Thre3Dee Tabletop

Thre3Dee Tabletop

6,372 EUR
of 500 EUR Goal

Give your imagination another dimension with 3D print-ready walls, objects, and miniatures!

Bring your tabletop to life! Print and build a castle with multiple floors and custom rooms. Our RPG themed objects will transform your table into a real RPG environment! You will be able to print endless versions of our 75+ different models on your resin or FDM 3D printer.

Note: Rewards will be delivered as digital STL files. They will have different versions (optimized for FDM 3D printers, solid, hollow with drain holes, with or without support).

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How does it work?

You print the models and assemble them, Yes it's that easy! Bring your fantasy to life and after an epic game night, disassemble everything so that you can build a new adventure next time!

Click here to see our new system explained in more detail!

Resin | FDM

Each model will have two versions, one will be suited for 3D printing in resin, and the other will be optimized for FDM printers. This will allow you to choose the option that fits your printer/preference!

The models are in 32mm scale, but they will be easily re-scalable to fit your preference.

Why, back now?

Thre3Dee tabletop is a Kickstarter exclusive project, which means that after the campaign ends, you will not be able to get the STL files anywhere else, not even on our website!

You backing our project today will mean a lot to us! It will not only bring us one step closer to bringing a beautiful open world tabletop RPG - Hidden Galaxy - to Kickstarter but also allow us to leave a splendid first impression!

Pledge levels (main)

Go All-In and get all of the above + All Bonus content + All unlocked Stretch goals!

Bonus content 'Unchained'

We have decided to add random bonus content during the campaign. This will not be linked with the stretch goals! We've already added 12 Bonus STL files to the campaign!

Stretch goals

Once unlocked, we will do our best to show you the unlocked stretch goal as fast as possible (+-48h). The unlocked stretch goal will have a tag of the different pledge levels in which it is included.

A small part of the Hidden Galaxy

As you may already know 'Hidden Galaxy' is the name of our upcoming tabletop RPG project! We wanted to share something from this amazing game and have decided to give every backer the STL file of one of our miniatures for free!

Your feedback

Feel free to leave your feedback in the project's comment section. Let us know what you like and dislike about the project so that we can make the needed modifications. And deliver high-quality content!
The mimic is one of the examples of the great feedback and ideas we've received and brought to life!


Printing process/troubleshooting

After you receive your files, we will be available in case of problems to troubleshoot you and help you with getting your models printed! This includes printing difficulties, issues with details, or any other!

Kickstarter Goal

Our Kickstarter goal is set to 500 EUR. This is enough to cover the costs of future test-prints and bring you the quality you deserve! The system has already been tested. Now we only need to perform some test prints to optimize the print quality/detail for both Resin and FDM printers.

100% of the project's earnings will be added to the budget of our upcoming Open-world tabletop RPG 'Hidden Galaxy'.


We want you to have High-quality print-ready STL files, that's why the delivery date is set for April. After the Kickstarter ends, we will perform more test prints and optimize the models so that they will be easily printable with the highest quality possible.

The delivery will happen through Dropbox.


'No dice unrolled' about Thre3Dee tabletop! Click here to read the article.

About us:
We are an upcoming company named Unchained Games. Some people may know us from Spiel'19 (Essen), where we presented the Alpha of our upcoming open-world tabletop RPG 'Hidden Galaxy'. We wanted to dip our toes in the water and introduce ourselves to the Kickstarter community with a rather smaller project before we went big with a huge (for a first-time creator) project. Since 3D printing and Roleplaying is in our DNA, we came up with the idea of 3D printable RPG components and named it Thre3Dee Tabletop!

The main goal of this project is to gain our first Kickstarter experience and to increase our budget for our upcoming project 'Hidden Galaxy'. Of course, we want to leave an astonishing first impression on our supporters!

About the project:
The main goal of this project is to gain our first Kickstarter experience and to increase our budget for our upcoming project 'Hidden Galaxy'. Of course, we also want to leave an astonishing first impression on You! That's why we promise to do whatever we can to deliver the content and quality you deserve.

Why Kickstarter exclusive? Because we want to concentrate on our main project and not the future marketing and sales of these models. Since this is our first project, we also thought it would be fun to reward our first-ever backers with exclusive content.

About the future of Thre3Dee Tabletop:
During the making of this project, we've had several great ideas and would love to bring you more and even bigger series of Thre3Dee Tabletop in the future!

We strongly believe that together we can start something beautiful! We've already put our soul in these two projects and brought it to this level, putting the future of Unchained Games in your hands!


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