The Queen

A fast-paced deck-building board game, with engaging semi-cooperative gameplay.

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THE QUEEN'S NEW CAPITAL is a deck and city-building board game with a fast-paced gameplay experience, featuring a fantasy world inspired by stop-motion and miniatures.

Players assume the roles of provincial governors, competing to have their respective regions chosen as the Queen's new Capital. To secure victory in this contest, they must improve their infrastructure and seek assistance from experienced adventures.

How to Play?

In the heart of the game, you'll find yourself in a race to craft the most efficient point engine. What sets our game apart is the mix of a dynamic deck-building system with the semi-cooperative Crisis phase, where strategic collaboration becomes essential. It's a unique blend of competition and camaraderie that elevates the gaming experience to a whole new level!

Below you'll catch a glimpse of the zones that define our game. On one side, we have the Common Game Area, a hub that houses the "card market," the crisis deck, and the scoring tracks. On the other side of the image, is an example of one of the Player Areas. Here, the player board takes center stage, surrounded by the action deck and the improvement cards the players have amassed.

What is inside the box?

We thought, why complicate things? So, here's the deal: we've ditched the idea of multiple game versions and rolled everything into one epic deluxe edition. It packs in all the nice stuff without breaking the bank. We tweaked things behind the scenes to make it top-notch and wallet-friendly. This edition is a no-nonsense, all-in-one, fun-packed good time for every collection out there!


We are happy to announce that due to the continuous success of the campaign, we will be able to upgrade some of our components. 

+ We will be adding more 48 silk-screen double-sided wood tokens to the game box to replace 3 types of cardboard tokens. 

+ The game will come with a plastic insert to speed up setup and tighten the organization of the components.

+ Custom Metalic Die (zync alloy) with a premium feel 

+ 20 new cards / All cards with upgraded cardstock (350GSM)

We have decided to minimize as much as possible the size of our game box while ensuring that it can comfortably accommodate all cards -even when they are in sleeves. Our goal is to create a game that serves as the perfect introduction to medium-weight strategic board games, and we've designed it to be incredibly portable so you can easily take it along to your game nights, no matter where they happen!

A photo of one of our latest prototype playtests. After these specific sessions (played on very small tables), we decided to reduce the number of point-tracking boards to 1 instead of 2. This opened a bit more space in the central area to receive the Advanced Modules (expansions) we are shipping with the Game.

Language-Free and Localization

We have been playtesting at conventions and meet-ups with various groups, including experienced designers and developers. Due to their fantastic feedback, the game has evolved a lot.

A critical realization emerged during our journey -the significant presence of non-English speakers within the board game community. In response, we undertook an initiative to replace all textual elements on our cards with icons. We invested quite some time to ensure that players, regardless of language background, can effortlessly understand our iconography. At the end of this road, we are genuinely delighted to have championed this evolution.

We plan to keep pushing the game's balance to even better standards within the months that will follow this campaign. If you want to join us in developing The Queen’s New Capital, we have set up a Discord Channel and Mod on Tabletop Simulator. Reach out and let us know your thoughts on the Game!

What is the setting?

The world of The Queen's New Capital was created as the setting for an RPG campaign. It features several distinct regions and factions, each with its own geographic and cultural aspects portrayed in the illustrations. We have recurrently received praise from our players, who shared they can feel a vivid world that feels coherent and consistent.

We wanted to have this world constantly being evoked by the gameplay, so we introduced the Faction mechanic: Whenever a new Leader is recruited or a Structure is built, they will increase your relationship with one of the 4 Factions of the Kingdom. If you score 5 points of Diplomacy with them you become Favored, getting you one step closer to victory!

However, there are only 2 tracks available, with Factions perched on opposite ends. The more you cozy up to one Faction, the further you drift from the favor of their rivals. It's not just a gameplay dynamic; it's a subtle nod to the intricate political dance within the Kingdom. This system showcases the distinct personalities of each Faction and the unique regions they call home.

Why support us on Kickstarter?

This marks the debut of the game's designer, and your support is the catalyst for his inaugural push towards establishing a studio. Your backing enables him to chart the course for a self-sustained enterprise, fostering creativity and independence. It's not just about one person—it's about expanding and cultivating a space where more minds can collaborate.

But more importantly, let's talk perks! This release has only one objective, to generate a good first impression for ourselves. We want you to receive this package and feel that the wait was worth it! It's the usual deal, the more we win, the more you win! But before talking about stretch goals, let us talk about what is already in:

The Queen's New Capital base game is fully playable on its own. However, for additional replayability and complexity, we are developing a series of small expansions we are calling Advanced modules. So far three have been created. One is already tested and available at our TTS module, and the other two are under test. They will all come for free with the Founders Edition of the Game.

The Guildmasters module adds speed to the game. Every round the 1st player will be able to activate one Guildmaster card, which will give a boost to one of the game's strategies. They will have to choose wisely, boosting their game while making sure to control players moving ahead of the pack.

The Dilemmas module adds a diplomacy bid system to the game, with a positive/negative outcome event card resolved according to the player's votes.

The Faction Heroes module adds a set of powerful Leader cards tied to each of the game's Factions.

We have Stretch goals!


Previews in English

Preview in Japanese

Preview in French

Preview in German

Prototype Photos

Our Development/ Production Timeline

We currently expect to deliver The Queen's New Capital in August 2024. The image below details all the steps that will lead to that. This estimate was created after several meetings with our Factory and Distribution partners. We added some buffer time for all these steps since we want to ensure we have room to deal with any unexpected event.

This estimate is still, well, an estimate. Unforeseen circumstances can be, well, unforeseeable. Our partners assured us that the global distribution network is very stable right now. We will make sure all our backers are constantly updated.

SOLO MODE: The solo mode is currently under development with the support of an external designer. We believe it will be deployed to our TTS module around January 2024. If our current progress keeps the momentum, we might have it even before.

The Shipment Costs

Shipping will be charged at the end of the campaign, when our pledge manager page (on Gamefound) comes online. Depending on your location, your pledge may or may not be subjected to sales tax, VAT, or GST. Any applicable taxes will be charged at the pledge manager page.

Important: we are unable to ship to Russia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Belarus, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Central, and South America (except Brazil). Due to high rates of packages going missing in some countries, we will not re-send games if they go missing to the following countries: Pakistan and Nigeria

Thanks to GamesQuest we will be customs-friendly in the USA, Canada, UK, EU, Australia, and New Zealand. Thanks to VFI ASIA we will be VAT-free in: China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand.

Oi! Boas notícias para os apoiadores no Brasil! Para facilitar a entrega do nosso jogo aí, estamos oferecendo um desconto de $10 no frete, reduzindo o preço final que recebemos da nossa distribuidora parceira para aproximadamente $45. Esse desconto vai ser tirado diretamente do valor do produto, pois queremos muito que nosso jogo chegue até vocês. Esperamos que essa iniciativa torne o projeto mais acessível economicamente. Obrigado pelo apoio!


We are offering a special discount to store owners who buy 6+ games. 

Reach out at this link and let us know of your interest.

The Team

Now, for a more personal message. 
"Hi! Rodrigo here, I am the person behind almost everything you see here. This was a long road but a very fun one to travel. I graduated as a Game Designer 15 years ago and worked with everything but that through all these years. It is a dream to finally be able to find a way back in.

I could not have done any of this without the support of my playtesters -who accepted the painful task of playing an unfinished game-, my lovely wife Naho -who takes care of the production and translations when it becomes too overwhelming-, and the many friends in the board game community who offered a lot of advice on making this campaign a reality."


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