WILD: Serengeti

WILD: Serengeti

Film wild animals in the Serengeti and direct your own inspiring wildlife documentary in this beautiful board game.

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Discover the wildlife of the Serengeti and capture these moments to film the documentary of a lifetime.

WILD: Serengeti is a board game inspired by the endless plains of the Serengeti. This game combines the joy of puzzle-solving with elements of set-collection and engine-building to create a deep and unique strategic experience. The mesmerizing artwork, 3D components, and detailed animeeples will guide you straight into the vivid and breathtaking wilds of the Serengeti.  

WILD: Serengeti follows simple rules that are easy to learn for beginners but also enough strategic depth for more experienced veterans. Accompanied by 168 Scene Cards, Variable Player Powers, and various events, it presents a fresh, re-playable experience for every game.

Each turn a player will perform an action to discover or move an animal.

 Place the animals on the Map in the same pattern to complete your Scene Cards.

 Scene cards supply Icons and Rewards upon completion! Come up with your very own strategy and find your winning combo!

Animals are constantly on the move. Be prepared to adapt to the changes that come in the later rounds and keep a keen eye on your opponent's every move.

Experience Specialist Cards, each with their own unique abilities. The strategies are endless with amazing replayability!

Wild: Serengeti also supports solo mode. All animals will now be under your control and yours alone! There may be a bit more brainpower required when you fly solo, but you'll be able to enjoy the same puzzle-solving and strategy settings!


Click here to download the rulebook




Our company, Bad Comet Games is made up of a very small group of people. Unlike bigger publishers, we in fact need the help of these Kickstarter campaigns to produce and release our games. With the help of our backers, we were able to bring our previous project, Shaolia, to life. The same goes for our new project, Wild. A lot of dedication and passion went into creating this product and without the support from our backers, this project would otherwise not have a chance at seeing light!

In gratitude, we are also offering special gifts to our Kickstarter Backers who are directly contributing to the creation of Wild.


  • First, Wild will be offered at about 14% off (or about $8 off) MSRP. 

  • Additionally, a promo pack containing items unlocked through Stretch Goals will be provided free of charge. Unlockable goals include but are not limited to, promo packs consisting of additional cards, meeple magnets, and a cloth pouch to hold the meeples. Participation is key for unlocking stretch goals! So let's work together to unlock every one of them!













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Welcome retailers! During the campaign for Wild: Serengeti, we have decided to offer all unlocked stretch goals and promo packs to retailers who choose to make a retail pledge with us! We're looking for long-term partners to keep that ongoing relationship! All interested retailers please contact us via KS messages and/or email!

Email us at: info@badcomet.co

We are all huge fans of wildlife documentaries. From them, we began to learn more about the hidden beauties of nature and the amazing animals of our planet during the last couple of years. We discovered ourselves becoming more engaged and sympathetic towards the issues of our environment and the ecosystem. Through this, as a team, we yearned to create a game that showcased nature and wildlife in all their beauty and spectacle. By playing WILD: Serengeti, we wish that gamers around the world will be able to experience the grace and beauty of wild animals, and also become more aware of the problems they face. There was a lot of effort that went into designing Wild, if you would like to see how Wild came to be, please check out the links below. 

See Designer's Diary #1 How It All Began

See Designer's Diary #2 Designing the Mechanics

See Designer's Diary #3: Variable Player Powers

See Designer's Diary #4: Balance & the Mathematical Model Behind It 

See Designer's Diary #5: Designing the Components

See Visual Director's Diary #1: Concept Keywords

See Visual Director's Diary #2 Meeple Design (1)

See Visual Director's Diary #3 Meeple Design (2) 

Only the English version will be available on this campaign. 

We will be collaborating with publishers from various countries to create different language versions of the game. For other publishers, if you have licensing/localization inquiries please contact Michael Raftopoulos at michael@mobvanguard.com.

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