Shattered Hell

44,425 EUR
of 7,000 EUR Goal

 "A  Tear in reality has opened a portal to Hell in the sky of Hollow Hills. Monsters and demons of the Underworld are spewing out, bringing death and destruction to the land!  Heroes with divine favor are called upon to put an end to this madness..."

 SHATTERED HELL was our second Kickstarter campaign.

This campaign features highly detailed miniatures of Hellish origin and high level Hero miniatures, both available in high quality Resin Casts and 3D Printable files!

More than 50 original sculpts  (including future stretch goals) will be summoned to your gaming table inspired by ancient Greek lore, DnD and popular videogames and films.

These miniatures are suitable for your favorite fantasy tabletop RPG's, can be used in fantasy wargames and boardgames or painted as high quality display pieces ­in your miniature collection!

Tromos Unleashed!

We seek your help to fund the prototypes, the production molds and the materials required for the resin casts as well as the production expenses. 

Support us in this Kickstarter to:

  • Get your choice of miniatures at an exclusive Kickstarter discounted price in comparison with the future retail price! Up to 40% OFF suggested retail price!
  •  Get awesome free stretch goals that we have planned if we reach certain milestones that will add extra value to your pledge!
  •  Help us to fund additional miniature sculpts that will become available as add-ons! 
  •  You will help us grow our miniature line and support us on keep creating awesome miniatures for you!

Likewise our first Kickstarter Campaign, the more funding we get, more miniatures or other items will become available for your pledge, either as a FREE Stretch Goal or as an Add-on purchase, available after the campaign ends through our Pledge manager. Help us exceed our goals to unlock some of the most awesome miniatures & accessories for your table!

***UPDATE: Custom Pledges (1: Thank You  Pledge) are now elible to Stretch Goals!

More info on this campaign update.

Bellow you will be able to see any unlocked and upcoming stretch goals so far:

Taking into consideration what our backers want, the “Shattered Hell” campaign will feature both physical Resin Miniatures AND 3D Printable Files!

Below you can take a glimpse of all the CORE miniatures available at the start of this campaign:

The brave Heroes that were chosen by the Gods and blessed with Divine favor and powerful armaments.

   Render turntable preview of the "Chosen of the Gods" miniatures:

These bands of creatures are the backbone of Underworld's armies!

Render turntable preview of the "Denizens of Hell" miniatures:

These are named Demon Champions that are tasked to bring destruction and mayhem to the Realms.

 Render turntable preview of the "Champions of Darkness" miniatures:

These are the Generals of the armies of Hell and rule over the Underworld.

 Render turntable preview of the Rulers of the Underworld miniatures:

Long forgotten Primordial Gods that shaped creation according to their twisted whim.

    Render turntable preview of the "Echidna, Mother of Monsters" miniature:

All miniatures are sculpted digitally with ZBrush and all prototypes will be 3D printed  with a high resolution resin printer.

  • The Resin copies will be pressure & vacuum casted, using high quality resin and all prototypes will be 3D printed with a high resolution resin printer so we can ensure that no detail is lost on the miniature during production.  
  • The 3D printable files will be test printed and checked for any errors before we release them to you.

All miniatures will be delivered unassembled & unpainted, unless stated otherwise at specific pledges and will come with a plastic round base.

Bellow  you can see photos of resin miniatures, painted and unpainted!

The Heroes prepare to enter the destroyed Cathedral
Akanthos guards the Abyssal Gate.
Hades and his personal guard.
Meet the Heroes: Eorgon, Sitor, Apollanor and Hephaestia!
Apollanor, Bradamante and Hades
Ksediatropos, Akanthos, Apollanor
Apollanor with two Rulers of the Underworld: Ashvestos and Tromos.
Ashvestos, painted by Angel Giraldez
Hades, painted by Angel Giraldez
Ashvestos, by Jeremy of Black Magic Craft
Pinaleon, by Jeremy of Black Magic Craft
An Elysium Warrior, fresh from the 3D printer!

 ~ To check how our miniatures will print on your 3D printer we offer you a presupported printable miniature file to test for yourself! ~ 

Click Image to Download the STL file!

The miniature size varies -as every model is different in size - but generally  we use the heroic scale so all miniatures can work together with the most common miniature games available. This means that most humanoid creatures are about 32mm measured head to toe.

We have divided the miniatures into size categories: Starting from the "M" size for humanoid miniatures up to "G" size for Gargantuan miniatures!

From the brave Gnome Artificer to the terrifying Echidna, below you can see a chart of all the miniatures of this campaign for scale reference:

On this campaign you will be able to get the miniatures and add-ons of your choice.

Having that in mind, we made various pledges to allow you to do so. 

If you want extra miniatures or that are not included in a specific pledge, just add the extra cost of the miniature(s) you want to get to your pledge amount!

You are able to add to your pledge BOTH  PHYSICAL & 3D PRINTABLE FILE miniature options!

To help you with this, we made a Pledge Calculator that you can use:

Click here to banner above to access the Pledge Calculator.

You will choose the miniatures you want to get later on the Pledge Manager.

Below we have a chart with all the Miniatures in groups and their prices

The price depicted in each group is the price of EACH SINGLE MINIATURE and comes with a discount in comparison with the future retail price! (up to 40% OFF suggested retail price)


3D printable miniature files are offered into specific pledges.

We created specific pledges so you can get the miniatures you want. 

Take note, some pledges are for PHYSICAL MINIATURES ONLY and some are for 3D PRINTABLE FILES! 

The pledges that you get 3D PRINTABLE FILES, are marked with the STL icon!

~If you want both options, you can add them later at the pledge manager.~

At the pledges that show miniatures in black, you get to choose the specific miniatures you want at the pledge manager!

Some pledges give you a higher discount, for example the "Champion of Hell" pledge, costs 90€ and you get 100€ worth of miniatures!

You can also use the Pledge Calculator to see the total amount of your pledge plus any extra miniatures and add-ons you want to get.

Below you can see the pledges available:

 ***UPDATE: Custom Pledges (1: Thank You  Pledge) are now eligible to Stretch Goals!

More info on this campaign update.

* The miniatures will be hand painted in tabletop quality level.

Akanthos, Tromos and Hades painted in Standard Tabletop Quality.
A Goatman, Ksediatropos and Apollanor painted in Standard Tabletop Quality.

Bellow you can find the  miniatures from our previous campaign the "Curse of Hollow Hills" that are available as add-ons. If you want to receive them with your pledge, just add the correct amount to your pledge cost

Take note that these are available in two versions: Physical resin miniatures and Digital 3D printable files!

To get them in the version you want, just add the respectable amount that is written under each version.

Shipping of the physical miniatures will start 9 months after the successful funding of the campaign, i.e August 2021.

The distribution of the 3D printable files will take place on January - February 2021.

We will be able to provide world-wide shipping with a tracking number. 

There won't be any customs & import costs for European backers, as we ship from Greece. For backers from other countries, we are not responsible for any extra customs & import costs that may apply.

The shipping costs will be charged after the end of the campaign, in the Pledge Manager, when you will choose the details of your pledge!

Shipping costs are calculated by the weight of each package, which might differ depending on which and how many perks you choose, extra add-ons etc.

For example, 4 Hero miniatures weigh roughly 0.16 kg and the Prime Evil Pledge (36miniatures) weigh about 1 kg .

Below are some rough estimates (not final shipping costs):

We are Nick and John, founders of Crippled God Foundry!
  Being passionate about pen & paper rpg’s and fantasy tabletop miniatures,
  we wanted to make our unique and interesting ideas a reality and bring something new to the hobby we all love.
  Thus from this passion, Crippled God Foundry was founded 5 years ago.
  Since that time, we have grown!
  We are well known for our highly detailed and quality fantasy miniatures, accessories & terrain pieces both in resin casts and 3D printable files.
  Our miniatures were showcased in numerous conventions and events abroad
  and we have a steady presence in Conventions and the hobby scene here in Greece.
  We’ve collaborated with well known and respected creators and our first Kickstarter Campaign “The Curse of Hollow Hills” was a massive success with the help of more that 700 Backers!

With your love and support we will continue to make and provide awesome and interesting miniatures terrain and accessories and bring the magical beauty of Fantasy to your gaming table!

You can see more of our work on our social media:

We have reached out some famous reviewers & painters and send them some "Shattered Hell" miniatures to review! Below you can see the videos that they prepared:

Crafting Video with "Ashvestos" Miniature from Black Magic Craft:

Unboxing Video from Watch it Paint it:

OSL and NMM painting on "Hades" miniature by Angel Giraldez:

"Eorgon" miniature painting by Lyla Mev - The Mini Witch: 

 Here you can read testimonials from our previous backers:

-Frank K.-
Got mine last week (Germany) and they are just beautiful. The detail on the miniatures are insane and can't wait to paint them and give my player some challenging encounters.

-Chris Campbell-
I got the package yesterday! I'm over the moon happy with the quality and detail of the prints and sculpts. Truly wonderful craftsmanship! All the minis, bases, and additions of my pledge were present and protected inside the shipping box. Many thanks to the Crippled God Foundry team!

-Andrew D-
Arrived today, so much stuff, took a long time to unpack (packaging was perfect, and arrived in pristine condition). Some of the paint jobs on certain mini's are amazing! Not sure if I will be able to do the extras that aren't painted justice. Blown away, thank you!!

-Dwight N-
Found an unexpected (but anticipated!) package on my doorstep last night!
Despite all the challenges that appeared in 2020, you have succeeded in delivering marvelous sculpts. These are so beautiful, I'm just blown away.
 We talk about having a "pile of shame" of unpainted minis--but these are so wonderful, I cannot think of anything shameful here! I've just got to get busy and finish them.
 Thank you for your excellent work!

For this project we have collaborated with the talented Rubus and Eve Apocalypse who provided us with amazing concept art for some of the miniatures!

Art by Rubus
Art by Eve Apocalypse
Art by Eve Apocalypse
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