Scare BnB

Help guests flee from a Bed and Breakfast run by monsters!

3,664 USD
of 3,139 USD Goal


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Scare BnB is launching on Kickstarter as part of #MicroGameMay, an initiative to spotlight our favorite micro games and help creators launch their own games!

If you're a fan of micro games (and if you've read this far, I'm sure you are), then check out the Linktree below to see some of the other projects launching this month on Kickstarter:

Thank You

Thank you for helping us make our dream come true. 

Jen, thank you for sacrificing time with your husband and son so they could pursue this dream. 

Denis Martynets, your incredible illustrations brought our world to life, and it's hard to believe you did all of this in a warzone. 

Ben Downton was the Jedi Master who guided us, little Padawans, through the entire process.

We're grateful to all the reviewers who played the game, recorded their thoughts, and shared them with fans. 

Thank you to Dina Said So for supporting this and other campaigns and Micro Game May. 

We want to thank Gabe Barrett and the Board Game Design Lab community.

Pledge Levels
Scare BnB PnP
Scare BnB PnP

The full version of Scare BnB in Print and Play Format

Pledge $6

Estimated Delivery: Jan 2024

One Night Stay
One Night Stay

This pledge level includes the complete game version and the exclusive Trickster Set.

Pledge $17

Estimated Delivery: Jan 2024

Two Night Stay
Two Night Stay

This pledge level includes two complete game versions including the exclusive Trickster Set.

Pledge $28

Estimated Delivery: Jan 2024

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