Rush M.D. - ICU Expansion

Rush M.D. - ICU Expansion

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You are one of the doctors that were just hired for the brand-new, cutting-edge Medical Center. Alongside your colleagues, you have to cooperate well to admit, diagnose and treat various patients who need your help. Combine your strengths and treat efficiently the patients arriving at hospital, but be careful, because mistakes can be of the highest value in Rush MD!

Rush M.D. is an innovative, real-time, cooperative board game that simulates the challenging and high-pressure nature of medical professions. A worker placement mechanism, using hourglasses as workers allows, but also limits, players to perform a multitude of actions. Each player handles 1 Doctor hourglass running around the hospital, admitting patients, providing immediate medical care, performing different kinds of exams as well as surgeries.

Rush M.D. was introduced through its Kickstarter campaign on July 2019 and was firstly launched in Essen Spiel '19. The game has received praise from customers and board game reviewers for its thematic adaptation of a hospital environment into a board game, being fun and engaging and requiring good communication among teammates, as well as strategy, observational and dexterity skills. However, there was obviously room for improvement in the aspects of difficulty, variability and replayability, as well as a need for more thematic ideas and more modes that could be adapted into the game. 

 We are very excited to present you the Rush M.D. - ICU expansion!

You and your fellow doctors have been working tirelessly treating patients all this time and you have helped your new Medical Center to acquire a good reputation and expand more!

But now, with the Medical Center opening an Intensive Care Unit and 4 new Examination Clinics, the pressure is even higher for the doctors to work together in order to save lives and treat everyone quickly but also efficiently. Can you live up to the challenge?

 Rush M.D. – ICU is an expansion to the real-time, cooperative, worker placement game Rush M.D.! It introduces the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) board, where you will be required to perform electrocardiograms (ECGs), defibrillation and administer pump-infused drugs (PIDs) quickly and efficiently to save lives of critically ill or severely wounded patients! It also adds a new Medical Examinations board with 4 new thematic, dexterity mini-games to offer more choices for your game. In Rush M.D. you will also find brand new ICU patients as well as new Hospitalized patients, new objectives, and more! 

Get ready to push your limits to save lives! Can you handle the pressure of ICU doctors?!

Here is a preview video of Rush M.D. – ICU by Eleni - Cardboard Rhino:

 Follow the campaign and discover all that Rush M.D. – ICU has to offer! 




Frank Kulkmann- Kulkmann's G@mebox

Phil Rey- Vin d' jeu

Fiona and Amy Dickinson- The Game Shelf

Antonios Sartzetakis-

Dale Yu and Patrick Brennan- The Opinionated Gamers

Sergio Martinez-

Siegfried Wurtz- Von

Rush M.D.  is scheduled for production during Summer/Autumn 2020 using high quality materials. Please note that the published product may have differences regarding sizes, quantities, colors and layout because of production limitations and/or adjustments. Please back this project only after taking this information into account.

Any stretch rewards generated through this campaign are not exclusive. They may be available to acquire in the future at an additional cost. Backers of this campaign will be receiving those rewards for free.

 We expect to have the game shipped to backers within December 2020. Please keep in mind though, that there is always the chance of the production and handling process getting delayed for various reasons.

This  will be our first ever campaign to be fulfilled through various hubs around the world. Delivery will include tracking. 

If you have any concerns regarding customs and import taxes for large cost orders, please contact us with a Kickstarter message and we will assist you on that. 

 Please note that depending on destination, card sleeves may be shipped independently from the rest of your pledge and this may slightly affect your shipping costs.

David Turczi is a board game designer from Hungary. David has been designing games for the past years having established himself with Redacted in 2014. Since then, he has designed many games including Anachrony, Dice Settlers, Days of Ire. Artipia Games and David Turczi have collaborated in the past with our cooperative, real-time hit Kitchen Rush, its expansion Piece of Cake and of course Rush M.D..

Konstantinos Kokkinis is a board game designer from Greece. He is also the CEO of Artipia Games. Konstantinos has always had a passion for games, both as a player and a designer. He managed to materialize his passion into a job, when he created Artipia Games back in 2011 with his first game Drum Roll. He is also known for Project: ELITE, A Thief’s Fortune, New Dawn and Rush M.D.

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