The Flood

The Flood

A resource collection and management, weather dependent game based on Noah

264,555 USD
of 25,000 USD Goal
Full game setup. 100+ Meeples. 4 Dice. 150+ Cards

 Dice Roll, Resource management, Hero token movement, Building, Trading, Developing and more...

Reference Mat and The Beasts Module
30+ Story cards with unique art
Resources and Meeples
Live build 5.33

Resource tokens
Mammoth meeples

Password to enter the game: THEFLOOD in all CAPS

Game board tiles, tool tokens and bonus crates

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Find out more on shipping after the campaign in the Pledge manager

We welcome all retailers to carry The Flood Board game. If you back The Flood for any amount, you will gain access to the pledge manager after the campaign.  From there, you can order additional copies of the game and the expansion. For more info on bulk pricing and shipping discounts, please contact us at

We will be using a pledge manager after the campaign. You will be able to fill in your information and pay for your shipping fees.

Product Design

Aesthetics are important to us, but usability is paramount. Please consider everything represented in the campaign as works in progress and subject to minor changes (to meet usability, gameplay balance, engineering, and manufacturing requirements). The 3D renderings are conceptual pieces, and the final components might differ slightly in scale. Our goal is to make the game as beautiful and user friendly as possible, so we reserve the right to modify the product before delivery for these purposes.

Our Mission

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