Dungeon Twist

A Strategy Dungeon Crawler with endless possibilities. Twist the Dungeon! Rob your Opponents! Run with the Loot!

11,129 EUR
of 6,000 EUR Goal

Since ancient times there have been tales of a mysterious Dungeon, so intricate and changeable that no one ever escaped it alive! 
But the promise of the wonderful hidden treasure keeps attracting rascals and street burglars... like you.
Your time has come, aspiring raiders: the Dungeon Doors are opening!

A strategy dungeon crawler with endless possibilities!

All players collectively shape a unique map by placing Tiles on the board, expanding its structure turn after turn, or twisting it to open paths and wall up opponents. 
Every tactical decision is up to you, no random generation involved.

Just load yourself with riches (and get out alive)!

You have multiple ways to collect loot while exploring, but watch out for timing: as soon as someone pillages a Treasure Room and escapes, the raid comes to an end... so plan your positioning and prepare to run!

Reject adventure, embrace felony!

This game just slightly encourages you to be nasty.
Sure, you can collect gold and trophies with clever planning… but you might prefer letting the others do the hard work and wait for a chance to rob them. 

A quick look at the Rules:

A real deal for backers!

The Core Edition of Dungeon Twist is currently discounted, just for Kickstarter. 
We cannot guarantee about its pricing and availability after the campaign ends.
Basically, grab it before the time runs out!

All donations deserve a reward!

We firmly believe that every backer should be rewarded for their trust and support. 
Regardless of the amount you donate, get a taste of Dungeon Twist as soon as the campaign ends with the Print&Play version.

*The Print&Play version is an independent game from the Core Edition of Dungeon Twist. Each version has a different ruleset and doesn't require the other to be enjoyed.

You can add the printable Miniature Set to your rewards, regardless of the Pledge you choose. You'll receive the STL files directly to your email, ready to be 3D-printed, as soon as the campaign ends!

*The add-on DOES NOT include a license to print the Dungeon Twist miniatures for commercial use. Other than that, just enjoy them!

You'll receive the printable game directly to your email, ready to be crafted and played, as soon as the campaign ends!

*The Print&Play version is an independent game from the Core Edition of Dungeon Twist. Each version has a different ruleset and doesn't require the other to be enjoyed.

Ok, but how does this dungeon thing work exactly?

Dungeon Twist has been designed for both experts and newcomers to the strategy genre: despite its simple set of rules and visual pieces, the more you delve into it, the more you discover complex and unexpected interactions at your disposal.

The game system is highly replayable and customizable, allowing you to try different modes and rule variants to spice up each raid!

Play Tiles from your hand to build the Dungeon!

Some Tiles activate bonus effects once on the board, like spawning tokens and loot!

Need to open a new path or wall up an opponent?

You can rotate any Tile on the board as long as its sides match with adjacent Tiles.

If you’re searching for a specific Tile... just swap it!

You can grab any empty Tile from the board and play one from your hand in its place.

Permanently shape the map by playing a Room!

Collect a Triplet of matching Tiles and trade them for a Room. These special Tiles grant a unique effect and extra loot when placed, so choose carefully!

Swipe your opponent’s loot with a sneaky dice roll!

Rogues follow a strict code of honor, mostly based on robbing each other...
Each Character has unique Attack and Defense stats that influence their success rate.

Collect and equip Tokens to unlock a variety of effects:

- Coins increase your total wealth (aka your final score).
- Use Objects to enhance your stats and learn new abilities.
- Drink a Potion to cheat on your rolls by changing the face on a die!
- If you stumble into a Trap, you’ll have to stop or lose some loot!

Trigger the endgame and GET OUT ASAP!

Other than dramatically increasing your wealth, a Treasure Token allows you to end the game (while also putting a big target on your head).
If you manage to take the Treasure out, all players will have just one turn to escape before the Dungeon crumbles to the ground!

Better to know your fellow rogues before stabbing them in the back!

Each character has different stats and a signature ability, allowing a unique playstyle.

A speedster who gets the best positioning and avoids obstacles by jumping!

A brutal charger that enhances his stats by continuously moving and changing target.

A glass cannon that stalks opponents and robs twice the amount of loot!

A sneaky trickster that performs smooth surprise attacks and quickly retreats to safety.

A balanced strategist that gets faster while travelling lightweight.

Not satisfied? 

Wait, there's miniatures?!

No, not yet. 
But wait... here's how you can change that:

There’s a lot more to discover in the Dungeon…

Each goal can upgrade a game piece or add new bonus content to the pledges.
Some special milestones can even unlock entirely new pledges!

Want to learn more about the lore and the design process? 

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About us

Magari is an indie game development studio located in Milan, Italy.

Magari is a typical Italian idiom, which could be translated as: 
"Wouldn’t it be cool if…?"
Some sort of "hopeful maybe", if you will.
Ironically, it quickly became a mantra for us.
Over the years, we specialized in virtual production and applied games, but game design at its core is our passion, be it tabletop or digital. 
Since the beginning we settled on a clear goal: finding the resources to create our own games and make anyone able to enjoy them!

Dungeon Twist is our first board game, polished over several years. 
We designed it as an approachable but deep experience, suitable for many kinds of players, from the beginner to the experienced strategist. We’re sure that it can be appreciated as much as we enjoyed testing it ourselves: after endless playtests, every match still turns out to be a different and surprising experience!

We chose Kickstarter because it allows us to get in direct contact with our players and receive immediate feedback on the game. 
That’s why we decided to send all backers a taste of Dungeon Twist with the Print&Play version, regardless of their contribution. We want everyone to have fun and become an active part of our creative effort.
If we succeed, we are confident that we will be able to build a community to share and discuss our next projects with.

In conclusion, thank you for your invaluable support, rogue!


Game & Narrative Design: Emanuele Carlucci 

Editor: Francesco Alinovi 

Art & Graphics: Marco Lagiongada, Lorenzo Lupi, Graziano Barbaro, Simona Duci, Chiara Seveso

3D Art: Mary Di Primio

Production: Francesco Alinovi, Emanuele Carlucci, Alessandro Elifani, Jacopo Martinoni

Special Thanks:  Samuele Livrieri, Mary Di Primio, Filippo Fratta Pasini, Leonardo Profeti, Emma Lanteri, Davide Lubelli

Shipping Policy

In addition to the amount of your Pledge, you must pay us our shipping costs for delivering the Reward to you. We can’t let you know the exact shipping cost right now, because the product doesn’t exist yet and costs may change depending on quantity and market fluctuations by the time it is completed. For these reasons, shipping charges will be calculated after the Campaign ends. You will receive detailed information via email, as soon as it is available to us.

Taxation and Additional Charges

Depending on your shipping address, the delivery may be subject to import duties or other local taxes applied by your local customs authorities when your Reward reaches your territory. We have no control over these charges and we cannot predict their amount.

Production Guarantees

Depending on the achievement of stretch goals, the final game may be improved with lots of new contents that might require more time to produce. 
Please note that some of the material depicted in this campaign is still work in progress. Aesthetics and layouts might change... for the better!

Delivery Date

Although we estimate a total of 10 months of production, we will update you with more information about the delivery date after the Campaign ends. During production and shipment, you will receive precise updates about every step the product undergoes.
If something happens that is outside of our control and affects the estimated date of delivery, we will let you know a revised estimated date as soon as possible.


We are responsible for the goods until they are shipped to you. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by you providing us with incorrect delivery details or by our compliance with your delivery instructions (for example, leaving the parcel unattended).



By backing our project on Kickstarter, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old and agree to these Terms, entering into a legally binding agreement with us. 

If you do not agree to these Terms, please do not back our project and wait for the retail release.

How to contact us

When we say we, us or our, we mean Magari SRLS, a company registered in Italy.
Our main trading address is Milan, at via Antonio Bazzini 13A.
Our VAT number is 02900120342.

If you you have any questions, there is a problem with our Campaign or delivery of Rewards, you wish to complain or end your contract with us, you can contact us by email at boardgames@magari.fun

How we contact you

We will contact you by email, to keep you updated about the progress of the Campaign and our Project, and to send you important communication about your Pledge and Rewards.

We will send any physical Reward to you at the shipping address you will provide to us after the campaign ends. We allow a maximum of one address per backer, regardless of the number of pledges/copies ordered.

We will use the contact data shown in your Kickstarter account when you back our Campaign, or as you may provide to us later. If you wish to change this data for whatever reason, please send us a message at boardgames@magari.fun 

It is your responsibility to provide us with your accurate and complete email and shipping address and let us know as soon as any of these addresses change. We will not be liable to you if we are prevented from performing our contractual obligations as a result of your failure to comply with this condition. 

Your relationship with Kickstarter

You need to hold a Kickstarter account in order to back our Project. Your relationship with Kickstarter will be governed by Kickstarter’s terms and conditions (that you can read here). 

In the event of any conflict between these Terms and the Kickstarter Terms, the Kickstarter Terms shall take precedence.

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How your contribution works

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The Kickstarter Campaign will be successful if it reaches the fundraising goal set on our Campaign page before its deadline. We cannot promise that this will be the case. Even then, we cannot guarantee that the Project will definitely be completed or that it will be completed on time.

If the Campaign is successful

  • We will do anything in our power to complete the Project;
  • We will keep you up to date on any progress by sending updates via email and posting on the Kickstarter page of our Campaign;
  • If you made a Pledge in return for a physical Reward, we will contact you to seek your completion of our pledge management survey and make any outstanding payments;
  • Once the Project is complete, likely several months after you have made and fulfilled your Pledge, we will do anything in our power to deliver your physical Reward to you.

If, after a successful Campaign, the Project is not completed

Due to the nature of the Project, despite our best efforts we might sometimes not be able to complete as promised. If this happens, we will do anything in our power to remedy the situation and bring it to the best possible conclusion.

  • We will explain in detail what work has been done, how funds were used, all efforts made to complete the Project as planned and what prevents us from doing so;
  • We will offer to return any remaining funds to backers who made a Pledge with a physical Reward but have not received it (in proportion to the amounts pledged).
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