TimeWarp Warriors | 2 Player Meeple-Rolling Combat

TimeWarp Warriors | 2 Player Meeple-Rolling Combat

Roll meeples, chain combos & thrash your opponent with strategic, arcadey combat featuring vibrant offbeat characters!

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Timewarp Warriors is a really fun 2-player combat game. Roll your meeples and assign them to actions to defeat your opponent!Check out the Kickstarter Page:h...

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A time glitch! Warriors across the parallel cosmos, who only ever had to fight for their lone survival, awake to find themselves locked in the TimeStream. Take control of 1 of 4 Warriors and play out the final moments of the battle where just two warriors remain.

The goal of TimeWarp Warriors is to be the first player to win two rounds. You can win a round in one of two ways: Dealing fatal damage to your opponent, or by pushing them off the edge of the TimeStream.

At the start of the game each player will select a Warrior. Each Warrior has their own play style, unique deck of cards, and custom shaped meeples. The shape of your warrior's meeples not only resemble your character but are designed to affect your roll style.

At the start of your turn you'll roll all of your meeples. The stance a meeple lands in determines it's action. Reveal meeples from behind your privacy screen to utilize their action and control your Warrior on the TimeStream.

Meeples behind your screen are secret from your opponent. Reveal a meeple to activate your Warrior's ability!

Most actions deal either damage, knockback, stun, or a mixture of the three. Dealing damage weakens the opposition, knockback pushes them back on the TimeStream, and stuns stack up to reduce their access to certain actions.

Balancing attack and defense is key! Meeples you don't use to attack carry onto your opponent's turn and are used for defense. Leaning into attack may leave you vulnerable defensively but focus too heavy on defense and miss out on prime chances to deal damage.

Reveal a meeple on an opponent's turn to use it for defense. When defending you'll have to choose what traits of an attack to block (damage, knockback, or stun). Some defensive actions are more powerful than others!

Combo your actions together and unlock Warp Cards to boost your Warrior’s abilities or stockpile them for an extra Warp Meeple.

Performing a 'move' and then a 'kick' activate Mega Mantis's "Time Jump" warp card

Lose the first round and gain the advantage of a Shadow Meeple! Use your Shadow Meeple to receive aid from your future self and continue the fight.

Show off your strategic prowess, win two rounds and prove yourself as the true TimeWarp Warrior!

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