Compete for priority in a thriving ecosystem in order to best serve your Nestlings in this dice placement, area majority game.

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A game of Nestlings is played over 4 rounds. Each round players will...

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Each Biome is populated with unique Resources according the amount of players at the table +1. This means there will always be at least a single Resource for everyone who visits each Biome!

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Each round players will roll a set number of dice, and then, optionally choose to re-roll any of those dice before placing them into Biomes. This allows players the opportunity to mitigate any dice rolls that wouldn't otherwise be beneficial.

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After rolling dice, each player places one die in the Biome matching the icon on the top of the die. Players play dice one at a time, until they have either: A) placed all of their dice, or B) have chosen to pass, saving one of their dice to use in the following round.

Compete for Priority GIF

The competition in Nestlings is rooted on gaining priority in the Biome. Biome priority is based on a top-down, left-to-right system, meaning players who place dice first in any Biome will gain priority, however, if a player places more dice in that same Biome, they take priority from the player who placed first. 

Gaining priority is crucial to getting the Resources you need and satisfying your Nestlings. The priority winning player gets to choose which Resource type they'll take first, as well as which type will get discarded back into the Biome bag. This element of strategy entices players to think critically about their dice placement options in order to maximize the efficiency of their placed dice. 

Gather Resources GIF

After all dice have been placed in a round, players gather Resources and either: A) Feed your native Resources to your Nestlings, or B) Save those Resources, along with Resources not from your respective Biome, below your player board. 

Feeding your Nestlings will pay off immediately, resulting in Victory Points gained at the end of the round, while saving Resources to complete the elusive public Gathering Goals, or your own private Nest Goals is a long-term strategy that will pay off at the end of the game. 

Which will you choose? Feed your Nestlings to capitalize on points immediately, or hunker down, collect Resources, and surprise your Avian competitors by capitalizing on a Gathering Goal?  

Add Segments GIF

Each time a player collects a unique Resource, they gather the corresponding Biome Segment, adding it to their Resource Ring. The Resource Ring features a wealth of strategic opportunities for players to utilize. Each Biome Segment is scored, each round, making it valuable to diversify the selection of Resources in order to maximize the effeciency of the Resource Ring. 

Activate Bonuses GIF

In addition to capitalizing on points gained from Biome Segments, the Resource Ring also features powerful bonuses that are activated once an individual section of the Resource Ring is completed. These bonuses can be used to chain react into other bonuses, causing a cascade of gaining additional Resources and Biome Segments, satisfying Gathering Goals for fewer Resources, and even paying another player for a Resource that they've stashed beneath their player board!

Complete Gathering Goals GIF

Each player has the opportunity to compete and score points from the elusive public Gathering Goals. These goals are difficult to achieve but offer players a substantial amount of Victory Points for their completion. 

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Meet the Team

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All UpdatesUpdate #9

Production is Underway!

2024-04-11 17:26:53

Hey Backers!

The day is here -- well, one of the days as we hope to have continued positive news! Final production is underway and is scheduled to be complete April 29th! Then it's off to the boats to make the trek to the different Fulfillment Centers and finally at your doorstep!

The Process So Far

Brandon and I have learned a lot through this process such as asking more questions, triple checking whether what we want has been accurately conveyed (language barriers), and staying on top of the many processing steps.

The bird minis have been a challenge, mainly due to length of mold creation, colors, details and timing of completion. All things that are hard to predict in regard to complications. Nevertheless, they look amazing!

This image was taken by the factory. You'll notice the Alpine mini is darker than the gray in the game, but the lighter color really muted the details of the miniature.

Here's the plan for the minis: the deluxe versions will ship from the factory without the minis in the box. As the games are on the high seas, the minis will be completed 2-3 weeks later, packed into a retail box and sent via DHL rather than freight. 

We did this because the minis will travel much quicker and may even beat the games to the central HUB. So, for those who pledged the Deluxe, you'll just receive the four minis in a separate smaller box along with your game. This cost us a little more to ship the minis separate and to have them packaged but we feel it was a good solution so fulfillment isn't held up by the minis.

Additionally, the factory moved forward with printing over 7,000 rulebooks without our approval back in February. Not throwing shade at anyone as miscommunications happen often, but still a small financial setback. Since we had to make some important adjustments to the rulebook so it was a tad easier to follow, we had to pay for a reprint of the rules.

We really do appreciate your patience through all this. It means SO much!!

More Photos!

Brandon is an amazing photographer and so he took some shots of the mass production copies this week. Take a look!

He'll be taking some more photos of other components today and tomorrow so we'll share those as well! You'll find the final version of the rulebook here!

Second Campaign - PEAKS!

As many of you know, we are launching our second campaign around the end of June -- a game called Peaks. We are running a pre-campaign promo bonus but for all of you who pledged Nestlings, you'll get this promo for free when you make a pledge for Peaks.

Here's our updated cover art, created by none other than Nestlings' own Nilanjan! 

Unfortunately, we had to part ways with our original artist after we learned some of his illustrative processes were a bit unethical, at least in our opinion. We will always use original artwork created strictly from the mind and hand of an artist.

Feel free to follow the pre-campaign KS page here. Also get a feeling for how the game plays by reading the first draft of the Peaks rulebook here.

We are excited you all are on this journey with us. We'll follow up with more as we receive updates ourselves!

Later days!

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