Compete for priority in a thriving ecosystem in order to best serve your Nestlings in this dice placement, area majority game.

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A game of Nestlings is played over 4 rounds. Each round players will...

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Each Biome is populated with unique Resources according the amount of players at the table +1. This means there will always be at least a single Resource for everyone who visits each Biome!

Roll Dice GIF

Each round players will roll a set number of dice, and then, optionally choose to re-roll any of those dice before placing them into Biomes. This allows players the opportunity to mitigate any dice rolls that wouldn't otherwise be beneficial.

Placing Dice GIF

After rolling dice, each player places one die in the Biome matching the icon on the top of the die. Players play dice one at a time, until they have either: A) placed all of their dice, or B) have chosen to pass, saving one of their dice to use in the following round.

Compete for Priority GIF

The competition in Nestlings is rooted on gaining priority in the Biome. Biome priority is based on a top-down, left-to-right system, meaning players who place dice first in any Biome will gain priority, however, if a player places more dice in that same Biome, they take priority from the player who placed first. 

Gaining priority is crucial to getting the Resources you need and satisfying your Nestlings. The priority winning player gets to choose which Resource type they'll take first, as well as which type will get discarded back into the Biome bag. This element of strategy entices players to think critically about their dice placement options in order to maximize the efficiency of their placed dice. 

Gather Resources GIF

After all dice have been placed in a round, players gather Resources and either: A) Feed your native Resources to your Nestlings, or B) Save those Resources, along with Resources not from your respective Biome, below your player board. 

Feeding your Nestlings will pay off immediately, resulting in Victory Points gained at the end of the round, while saving Resources to complete the elusive public Gathering Goals, or your own private Nest Goals is a long-term strategy that will pay off at the end of the game. 

Which will you choose? Feed your Nestlings to capitalize on points immediately, or hunker down, collect Resources, and surprise your Avian competitors by capitalizing on a Gathering Goal?  

Add Segments GIF

Each time a player collects a unique Resource, they gather the corresponding Biome Segment, adding it to their Resource Ring. The Resource Ring features a wealth of strategic opportunities for players to utilize. Each Biome Segment is scored, each round, making it valuable to diversify the selection of Resources in order to maximize the effeciency of the Resource Ring. 

Activate Bonuses GIF

In addition to capitalizing on points gained from Biome Segments, the Resource Ring also features powerful bonuses that are activated once an individual section of the Resource Ring is completed. These bonuses can be used to chain react into other bonuses, causing a cascade of gaining additional Resources and Biome Segments, satisfying Gathering Goals for fewer Resources, and even paying another player for a Resource that they've stashed beneath their player board!

Complete Gathering Goals GIF

Each player has the opportunity to compete and score points from the elusive public Gathering Goals. These goals are difficult to achieve but offer players a substantial amount of Victory Points for their completion. 

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Meet the Team

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All UpdatesUpdate #4

Files For Approval, Updates and Changes

2023-09-23 19:02:48

Hello lovely friends! 

Files Submitted For Approval

So, all files have been submitted to our manufacturer for approval. This took a lot longer than expected due to some of the intricacies of the components and the fact we are preparing three different versions.

So, we have the KS Deluxe, the KS Standard, and then the Retail which will be distributed in partnership with Lucky Duck Games. 

In order to honor our promises to all of you, the backers, we needed to ensure the items exclusive to the KS Standard are not included in the Retail version, or at least not given for free (e.g. Season Event Module). This has made orchestrating all files a pretty taunting task, but Brandon has been a rock star!

We have, however, made some executive design decisions solely based on making the best end product that's sustainable and durable.


We have decided to abandon the custom cut critters and return to circle tokens for the Resources. Upon further testing, the curves and edges of some of the Resources just didn't "pass the test." Many of you brought this up during the campaign and we appreciate your feedback.

While we are talking about Resources, we have replaced the Spider (Savanna), Sunflower (Alpine), and Tadpole (Freshwater) with the following resources...


Hope you all like them! The little ant rivals the crab for the cuteness award, imo!

Standard Edition Punchboard

One thing we decided to do that made more business sense was to go with 2mm punchboard for all tokens and boards (except for the game board - that will remain the same at 3mm). The pricing between 2mm and 3mm was more significant than anticipated that it justified the slight difference between the thickness. 

The card weight however will increase from 250 to 300 gsm. Compromises for cards aren't worth it to be honest.

Dice Tray Designs

In full transparency, this one may sting a little for some of you. I (Bryan) prematurely posted dice tray images on Instagram stating they were the style/design we settled on. While some of the samples looked quite nice, others just appeared dull due to the colors of some bird's feathers and the solid background.

So, we are pivoting a bit, but man are we excited about the results. Below are a few samples!

These are really going to pop, with their bright and vibrant colors:)

Timeline Update

As of now, we are still on target with a Feb/March delivery. Our manufacturer, LongPack, confirmed once files are approved by the end of September, mass production should be complete before the end of the year.

This allows us to get the games out to sea first of the year ahead of Chinese New Year, with fulfillment staring in February.

Pledge Manager

So, the Pledge Manager has been closed so no adjustments can be made to existing orders. However, if you only need to pay shipping and provide your address, you may still do so. We have approximately 65 outstanding open pledges.

If you're a Retailer, please contact to finalize orders if you're having trouble doing so on Hive.

Well, I think that's it for now! Phew, I'm tired. Hope you all are doing well and I look forward to interacting with whether through KS, Social Media or email. You all are the best!

Later Days:)

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