Catapult Feud - Ukraine Edition

Catapult Feud - Ukraine Edition

19,527 USD
of 500 USD Goal

My name is Andrii Pertsov. I am the owner of Fun Games Shop. We create fun board games and original gifts in Kyiv, Ukraine. This Kickstarter is for the Ukrainian language edition of Catapult Feud. 

Many of you are likely familiar with the game Catapult Feud by Vesuvius Media, as it was recently on Kickstarter to fund the new Hydra expansion. I first saw it during its original Kickstarter (Catapult Kingdoms) and immediately fell in love with it. 

It reminded me of my favorite childhood game, a very old computer game, that we played 30 years ago, at my father's computer workplace, at Aircraft plant  #410 in Kyiv. 

So I reached out to Vesuvius Media and we got the rights to publish the game in Ukraine.  Everything was going great, and we were really looking forward to getting the games... but then, on February 24, our lives were turned upside down.

Our office and warehouse are in Kyiv. From the first days of the war, we converted our warehouse into a community shelter for families to use. After several days, we managed to get our families to the city of Lviv, leaving a dire situation behind. We have no idea when we will be able to return.

Ми жили в Україні звичайним життям - ми мріяли, будували плани, розвивали бізнес. Бізнес, що починався як хобі, та за декілька років перетворився в дещо більше. Ми створювали робочі місця, працювали над тим, щоб інтегрувати український товар до Європи. І все це розбилось вщент за одну мить. В Україні почалась війна! Війна яка може затягнутись на місяці або навіть роки. Наслідки видно вже, і вони катастрофічні. Ми не втрачаємо віри, та все витримаємо. Іншого шляху просто немає. Але зараз треба зрозуміти, як жити далі і не дати нашому бізнесу - нашій мрії занепасти.

In our Pledge Manager there will be a special shipping option labelled "Donate pledge rewards to a child in Ukraine".

If you select that shipping option, then we will not send you the rewards, but instead we will deliver them to Ukrainian children.

Thank you for helping us spread some happiness in these dark times.

There is no better place than Kickstarter to address the board game community and ask for their help. The goal of this Kickstarter campaign is to regain the costs of production and use the money to try to rebuild our lives as we navigate through the dark times ahead. 

The Ukrainian edition of Catapult Feud has already been produced and arrived at the port in Greece on the 3rd of March. Now that our country is at war and we can not bring the games here, Vesuvius Media offered to help. 

With Vesuvius Media, we will run this campaign and reward backers with the game. Once the campaign is over, we will use Hive as our pledge manager to collect shipping fees and then ship the rewards (almost immediately!). As Vesuvius Media is coordinating the logistics and fulfillment, the current situation in Ukraine will not affect the delivery of this campaign's rewards.

There is no doubt that Ukraine will need a lot of support, and a lot of time, to recover from this war. We hope you will consider backing this project.


Your reward will include the rulebook in Ukrainian. However, through the Hive Pledge Portal ( you can download and print the rulebook in the following languages: English, French, German and Spanish. There is no text on the game components or cards. 

Click to Download the rulebook in English/Spanish/German/French

Two households, the Chauforts and the Cunningfields, both alike in dignity, in their fair kingdoms... if only there wasn't that ancient grudge...


Build your castle, set up your troops, and use your cunning tactics to conquer the floor!

Choose your side...
Build your castle...
Make a Plan...
Fire at Will!

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