Upgrade Your Games: Season 2

Upgrade Your Games: Season 2

46,372 USD
of 5,000 USD Goal

We are a team of gamers who love to fully immerse in play. This Upgrade Your Games campaign aims to do just that, by adding awesome components, tokens, and coins to your favorite games!

You may recognize some of these components from Nocturion, Dwar7s Spring and Pacific Rails Inc. We had such a great response from backers who received the deluxe components, we decided to bring them back to your table!


"The deluxe components available through the “Up Your Game” product series are quite stunning – metal coins, gold bars, crystal orbs, and a ridiculously ornate first player crown token. If you’re a fan of dark fantasy themes and are excited by games that allow you to bite at other players along the way, Nocturion may be a sleeper hit worth tracking down." - by Jon-Paul D, The Daily Worker Placement

"Now the Kickstarter upgraded components are out of this world. The upgraded  resources are worth the price of admission... those  upgraded components need to be viewed. Excellent!" - Purge Review

Vesuvius Media amazing game you guys made great tokens for Nocturion and a phenomenal game for a great price. Definitely has a place on my most played shelf." - Jennifer Cearns (from Facebook post)

"Absolutely,  truly, gorgeous production. All the bits, pieces, the tactile nature of  everything, smooth Plastics, metals, textured wood and stones, are all  fantastic." - Matt Lowder (from Nocturion KS comments section)

"Received  my copy of the Deluxe Edition last night (Vancouver, Canada) and am  blown away by the quality of it all. Looking forward to bringing it to  the next games-night with my friends. Excellent job Team Vesuvius!" - Kevin MacQuarrie (from Nocturion KS comments section)

Now is your chance to upgrade your favorite games with awesome components, tokens, and coins!

In this campaign you will find different types of components:

  •  Resource Packs, metal and non-metal (each pack includes 10 pieces of the relevant item)
  •  Player Tokens (1 piece per package)
  •  Coin Sets (each set includes 10 gold, 15 silver and 25 bronze colored metal coins)

Pledges reward you with different combinations of Resources, Player Tokens and/or Coins sets. 

Here is table that shows what you get: 

 Dwar7s Spring 
This pack includes enough components to replace all resources of Dwar7s Spring.
 Pacific Rails Inc.
This pack includes enough components to replace all the resources of Pacific Rails Inc.

We will pay to ship your rewards to our international distribution centers. Based on your delivery address, we will ship to you from one of the hubs below (subject to change):

  • UK: GamesQuest / Happyshops or Zatu
  • Asia & Brazil: VFI
  • Australia: Aetherworks
  • Canada: Vesuvius Media
  • USA: QuarterMaster
  • Germany, Rest of Europe & Rest of the World: Happyshops

Vesuvius Media is a small (but mighty!), Canadian, indie development company. Starting off by producing online strategy games, Vesuvius Media has branched into new areas of production and currently boasts online games, mobile games, graphic novels and board games in its portfolio.

What makes Vesuvius Media different from all the other companies? Vesuvius Media is community-driven. Whether online or on the table, its game designers and developers interact with players, listen, debate, and continually gather feedback. Its community of players help shape the future of its games!

To date, Vesuvius Media has successfully Kickstarted thirteen (13) projects. 12 of them have been successfully produced and delivered. You can check out our Kickstarter Projects' history and stats on this website:


Currently we are in the process of finalizing production of Catapult Kingdoms and its delivery is scheduled for February/March 2021!

Special Thanks

We'd like to give a special shout out with many thanks to Mateusz Zajda, of the Boardgame Shot, for the great photos of our products.

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