Scrapbots - Bot battling deck builder

A fast-paced 1v1 card duel in a robotic wasteland. Build up your bots, gear up with gadgets, and wreck your rival!

Scrapbots is an exciting 1v1 card battle that strikes a balance between approachable gameplay and strategic complexity. All in a single deck-box!

Not a soul remembers why our world fell apart. Warfare? Plague? Pollution? The exact cause means nothing anymore amidst the vast fields of junk, the ruins of a long-dead civilization. But from this debris, we may salvage our salvation. Much has been forgotten, but one lesson we have learned: to continue to kill one another would only bring our doom. From now on, machines shall settle our disputes, in the Arena. A new age rises from the rubble, the age of the Scrapbots!

Take on the mantle of a Scrapjack, a scrapbot operator competing for glory in the Arena. Build up your army of scrapbots, power them up with gadgets, and overwhelm them with malfunctions to rule the scrapyard.

The game is playable right now! Check out our Discord server link below to find a match.

The game's core mechanisms are done, have been play tested thoroughly and are easy to learn for new players. There may be some minor tweaks to individual card balance, rules, or keywords. Graphic design is mostly done and illustrations are being commissioned.

Join our Discord server to scrap with players from around the world. Compete in Organized Play (tournaments and leagues) to climb to the top of the scrapheap and earn rewards and prizes!

Backing this project on Kickstarter allows me to realize my dream of getting Scrapbots onto your table. Funding via Kickstarter will allow me to pay for finalized artwork, printed copies of the game, freight shipping, taxes, and fulfillment.

Your pre-order allows me to forego the traditional publishing route and get the game directly into your hands. Why pledge now? Pledging early is a tremendous boost to a Kickstarter campaign. I've set the early backer price as low as possible to get the project funded and ensure that anyone interested can receive a copy of the game. If you're at all interested in this project, pledge now!

Additional funding beyond our target will be used to increase the final quality of the product. To be announced!

My name is David Torres and Scrapbots has been my passion project since I first posted the initial version to Reddit back in 2019. Shortly after I synced up with NYC game design group, MetroMage Games for its first play tests. Following heavy encouragement from those folks, I kept at it. I completely revamped the game multiple times and tested, vetted, and discarded countless ideas. I've landed on this version that I'm really excited to finally share with the world.

Eli has a long history of drawing comics and designing games for fun. He has worked on the comics Alien101, and Dog of the Dead, as well as ongoing design work on the card game Scattered Nexus. 

Scrapbots is launching on Kickstarter as part of #MicroGameMay, an initiative to highlight small games and independent creators. Click the banner above for more great micro games! Thanks to Ben Downton for starting it.

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