight process immediately. I'm currently working on this with NiceFunny Games and Gamesquest to ensure everything goes off smoothly.

Ocean freight from China to London takes approximately 6 weeks plus 3 weeks on both sides for logistics and customs. 9 weeks puts us at early November for arrival at Gamesquest. Once there, it will take a couple of weeks to sort out the fulfillment plan, and as I always hoped we should be able to start shipping games globally to you in December.

Quick question: Why am I not closing the pledge manager if manufacturing is done? Good question. I don't need to send a fulfillment plan to Gamesquest until we are actually prepared to ship products. This gives backers who have not filled out their surveys time to get those finished. I want to ensure as close to 100% fulfillment as I can and part of that is giving backers time to fill our their pledges.

I invite questions about this process. If you have any questions at all please let me know! I'm a bit behind in emails but have a plan to catch up in September.

Finally, let's talk about new games coming from New Kingdom Gaming (but first, a look at the wooden components):

If you follow my newsletter at New Kingdom Gaming then you know we have two new games coming out soon! First, I want to talk about Prestige, a city building game by Fritz Paull published by a new division of New Kingdom Gaming called Kingdoms of the Earth.

Fritz and I met when we were both breaking into game design. He and I have been in several groups together and many playtests. We have worked together, prayed together, and had lots of good times helping encourage one another. When I found out our good friends at Oak Lounge Games weren't going to be able to publish Prestige I jumped at the opportunity to work with another great publisher to acquire this AMAZING game.

The vision for Kingdoms of the Earth as a publishing division is to publish games that are not biblically-themed and that give back to charities of the designers' choice. The aim is to elevate designers and their communities, and the hope is this will broaden the reach of New Kingdom Gaming allowing us to finance even more great biblically-inspired titles. I'm honored Prestige will be our first game in this division.

Learn more about Prestige here .

Prestige will crowdfund on and be managed by Backerkit in April of 2024, a move that I am really excited about! Backerkit is the largest pledge manager in the world. They will be able to connect a large gaming audience to Prestige and fulfill the game with ease. Backerkit offers a very easy on ramp into retail as well which is really exciting for Prestige.

My next game, designed an developed by me is also in the works and has been for almost 2 years. I'm ready to open up beta testing and start marketing for it now. I'll be running the crowdfunding and pledge management through Gamefound for my next project, Tribulation, in Summer of 2024 (July is the soft date currently).

I believe Gamefound is the perfect fit for Tribulation. The audience is composed of gamers with tastes for games like Tribulation with intense art and intriguing tactics. Furthermore, Gamefound will help us take the global market seriously and will make fulfillment that much easier for our wonderful backers across the world.

As the next release from New Kingdom Gaming, Tribulation is heavily biblically themed and inspired. The goal of the game is to connect to the reality of the spiritual battles we don't see or understand. I'm really excited for Tribulation to help expand our audience at New Kingdom Gaming. If you are more a fan of what I am doing with New Kingdom: Gardeners though, don't worry. Gardeners is the first in a line of games centered on a shared universe that will see more releases beyond 2024, but more on that later!

You can learn more about Tribulation here.

That's all for this update! I know it was A LOT!

Thank you for supporting our small family business. Lindsey, Ruby and I are very grateful you chose to back this project and our little company.

Until next time...happy gardening!

Jack, Lindsey, and Ruby 

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