Monarchs of Camelot

Monarchs of Camelot

Monarchs of Camelot is an interractive narrative-driven 2-4 player game, where each decision you make is crucial for the fate of the land.

Monarchs of Camelot beckons you into a captivating realm— a 2-4 player narrative, competitive game where strategic prowess and resource management intertwine. Players harness their resources to shape the unfolding story, steering it toward their individual interests. The coveted goal: accumulate 10 prestige points, a testament to your triumph in the legendary world of Camelot. Are you ready to embark on this epic journey where every decision shapes your destiny and victory is a tale well told? 

In the mystical realm of Logres, beyond the dynamic trio of Camelot factions, an array of legendary characters awaits to either lend you their invaluable aid or present formidable challenges throughout your thrilling adventures.

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Rewards bound for the EU+, Canada, Australia and US backers will be shiped from within those regions. Backers in these countries will not incur any additonal customs charges. 

Shipping charges and relevant sales tax/VAT will be charged in the pledge manager to comply with the regional requirements. 

Rhapsody Games is not taking profits from shipping and taxes. Our team is experienced in fulfillment, as we have delivered tens of thousands of pledges over the past 8 years. We work with fulfilment companies around the world as we constantly strive to achieve better prices without compromising the quality of services. The list below features rough estimates for shipping the Knight of the Round Table and Holy Grail Edition. 

Please keep in mind that these are just estimates and costs may rise based on weight increases from unlocked stretch goals. 

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