The Last Command

A dual-deckbuilding game about 2 starships in a broadsides battle

The Last Command is a detail-oriented space combat strategy game, lovingly crafted to simulate the relationship between a starship and its crew. Whether playing as the Federation Remnant or the Sunder, victory hinges on maximizing the potential of your crew and ship systems with gameplay utilizing dual deckbuilding, worker placement and resource management!

Ready your crew and Man all stations!

At the heart of The Last Command is an intuitive dual deckbuilding system that has players constructing a powerful ship system deck and a second deck consisting of crew members that can maximize those systems potential and provide the energy to power them. Multiple system cards can be played into a ship location, but the topmost card has the potential of unlocking powerful end of turn bonus abilities if crew with matching expertise are present in that system.

Become A Legendary Fleet Captain!

Cards played to your ship remain in play until you attempt to draw from their respective deck and that deck is empty. To achieve victory, captains must learn when to push their system’s limits and when to recall them. If a captain is able to reduce the hull strength of his opponent’s ship to zero, then the battle has been won and glory and honor is theirs!

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