SuperUkrainian. Game from Ukraine

SuperUkrainian. Game from Ukraine

Good evening, we are from Ukraine — a team that loves bold challenges, crazy decisions and creating cool programs, games, quests and tours. We gave smiles, impressions and emotions to thousands of guests of our region. We also created unique souvenirs for leisure, in particular, playing cards dedicated to personal mini-sculptures of the native land. The idea of ​​creating our own board themed game has been on our minds for a long time, but it was probably waiting for its time. And this time came, when on February 24, 2022, our world changed, turned upside down, and we realized that we know how our game we want to introduce to the whole world will look like - a game created by fans of board games for fans of board games, a game created by Ukrainians for the whole world. The name was chosen itself, because recent events have proved that we have a superpower - we are Ukrainians, so the game is SUPERUKRAINIAN.

 SuperUkrainian is a game in which Ukrainians defeat orcs. You will plunge deeper into the atmosphere of today and feel like a Ukrainian who is fighting for their independence in any way. Even with jars of pickles. And, this is the real story. You will be able to get help from the ghost of Kiev, to be armed with Javelin, even having Zelensky’s steel balls. So, what orcs and 33 misfortunes await you? Well, and most importantly, only after overcoming them, you will be able to get into the bunker and end the tyranny of a Crazy Dwarf. However, do not forget that other players also dream about it, and they will do everything possible to get into the bunker first. Each of 210 cards is special, based on real stories and is based on humor Ukrainians do not lose even in such dark times.

Ideal for having a fun evening with friends and family.

Historical events and personalities have inspired us for this project. We are against the war! This game and our company do not call for violence in real life and do not promote violence as a way to resolve any conflicts. We believe that our country is showing the world what the hunger for freedom is, and what we deserve for this freedom of independence. We are a peaceful nation which is defending its own bright future, a new beginning today. This game is made with love for our native land, for Ukraine. Thank you for all-round support of our country, Ukrainians and this project.

P.S. We would like to emphasize that any orc or other monster has not been harmed during the creation of this game.

         Read the rulebook below for a full understanding of how the game plays! 

Note: This is a work-in-progress rulebook and will be further edited before release.

Click to download the pre-release rulebook.

It is fun to play our game even without knowing the context of events in Ukraine (so it is suitable for different age groups), but if you want to make better use of how cards were created and know more about Ukraine, you can always use "Discovery book" section in our application.

The application will also have a level counter function and will contain digital rulebook.

The release of the application is scheduled for August 2022, i.e. immediately with the start of game delivery. Discover will appear also on our website with the release of app.

We believe in the power of Kickstarter and its audience. For us, this is a great opportunity to introduce the dynamic and fun game made by ideological Ukrainians to the world. By supporting our project, you become a participant in something cool and real, you will not only buy the game, but also help people keep their business.

We are a company that never gives up, but now the challenge is for millions of Ukrainians! We, who are confident in the strength of our company, believe in our nation and country. We do not give up! Don't even doubt it!

The aim of this campaign is to give an impression of Ukrainian humor, immerse yourself in the culture, customs, as well as to show the courage and unity of Ukrainians in their difficult times, and what is the most important - at the same time, to be ableto support Ukraine's economy by creating new products. We need your support to win this terrible war and move on. We continue to fight for our country and for ourselves!

 We will charge shipping after the Kickstarter concludes based on the actual costs incurred to ship. Payment will be collected via the Hive Pledge Manager ( after the campaign.

Shipping costs vary widely based on where you will receive your reward. Unfortunately, a one size fits all price isn't manageable.

The games will be produced in Europe. Depending on the number of rewards per country, we will either ship to distribution hubs and then to backers, or send directly to backers from Ukraine/Poland/Germany.

All illustrations were created from scratch by Ukrainian artist Renata Shetelia. Inesa Izaі, Yuriy Zyzych and Tetyana Shpontak - Muse team, have worked on the idea of the game.

We promise to keep you informed of all changes. We want to be completely transparent and honest with you — now we just need your support to be able to restart and move on!

We will also be actively updating the information about the status of the project and sharing new cards and characters. All images presented in the project are layouts and renders. We can make some changes to the final product that will only slightly affect the design or colors, but not the quality.

Thank you for your support! We are grateful that you are with us on this journey! If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at, or send us a message via Kickstarter.

By supporting us, you will have the opportunity to spend a cool and fun time with friends, as well as support Ukrainians who are fighting for their independence today! Also, the game will be a cool gift!

Please, whether you decide to back this campaign or not, talk about it, spread the voice, and participate in the comments.

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