Neverrift - The Board Game Trading Card Game Combo!

Neverrift - The Board Game Trading Card Game Combo!

Neverrift combines the collectability and deck building strategy of a TCG with the tactical positioning and movement of a board game!

234,543 EUR
of 25,000 EUR Goal

Get the only first Edition prints! Kickstarter will be the only chance to purchase 1st edition booster boxes of Neverrift to reward all our early supporters. The 1st edition logo will be determined by vote by the backer community during the campaign! The board game, as well as booster boxes on official release will not be released in first edition.

Available in 🇬🇧🇺🇸 English and 🇩🇪 German (Deutsche Version verfügbar).
Language will be chosen in the pledge manager

Played on changing and combinable grids: Play with 2-5 players and adjust the board size to your liking with 4 combinable boards.

Emphasized tactical positioning and movement: Plan, position & move your cards like never before!

Neverrift TCG combines the best of both worlds: Unique card combos and collectability with spatial positioning and tactics!

Construct your own unique deck using the additional cards provided in the board game box and expand your collections and your options with boosters.

Neverrift aims to be highly accessible without compromising on depth or complexity. The need for tactical positioning enhances both deck building and gameplay, so we've focused on four main principles to make Neverrift approachable for everyone:

- Simple Rules: Learn to play Neverrift in under 2 minutes!
- Concise Card Texts: Most cards feature only 2-3 lines of text.
- Affordable Play: Want to play Neverrift without committing to a trading card game? Get the board game, and you'll have everything you need!
- Available Online & Offline: Neverrift will be available in both physical and digital formats in single player and multiplayer modes. Read more below.

We've invested hundreds of hours to ensure the game is balanced, engaging, and allows for the discovery of new strategies. Co-created by gaming experts and hundreds of play testers, it’s a unique collectible card game that blends board and trading card game elements.

Each card is a small piece of art

Yet in many card games the actual artwork only makes up a small fraction of the card. We cherish our amazing talent's works by reducing text and stream lining design to showcase THE feature most cards are remembered by: Artworks.
No AI art was used to create our artworks and we are proud to have featured artists from each continent including over 20 countries!

Discover Neverrift's special card prints!

Full and partial holographic effects.
Metallic foils: Gold, silver and copper.

Meet our incredible cosplay artists luka_costume_artist.
Portraying the Sworn Tamers Dark Queen Etheria & Ludvig von Ascheburg

Photography by calina_fotografie

Markus Schwarze, the creator of Neverrift, has worked in the TCG industry for nearly 20 years. As a passionate TCG and board game player, he founded his first business at the age of 14, growing it into one of the largest German online shops for trading card games, currently employing around 40 people.

Markus always aspired to create his own game. Twenty years ago, he was sketching ideas on paper as a teenager; today, his passion and entrepreneurial drive are fully invested in Neverrift TCG – his dream became reality!

Gate to the Games combines hundreds of years of TCG and board game experience, channeling this expertise into the intense game design and play testing sessions that created Neverrift. We collaborated with industry experts, consultants, game veterans, pro players, retailers, and wholesalers to develop an outstanding product. Moreover, hundreds of play testers from around the world helped shape Neverrift into the game it is today: a game for players, made by players.

Neverrift has been showcased at various conventions such as SPIEL Essen and Dreamhack and tested in brick-and-mortar stores. The latest Beta play test for the Neverrift app brought together over 150 play testers from across the globe.

The collective wisdom and feedback have shaped Neverrift into a truly unique TCG and board game experience, dedicated to exceptional game play.

Check out the amazing Professor Meg explaining the basics of Neverrift:

Check out the official Neverrift Rule Book:

Rule Book 🇬🇧🇺🇸 English Rule Book  🇩🇪 German

Ready, Set, Play! Want a shortcut to playing the game? Check out the Quick Start Guide:

Quick Start Guide 🇬🇧🇺🇸 English  | Quick Start Guide  🇩🇪 German

Note that we provide this Tabletop Simulator Mod for free but it requires you to own the Tabletop Simulator application. Neverrift Table Top Simulator Mod 🇬🇧🇺🇸 English.

This version of Print and Play is optimized for DIN A4 printing size. Neverrift Print and Play 🇬🇧🇺🇸 English.


Play our Neverrift App! Available on Android and iOS, with a Steam release planned, our Neverrift App brings you the same excitement as the physical game.

Challenge opponents from around the globe with our free multiplayer experience. Climb the leader board to become the ultimate Tamer, or enjoy a relaxing game with friends in private lobbies. The app includes a short tutorial to teach you the basics, and a story mode to hone your skills.

Purchase new cards, build diverse decks, and test them against your friends. You can also buy new avatars, tamer frames, card backs, and all the cosmetics your heart desires. Don't want to spend money? No problem! Quests and daily login bonuses will reward you with sweet prizes, allowing you to become the alpha tamer without spending a dime.

Jump into the Neverrift online! (Available Q4)

Centuries ago humankind lived in harmony with its surroundings until an unexpected event shattered that peace. A gigantic rift opened, ripping the world apart, allowing creatures of mystical yet dangerous nature to enter the once peaceful world.

Over time the inhabitants adjusted to the rift’s existence and various factions developed, each treating the rift in a different way. There are those who worship the rift. Those who protect the rift. But most people despise the rift and think of it as an event that was never meant to happen. A rift that was never supposed to be… calling it the Neverrift.

Powerful beings called Tamers emerged, representing their faction’s beliefs and facing the threats caused by the Neverrift. Taming creatures, wielding magic and planning for their next move they wait for an opportunity to strike.

Our booster packs will be made from fully recyclable paper instead of plastic, utilizing "metallized paper" that features shiny effects for a visually stunning appearance. This innovative material offers a unique texture and look, yet can still be disposed of in paper recycling bins. By using paper boosters, we significantly reduce environmental impact compared to traditional plastic packaging, contributing to a more sustainable future.

In addition, our production will be based locally in central Europe (Germany) to minimize delivery distances and reduce carbon emissions, making our processes more eco-friendly. Partnering locally also enhances quality control, as it allows us to communicate, supervise, and adjust production more effectively.

Our printing partner will be Ludo Fact & Friedmann Print (a subsidiary of Ludo Fact), known for producing popular franchises such as Catan and Keyforge.


Rare ★
Epic ★★ (partial rainbow foil)
Legendary ★★★ (partial rainbow foil + colored hot foil ornaments)
Parallel Foil: rainbow foil over whole card (each card can be a parallel foil)

There might be a very rare last rarity, but this will be subject to Kickstarter performance and stretch goals! ;)

Booster Distribution:

Slot 1-6: Common
Slot 7: Parallel Foil (can be any card)
Slot 8: Rare/Epic/Legendary

Drop rates per booster non-foil / parallel-foil:

Common: 100% / 65%
Rare: 65% / 30%
Epic: 20% / 3%
Legendary: 15% / 2%

These numbers are on average! Rarity distribution will vary slightly between displays to prevent manipulation.

Neverrift aims to attract both players and collectors by offering exclusive collectible items while ensuring that every player can enjoy their favorite cards without breaking the bank. To achieve this, we have adopted a hybrid approach to our products. This includes randomized items, such as the limited booster box released only once per year, and non-randomized items, like our board game and themed expansions.

Our products are:

Themed Expansions: include 30 fixed, new cards (5 of each faction + 5 neutral cards). We aim to have 2-3 themed expansions released per year.

Board Game Expansions: will bring lots of new cards, 5 new tamers, new boards/grids, as well as new grid mechanics and card types. One board game expansion shall be released per year. Might even be bringing new factions or multi-color-factioned tamers (Psst!).

Collector Display: will contain all cards released in a year in alternate art or foil-upgraded versions, as well as some collector display only cards.

By choosing this hybrid approach we not only ensure a constant flow of new cards at a reasonable rate, we also don’t overdo it in terms of feasibility in development. Below follows what is planned for 2025.

Release Schedule 2025:

    March 2025: Themed Expansion “Dragons from the Rift”
    June 2025: Themed Expansion “Otter’s Den"
    September 2025: Themed Expansion “Roar of the Beasts”
    October 2025: Board Game Expansion
    November 2025: Collector Booster Box 2025

    This is our planned Release Schedule for 2025. All themes and names are subject to change depending on community feedback - we want to include the Kickstarter and Neverrift communities in deciding what will be next!

    June: Campaign Ends
    June: Pledge Manager Opens
    July-August: Manufacturing
    September: Freight Shipping Begins
    October: Fullfilment Begins
    November: Delivered to Backers
    December: Retail Release

    All above dates are estimates and we will continuously update all Backers with timeline changes.

* Shipping fees will be paid after the campaign, on the pledge manager.
A pledge manager is a third-party platform that we will use to make to it as simple as possible to send you the packages. You will be able to select the language of your pledge (English or German) and provide us your shipping address, simply and safely. Shipping fees and any other mandatory fees (like VAT for EU backers, depending on the regulations of your location) will be collected in the pledge manager too.

Dear Neverrift Fans and Supporters,

As we near a major milestone in the journey of Neverrift, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to each of you. Over the past two and a half years, your unwavering support has been instrumental in shaping the game.

From the early stages of development to the numerous play testings, both online and offline, your feedback has taken a big part in shaping Neverrift into the game it is today. Your insights, suggestions, and encouragement have not only helped us identify areas for improvement but also inspired us to strive for excellence in every aspect of the game. Every bug report, every piece of constructive criticism, and every word of encouragement have been vital to our progress.

We also want to express our deep appreciation to our amazing partners in development, print, marketing, and consulting in general. Your expertise and collaboration have been crucial in bringing Neverrift to life.

Thank you all for being a part of this journey. We look forward to sharing many more adventures with you in the world of Neverrift.

With sincere thanks,

The Neverrift Team

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Pledge Levels
Basic Edition
Basic Edition

Get the Basic Edition for ~$42 USD / 24% off of MSRP!

1x Neverrift Board Game Edition
🔓All applicable Stretch Goals

The Basic Edition is a good entry into the world of Neverrift. Tame legendary creatures by using one of the five standard tamer decks. Alter your decks by using the additional cards to outsmart your opponents and dominate the battleground.

Pledge €39

Estimated Delivery: Dec 2024

Basic Bundle
Basic Bundle

Get the Basic Bundle for ~$99 USD / 32% off of MSRP!

1x Neverrift Board Game Edition
1x Neverrift Booster Box (contains 20 booster packs)
🔓All applicable Stretch Goals
🥇Includes First edition cards (only available to Kickstarter Backers)

The Basic Bundle is a great entry into the world of Neverrift, with extra content for deckbuilding. Tame legendary creatures by using one of the five standard tamer decks. Alter your decks by using the additional cards to outsmart your opponents and dominate the battleground. Build new decks and find rare prints with the additional Booster Box.

Pledge €108

Estimated Delivery: Dec 2024

Basic Bundle XXL
Basic Bundle XXL

Get the Basic Bundle XXL for ~$270 USD / Save more than $130!

1x Neverrift Board Game Edition
3x Neverrift Booster Boxes (contain 20 booster packs each)
2x Neverrift Card Sleeves
🔓All applicable Stretch Goals
🥇Includes First edition cards (only available to Kickstarter Backers)

The Basic Bundle XXL is an excellent entry into the world of Neverrift, offering a lot more content for deckbuilding, as well as cards you can only collect through Neverrift Booster Boxes. Get more cards from the first set of Neverrift and the exclusive First Edition symbol on the cards!

Pledge €249

Estimated Delivery: Dec 2024

Advanced Bundle
Advanced Bundle

Get the Advanced Bundle for ~$485 USD / 32% off of MSRP!

1x Neverrift Board Game Edition
6x Neverrift Booster Box (contains 20 booster packs each)
1x Exclusive Pre-Production Card
🔓All applicable stretch goals.
🥇Includes First edition cards (only available to Kickstarter Backers)
🍀Exclusive Pre-Production Sample Card

The Advanced Bundle is an excellent step in the world of Neverrift giving you the board game, a lot content to deckbuild, and the totally exclusive Pre-Production Sample Card. Build several new decks and find a lot of rare prints with the additional Booster Boxes.

Pledge €449

Estimated Delivery: Dec 2024

Exceptional Bundle
Exceptional Bundle

Get the Exceptional Bundle for ~$972 USD / 34% off of MSRP!

1x Neverrift Board Game Edition
12x Neverrift Booster Box (each contains 20 booster packs)
2x Exclusive Pre-Production Cards
2x Exclusive Playmats
🔓All applicable stretch goals.
🥇Includes First edition cards (only available to Kickstarter Backers)

A marvelous entry into the world of Neverrift! Great a lot of content in the world of Neverrift with huge variety of cards for deckbuilding!
Claim the totally exclusive Pre-Production Sample Cards as well as Kickstarter-exclusive Playmats to customize your game play experience.

Pledge €899

Estimated Delivery: Dec 2024

Remarkable Bundle
Remarkable Bundle

Get the Remarkable Bundle for ~$1945 USD / save more than $750!

1x Neverrift Board Game Edition
24x Neverrift Booster Box (contains 20 booster packs each)
5x Exclusive pre-production Card
4x Exclusive Playmat
1x Exclusive Uncut Printing Sheet
🔓All applicable stretch goals.
🥇Includes First edition cards (only available to Kickstarter Backers)

The Remarkable Bundle includes everything a Neverrift collector would dream for. Build all the decks you ever wanted and find countless rare prints with the additional Booster Boxes.
Claim the totally exclusive Pre-Production Cards as well as exclusive Playmats to customize your gameplay experience. Get yourself a pristine exclusive Uncut Printing Sheet!

Pledge €1799

Estimated Delivery: Dec 2024

Unprecedented Bundle
Unprecedented Bundle

Get the Unprecedented Bundle for ~$3783 USD / Save more than $1700!

2x Neverrift Board Game Edition
48x Neverrift Booster Box (each contains 20 booster packs)
10x Exclusive pre-production Cards
8x Exclusive Playmats
2x Exclusive Uncut Printing Sheets
1x Exclusive 1/50 Serialized Card
🔓All applicable Stretch Goals
🥇Includes First edition cards (only available to Kickstarter Backers)

Once in a lifetime opportunity to enter the world of Neverrift and get 1 of 50 serialized cards! Get two board games to have all cards twice and a lot of boosters to build decks for you and your friends. Get access to all the exclusive content of the campaign like the preproduction cards, the printing sheet, the playmats and more!

Pledge €3499

Estimated Delivery: Dec 2024

Limited Quantity: 31 left

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