Monuments - Full civ experience without the downtime

Monuments - Full civ experience without the downtime

26,865 EUR
of 20,000 EUR Goal

Monuments is a civilization game for 1 to 4 players aged 10+. It's played in 1 to 2 hours

It is your goal to build your Monument as fast you can, but you can’t neglect your empire and your people. The game ends after the round in which one player finishes their Monument, but only the player with the most Victory Points wins the game!

For extensive game play overview, please find video reviews, gifs, the rules and other resources below, but in short, this is how Monuments is played:

Each player has the same set of 10 action cards, which can be upgraded over the course of the game for superior actions.

On your turn, either play an action card from your hand, perform the action on it, and then discard the card, OR take all discarded cards back on hand

Because the majority of action cards are very simple and straight forward (move 2 units, produce on 2 hexes, add a worker to the board, etc), game play is very fast and smooth and downtime between turns is minimal.

Monuments sets itself apart by the XXL models of up to 15 cm (6 inch) (!) tall, and the amazingly detailed artwork on the game board.

Monuments comes with a large 80x65 cm (31.4 x 25.6 inch) game board with no less than 143 6x6 cm (2.36 inch) hexes. Each hex has unique detailed artwork. Here is an example of Europe:

The game board is incredibly detailed - these are just 3 out of 143 hexes with unique artwork
The Colossus of Rhodes - 13 cm (5.1 inch) tall!

You can choose between the standard retail edition, the Deluxe edition, or the Deluxe edition with Super Deluxe resources. Here is a comparison:

We are currently still developing the Deluxe game trays. When backing Deluxe or Super Deluxe, you will receive:

  •  A base custom plastic insert that stays in the box and holds everything not needed during play
  •  4 custom plastic player trays that can be removed from the box. Place them in front of you and start playing! 
Work in progress on the player tray
  •  2 custom plastic resource trays that can be removed from the box. Place them in between players.

With these trays, setup and cleanup will go fast, and you always have your components handy organized in front of you.

We hope to provide you with more work in progress pictures as the campaign progresses!

 Here is a close-up look of the Super Deluxe resources:

Apples (food)
Metal (stone)
Cloth (sheep)
Bows & Arrows (weapons)

Here is a close-up of the Deluxe wooden silk screen resources and player pieces:

Sheep and Bread
Stone and Wood
Weapon and Boat/Bridge
Military units - Army, Airforce and Navy
Buildings - Mill, Fort and Town
Meeple, Horse and Farm
Workshop and Crown

On your turn, you either play one of your 10 action cards or take the played cards back on hand;

Basic actions include movement and production;

Movement and Production are 2 of the 10 actions in the game

This ultimately leads to the building of your Monument;

The Deluxe Monuments. They take five layers to complete.
Tikal - 9 cm (3.1 inch) high
Build Tikal in 5 layers

Unfiltered Gamer both did a review and a full playthrough of Monuments. The review:

The Hungry Gamer takes a look at the solo mode.

 You can find the rules for the multiplayer game here and for the solo game here. Please note that in the rules, Tabletopia and  video reviews, you will find old versions of card design and several other components.

Don't take our word for it, try it yourself! You can play both the multiplayer (2-4 players) and the solo modus on Tabletopia

Click on the banner to play Monuments at Tabletopia
The Lighthouse of Alexandria - 13 cm (5.1 inch) tall!

 We offer Monuments in three versions. The standard retail version, the Deluxe Kickstarter version, and the Super Deluxe version, which includes the Deluxe Kickstarter version and the Super Deluxe resources. You can choose these languages later in the Pledge Manager:

You can add-on more copies of the game and copies of our previous games in the Pledge Manager. Our previous games are: Scuba, The Dutch East Indies with its expansion Adventures on the High Seas, Tour Operator, Tikal, Mexica, Cuzco, Old Masters and Mississippi Queen.

Machu Picchu - 9 cm (3.5 inch) wide

Keep Exploring Games is the lead publisher for Monuments. We are known for Scuba, The Dutch East Indies and Tour Operator, as well as localizing such games as Tikal, Mexica, Cuzco, Mississippi Queen and Old Masters in Dutch, German and/or English. For this project, we will only produce the Dutch and English versions of Monuments and in part the German version. We are working together with partners in different countries to localize the game in their language. Speaking of which, our team is also very much international;

Game Design & Game Publishing - Martin Looij (the Netherlands)

Artwork Game Box - Hai Pham (Germany)

Artwork Game Board - Pablo Blayker (Brazil)

Graphic Design - Christos Zabaras (Greece) 

3D Design Monuments and animations - Ludwik Łukaszewski (Poland)

3D Testing Monuments - late Gert-Jan Looij (the Netherlands)

Wooden Tokens Design - Gifny Richata (Indonesia)

We will co-publish the German version with Spieleschmiede, if that campaign succeeds. In the United States, we will co-publish with Talon Strikes Games.

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