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Once your backers start receiving their rewards, you will have requests for replacements due to damage or missing items. Even with the best laid plans, when mass producing items, there are bound to be some errors. For example, if your reward is a board game, there may be a token missing or a card miss-printed or the game box may have been damaged in transit.

You can choose to have Hive handle those requests. We have trained personnel who will learn your product, and package and ship replacements for you, at very competitive rates!

The following are three simple steps to save you a lot of time and money:

Execution Plan

Each product is different and has unique needs. We will go through your product's specs, help identify potential issues and the needs for replacements. We will then work with you to develop a plan that best suits your needs.

This planning process will help determine if it is more cost-effective for Hive to handle your replacements or if it makes more sense for you or a fulfillment hub to handle replacements directly.

Spare Parts

Once we know the plan, we will make arrangements so that during fulfillment everyone involved gets the parts they will need for replacements. For example, in the case of board games, that would be a number of extra games.

Our team will review your product and catalogue the individual components/parts. When a replacement request is made, we will know exactly which part your backer needs.

You set your replacement policy and define the parameters. For example, in the case of board games, you may decide you will not replace damaged game boxes or missing rulebooks. As a compromise, you may offer a partial refund or a PDF rulebook. This is completely up to you. We are always here to help and offer recommendations.

Backer Support

When a Support Ticket is opened for a replacement or damaged item inside our platform, our system will collect all necessary information (photos, shipping address).

You will be able to communicate with the backer in advance, in case something needs to be clarified or sorted out. Once you are ready for the replacement to be shipped, you mark the ticket as "Ship by Hive".

Our team will get the request, prepare the package, send it out, and then update your customer's ticket with the tracking information and changing the status of the ticket to "Shipped"!


Setup Fee: $200

(for up to 300 spare parts)


<0.5KG package



<0.5KG package



<0.5KG package


Rest of the World

<0.5KG packages


All prices include:
  • Packaging
  • Picking & Packing
  • Tracking
  • Monthly Invoicing
  • Account Manager
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