Megapulse is a fast-paced, adrenaline-filled, tight futuristic racing game inspired by F-Zero, Wipeout and Mariokart. Plan your actions by playing action cards that allows you to drift, charge nitro, shoot your opponents, leave bombs, and more. Upgrade your vehicle with unique upgrade cards that change the course of the game. Choose a persona among 4 pilots, and storm through the finish line!

59,678 USD
of 38,000 USD Goal

Ready. Set. Go!
The calm before the storm
Tight finale!
Under neon skies

The SS-Ultra (purple) just avoided a bomb from the Falcon (blue)!
4 unique pilots to choose from!
Too many bombs! Watch out!
A ton of upgrades to choose from!
The Pit of the Fallen! They say they found the corpse of God down there...
Choose your cards wisely!
The Falcon (Blue) is grappled to the X-350 (Red), but a multibomb is coming! Ouch!
Update #3

Megapulse Update Video

2024-07-18 20:41:33 Read More
Update #2

Megapulse Pledge Manager Is Open

2024-07-06 23:08:42 Read More
Update #1

Megapulse Projected Timeline and Production

2024-05-25 01:59:55 Read More
Pledge Levels
ROOKIE (Base Game)
ROOKIE (Base Game)

If you're racing just for fun!

Includes the Base Game, The Conductor Mini-Expansion and the Autopilot print & play.

Pledge $49

Estimated Delivery: April 2025

SPONSOR (Retailers)
SPONSOR (Retailers)


Includes 6 copies of the Base Game, 6 copies of the Conductor Mini-Expansion, and all unlocked stretch goals.

Pledge $180

Estimated Delivery: Apr 2025

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