Compete for priority in a thriving ecosystem in order to best serve your Nestlings in this dice placement, area majority game.

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A game of Nestlings is played over 4 rounds. Each round players will...

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Each Biome is populated with unique Resources according the amount of players at the table +1. This means there will always be at least a single Resource for everyone who visits each Biome!

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Each round players will roll a set number of dice, and then, optionally choose to re-roll any of those dice before placing them into Biomes. This allows players the opportunity to mitigate any dice rolls that wouldn't otherwise be beneficial.

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After rolling dice, each player places one die in the Biome matching the icon on the top of the die. Players play dice one at a time, until they have either: A) placed all of their dice, or B) have chosen to pass, saving one of their dice to use in the following round.

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The competition in Nestlings is rooted on gaining priority in the Biome. Biome priority is based on a top-down, left-to-right system, meaning players who place dice first in any Biome will gain priority, however, if a player places more dice in that same Biome, they take priority from the player who placed first. 

Gaining priority is crucial to getting the Resources you need and satisfying your Nestlings. The priority winning player gets to choose which Resource type they'll take first, as well as which type will get discarded back into the Biome bag. This element of strategy entices players to think critically about their dice placement options in order to maximize the efficiency of their placed dice. 

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After all dice have been placed in a round, players gather Resources and either: A) Feed your native Resources to your Nestlings, or B) Save those Resources, along with Resources not from your respective Biome, below your player board. 

Feeding your Nestlings will pay off immediately, resulting in Victory Points gained at the end of the round, while saving Resources to complete the elusive public Gathering Goals, or your own private Nest Goals is a long-term strategy that will pay off at the end of the game. 

Which will you choose? Feed your Nestlings to capitalize on points immediately, or hunker down, collect Resources, and surprise your Avian competitors by capitalizing on a Gathering Goal?  

Add Segments GIF

Each time a player collects a unique Resource, they gather the corresponding Biome Segment, adding it to their Resource Ring. The Resource Ring features a wealth of strategic opportunities for players to utilize. Each Biome Segment is scored, each round, making it valuable to diversify the selection of Resources in order to maximize the effeciency of the Resource Ring. 

Activate Bonuses GIF

In addition to capitalizing on points gained from Biome Segments, the Resource Ring also features powerful bonuses that are activated once an individual section of the Resource Ring is completed. These bonuses can be used to chain react into other bonuses, causing a cascade of gaining additional Resources and Biome Segments, satisfying Gathering Goals for fewer Resources, and even paying another player for a Resource that they've stashed beneath their player board!

Complete Gathering Goals GIF

Each player has the opportunity to compete and score points from the elusive public Gathering Goals. These goals are difficult to achieve but offer players a substantial amount of Victory Points for their completion. 

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Meet the Team

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All UpdatesUpdate #7

Nestlings Fulfillment Update and Request

2024-02-27 23:23:21

Dear Friends,

Phew, we are now one update shy of the 40 mark. We either have too much time on our hands or we REALLY like talking/typing. I (Bryan) was actually called “Jaws” growing up, but not because I was vicious. It was more along the lines that I didn’t know how/when to shut up!

In all seriousness, when Brandon and I formed Tangerine Games it was largely due to our passion for tabletop gaming and our entrepreneurial gusto. It was also because we wanted to create a community where gamers felt respected and valued as people.

With this philosophy in mind, we understand how important it is that those who back our projects are given priority when it comes to fulfillment. Backers first, everyone else second. 

Unfortunately, we’ve had some delays. While this is expected and we included a few buffers in our timeline, some things have become outside our control. So, we want to include you regarding next steps.

What’s Going On

Mass production of Nestlings Standard will be completed April 26th, along with the bird meeple add-ons and dice tray sets. Nestlings Deluxe will be completed May 18. The delay is the bird minis. We underestimated the time it would take to create the molds, and that’s on us.

As many of you know, freight by boat, random customs checks, and port traffic are unpredictable, therefore making shipping estimates difficult to project. Now, this may not be needed, but due to potential timing changes in the coming months with shipping and logistics, we want to have an open conversation with you.

Our Gameplan

Lucky Duck Games is handling the English distribution of Nestlings, which includes a large “blow out” event at Gen Con. This means, we’d like to have a limited number (300-500) of Retail ONLY copies of Nestlings there for sale. We want to emphasize these copies do not have the KS perks, nor will the dice tray sets be present. Lucky Duck will only sell the Retail version and only at the convention until fulfillment is complete.

In an ideal world, we would wait until all Kickstarter pledges had arrived before we sold any games to the public. However, the potential ramifications of missing a Nestlings release at one of the largest conventions comes at great risk. This being our flagship game, we want to propel Tangerine Games forward so we can continue bringing you incredible games. So, this “release party” is a great opportunity.

What We Are Asking

We’ll get right to it: Do you give us your support to release a limited number of ONLY the Nestlings Retail game at GenCon independent from the backer fulfillment? If you could answer "yes" or "no" in the comments, it would be greatly appreciated. Whichever option has the most votes, we will follow it. We’ll tally these votes Sunday evening.

Brandon and I are forever in your debt for helping give Nestlings wings. This doesn’t happen without your generosity and support.


If you remember, every backer who pledged at the Bird Enthusiast (Standard Edition) level while the campaign was live, would be receiving the Special Edition Biome dice tray. We also made the dice tray available to purchase for $10 in the Pledge Manager.

Well, in order to avoid unnecessary pick fees (the fulfillment centers would charge an additional fee for every dice tray placed in a shipping box), we decided to pack a dice tray in each game box before having them sealed. EVERYONE is getting this special gift!

Here’s the thing, many of you paid $10 to add the SE Biome dice tray after the campaign. This isn’t fair. If you would like a refund, please email or request one through Hive and we’ll get this settled for you. If you would like to consider it a “donation” and not request a refund, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

That’s it for now! Thanks for being so understanding. We eagerly await your reply.

Bryan & Brandon


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