QUIET: LEVEL ONE - An Original Graphic Novel by Jonah Lobe

QUIET: LEVEL ONE - An Original Graphic Novel by Jonah Lobe

From Jonah Lobe (Skyrim/Fallout/Marvel), an epic adventure graphic novel about a little skeleton’s quest to save the Tree of Worlds.

QUIET: Level One is an original work written and illustrated by award-winning artist and world-builder Jonah Lobe (Skyrim/Fallout/Marvel Anatomy). This 180+ page epic will feature artwork rendered in classic black-and-white, as well as richly colored Chapter Pages. The enhanced Kickstarter-exclusive Hardcover Edition will add behind-the-scenes concept art, writing, and Quiet-themed work from guest artists.

In this epic adventure, a brave little skeleton, Quiet, and their companion, the Narrator Worm, are on a quest to save the Tree of Worlds from destruction. Level One takes place in the Labyrinth, where – with only the voice of the mysterious Spider to guide them – our heroes must rely on each other to prevent Galahorn, the unstoppable invader, from ascending the Tree of Worlds. Meanwhile, the evil blade known as Threadcutter has at last been found… and is beginning to whisper.

Like Yggdrasil, the Norse Tree of Life, Quiet: Level One's Tree of Worlds contains a multitude of realities. Each branch is a world unto itself; a new Level replete with different environments, creatures, and quests. Together, these Levels form a stepladder to the font of Creation itself… which is exactly where Galahorn is headed.

The Tree of Worlds is beautiful, terrifying, and exceedingly strange – while feeling familiar to fans of fantasy, Dungeons & Dragons, and videogames. In the Labyrinth, Quiet must contend with traps, monsters, magical items, and more. How can our Level 1 skeleton possibly defeat the Level 100 barbarian? We'll have to find out…

Quiet: Level One is my first foray into the world of comics, and I'm developing a new art style alongside the new story. My 3D artwork in Skyrim and Fallout can be described as fantastical realism. For Marvel Anatomy, I took a different approach—let's call it Super DaVinci.

For Quiet, I’ve developed a sharper, bolder, and more dynamic monochrome aesthetic, elevated with lettering by the one and only Tom Napolitano. I’m going this way for a number of reasons: First, I'm enamored of black-and-white as a medium; if you've seen my Word of the Day series on Instagram, you know what I'm talking about. The second reason is nostalgia; in this modern landscape of flashy CG entertainment, I think there's something special about black-and-white that reminds us of the comics and video games of our youth. The third is plot-driven: Level 1 of the Labyrinth is underground and upside-down... and the world down there is devoid of color.

Here’s a look at my process—from rough sketch to inking, solids to shading, then whatever is needed to help the frame pop:

And now, a gallery:

I'm extremely grateful to have contributed to the universes of Skyrim, Fallout, and Marvel, but for years I've yearned to build something entirely new. Q:L1 is very dear to me, and I have no desire to sell it to a corporation. Kickstarter will provide me with the creative freedom and vital resources to bring the world of Quiet to life, while continuing to hold myself to the very high standards that have always guided my work. This platform allows me to connect directly with you -- to hand you this piece of my soul. And if all goes well, Quiet: Level One will be just the beginning.

I believe in Quiet - and I ask that you believe in me. Here are just a few reasons to get in on this new world at the ground level:

  • HARDCOVER EDITION: This hardcover version of Q:L1 will be EXCLUSIVE to Kickstarter. Only a very limited number will be sold through conventions, my online store, or retail sales.
  • EARLY BIRD GIFT: Any pledge for a physical copy of Q:L1 (either softcover or hardcover) made within the first 72 hours of launch secures you The Quiet: Level One sketchbook, a Kickstarter-exclusive, 100+ page sketchbook with a beautiful cover and plenty of space for your own creative ideas, drawings and more.
  • SPECIAL DISCOUNTS: Kickstarter supporters get all available products at discounts from 5% to 35% off the prices they will be sold at after finalization of the campaign.
  • LOYALTY BONUS: Anyone who pledges to this campaign will automatically receive loyalty discounts/bonuses in any Q:L1 follow-up projects on Kickstarter.
  • HELP THIS INDEPENDENT ARTIST MATERIALIZE HIS VISION: I've spent my career making Dragons, Giants, Mutants and Heroes. Now let me make something for you. By supporting me at any level, you're granting me the time and space I need to realize Quiet: Level One to its fullest extent and I will forever be grateful to you for the support!
  • A sample of pages from the graphic novel is available here.
  • For more personal and detailed insights into the creation of Quiet: Level One -- including the initial conception, references, and artistic development -- join my Tree of Worlds Substack, where I have been documenting the journey:
  • Some of my inspiration for Quiet: Level One:

Quiet: Level One wouldn’t exist without the host of influences I grew up with – perhaps you’re familiar with some of them? 

Diablo was perhaps the biggest inspiration.  Not so much the story itself, but the idea of a rampaging barbarian murdering hordes of monsters stuck with, and made me wonder: what if the barbarian were evil, and the monsters good?

The original Legend of Zelda is a big one too. Link was always so tiny on screen, and the game was as beautiful and whimsical as it was action-filled!

When it came to books, Erik the Viking and the Fighting Fantasy Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books left a huge impression, as did The Hobbit. The idea of a tiny, comfort-loving protagonist, thrown into a huge adventure… it was just so fun.

Comics also inspired me.  While big into the fantasy of Elfquest, it was Jeff smith’s “Bone” that left the biggest impression on Quiet; I just loved the juxtaposition of the cartoonish main characters with the horrible monsters that always went after them.  When it came to movies, Conan the Barbarian also stuck with me; Conan (mixed with a bit of Thanos) became the inspiration for my villain.

And lastly, when I was only 10 years old, I traveled to Mexico for Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos). Everywhere I went, I was struck by the positive – even joyful – depictions of death, most embodied by the legions of skulls made out of sugar.  Even a young monster-maker like me was affected by this beautiful (and delicious) treat!

Those are the main inspirations for my world, but there are easily a dozen more that have certainly influenced me significantly and you will find a hint or two (or even much more than that) in the world of Quiet!

Q:L1 is already 60% complete, with full-page illustration and lettering. The story itself is nearly complete, although I am still making tweaks to minor plot lines and action sequences. If the Kickstarter campaign goes well, I am inclined to add a bit more material to further deepen the characters, world, and sub-plots. 

I am confident that the writing and illustrating will be finalized by the end of the year.  During the second half of 2024, I will be working closely with accredited professionals - including pencilers, inkers, flatters, and a letterer (the esteemed Tom Napolitano!) - to ensure that every detail of Q:L1 reaches the highest possible standards.

I anticipate delivery of final assets to the factory by April 2025 at the latest.  From there, we estimate an additional two months will be needed for the factory to produce, assemble, and pack everything. The freight operation requires an additional 2-3 months for the goods to arrive at the fulfillment centers -- at which point they’ll go out to you! My team and I feel confident that the entire fulfillment process will conclude by September 2025.  I’m hoping it arrives earlier than that, but I’d prefer to under-promise and over-deliver.

My project managers work full-time on Kickstarter campaigns, and have deep experience with product development, production, shipping, and fulfillment. For months, they’ve been in close communication with high-quality printers and factories, securing quotes, specifications, options, and samples. They are extremely prepared, and they take this project very seriously. 

As for me, I will be working overtime to bring you the same A-game (and then some) that I brought to Skyrim, Fallout, Marvel Anatomy, and every one of my projects.  With Quiet: Level One being such a deeply personal endeavor, I intend to leave it all on the field. Thank you for your trust and support - I promise you will enjoy the result.  And as always, I invite you to reach out, participate, and share with me your thoughts, ideas, and feelings. This product will be so much richer for your involvement!

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If you are a verified retailer and you are interested in getting copies of the Quiet: Level One Softcover or KS Exclusive Hardcover, please pledge at the Retailer pledge level and get in contact with us via a KS message or an email at info@jonahlobe.com and we will help you out with your order!

Jonah Lobe is the Writer and Illustrator of Quiet: Level One.

Tom Napolitano is a comic book professional known for his specialization in lettering, with credits in titles published by BOOM, Dark Horse, Dynamite, Humanoids, Image, Penguin Random House, and DC Comics. His work includes lettering for Eisner Award nominated stories like Detective Comics #1027 “The Rookie” and LUGOSI: The Rise and Fall of Hollywood’s Dracula, and he has also contributed as a colorist and artist across a range of comic publications

Konstantin Pananas is the Project Manager responsible for Strategy, Marketing, Publicity and Production of Quiet: Level One. He has managed and consulted more than 13 successful Kickstarter campaigns to date. He has also coordinated the development and production of numerous products and projects in the creative industry. 

Giannis Diamantakos is the Project & Operations Manager responsible for Marketing Research, Community Management, Pre-production and various Operations of Quiet: Level One.

Geoffrey Palmer is a digital artist and animator with over 20 years of experience. His work can be seen in television commercials, online videos, and feature films. When he's not creating video magic, he enjoys movies, video games, and spending time with his family. You can find him on X here.

Tony Muzzatti is the owner of Crudo Creative, a video post-house in Hyattsville MD. When he's not animating pixels you may find him tending to his 3 dogs or 3 cats, or you may find him pruning his amazon dart frog tank, or he could be potentially watering one of the many house pants he adores

Nathaniel Dodson is a YouTuber and video producer located just outside of Philadelphia.  When he's not making a photograph or video, you can find him riding his bike, reading a book, or working on his swing at the driving range.

Bill and Brittany Doran are the husband and wife team behind Punished Props Academy. From their prop and costume making studio in Seattle, Washington, these two have been teaching the world how to make extraordinary creations for over a decade with their instructional videos and books.

Labros Papageorgiou is the Founder and Lead Designer of the Ember Forge, the team behind the Ember Dice and the creator of the Quiet white brass metal figurine.

Panagiota (Pat) Tsibalidi, the face behind the ANIMAfelis Creative Space, is a professional freelance graphic designer and illustrator located in Athens, Greece. She produced numerous graphics for the Quiet: Level One marketing campaign and Kickstarter campaign page.


Jonah Lobe is an award-winning artist, game developer, and educator specializing in character art, concept art, and 3D art for games. For 7 years, Jonah worked at Bethesda Game Studios, where he was responsible for many of the monsters, characters, and weaponry found in titles like Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. His first illustrated book, the massive tome Marvel Anatomy: A Scientific Study of the Superhuman, was released in October 2022. You can find his art here.


Alduin the World Eater, THE ELDER SCROLLS V: SKYRIM


The Deathclaw, FALLOUT 3 & 4


You can find more of my work here.


Have you ever wondered how do Wolverine's claws work? Jonah analyzes his own work illustrating MARVEL ANATOMY:

How were many of the iconic creatures in Fallout 3 & 4 designed? Jonah shares recollections and insights about his development of these characters:

Jonah and fellow Skyrim artists and developers discuss their experiences creating the epic classic game Skyrim:

Jonah showcases his signature approach to character design by making a fanart creature for the Elden Ring:


Jonah has given international workshops on art and creativity, spoken at game conferences, streamed for Adobe & Pixologic, been interviewed by Marvel podcasts, and served as a Creative & Artistic Director on multiple projects. For instance, as an Adobe creative consultant, Jonah provided concept art, designed game-style mechanics, and influenced the direction of a revolutionary new technology for Adobe. As a streaming artist for Adobe, Jonah hosted his own art show on the Adobe Twitch network twice a week. While there, he took the time to educate his viewers on topics including Anatomy, Landscape, Character Design, Portraiture, and Painting technique. Jonah also developed Chimaera: a Creature Design Masterclass, an entry in the Myth Masters series. Jonah designed Chimaera to inspire and inform the aspiring World-Builder about how to use the powers of line and shape language, contrast and color theory, anatomy, and personality to create iconic creatures inspired by nature.  












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