Pit Formula

Pit Formula

6,068 CAD
of 6,000 CAD Goal

“Formula One races aren’t just about cars and drivers! Take on the role of a crew of brilliant mechanics who put race cars back on track insanely fast!”

Pit Formula is a frenetic board game that will require concentration and quick thinking. Throughout each race you will be presented with a series of car components to fix. Each component is repaired by solving a different math operation: addition, subtraction, multiplication and intervals. Each player must solve these operations simultaneously as they look for answers within the tokens on the table. Be extra speedy in solving your car’s pit-stop issues to win the race!

Watch the game designer explain the rules: (Portuguese with english Subtitles)

Or watch Tom Vasel from Dice Tower explain the rules and review the game here:

Pit Crew is an entertaining and very fun game. On top of that, its mechanics were built on mathematical operations like addition, subtraction and multiplication and that makes it an excellent game for educating children.

An alternative game mode, for example, allows small children who are learning how to add to play the game and learn this operation, either at home with their parents or in a classroom with their teachers.

We have ran special playtests with children and educators to hone the game to that porpouse without decreasing the fun factor!

For this project to become a reality, we will need CA$ 6,000  and we are counting on you to help us make it happen. If we surpass this target amount we will use the surplus funds to improve the game even further with these Extended Goals.

To celebrate and recognize our past and future projects, we will be adding 3 exclusive Super Crash cards to Pit Formula. In order for them to be unlocked, you’ll have to help us reach our goal of followers in each of our social networks by the end of the campaign!

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