Micro Midgard

Micro Midgard

Travel the 9 realms, and become the champion that fulfils the Norn's prophecies before Ragnarok.

25,673 GBP
of 2,500 GBP Goal

Ragnarok is coming...Skoll and Hati chase the Sun and the Moon across the sky, signaling the end of the world. As a champion of Midgard you must travel the 9 realms and fulfil the Norn’s prophecies before they are destroyed.

Micro Midgard is a 30 min tactical worker placement game for one or two players. Using the unique worker-movement mechanic from the hugely successful Micro Dojo, Micro Midgard brings a more complex head-to-head experience in a small package.


Prometheus Game Labs campaigns focus on two things. By supporting my games through crowdfunding you will get:

  • Incredible value: I pack as much gameplay as possible into a small box, with efficient use of components and no wasted space.
  • Impeccable Service: I believe in clear and timely communication, and running Kickstarter campaigns that I would want to be a part of as a backer myself.

The Yggdrasil mini expansion is available as an add-on for the Standard Edition. Bringing new Blessing abilities that get stronger (or weaker) when Ragnarok occurs adds a new layer of strategy to the game. The expansion contains:

  • 3 new meeples - Ratatoskr, Nidhogg and Vedrfolnir
  • 4 new Blessing cards  (with 32 Blessing abilities)

The Ragnarok Edition is a scaled-up version of the game (at ~2x size), with deluxe components such as triple-layer recessed boards and chunky wooden resources, as well as an upsized version of the Yggdrasil expansion included for free. This version also includes alternate realms for a variable setup mode only found in the Ragnarok Edition

The Ragnarok Edition also includes the Standard Edition of the game tucked inside the box! This means you can enjoy the large version at home and continue your Micro Midgard experience when on the move. 

How to Play

On your turn, you can move one of the available meeples to an adjacent space. Then, you place your player marker on it, blocking that meeple from being used by either player until after your next turn.
After moving to a space, activate the abilities there. The Sun and Moon actions on the outer spaces move the corresponding wolf one step along the track, progressing towards Ragnarok. These actions are typically used for activating their Blessing tracks – either moving up one level, or taking the bonus and moving down the track.
The two Blessings related to the Craft action work a little differently. When you activate the Blessing, if there is an available Relic you can claim it and place it in front of you, granting you access to its powers. As you acquire relics you will unlock new ways to use your abilities and spend resources for points and powers.
At the end of a turn, if one of the wolf tokens have passed the end of their track, Ragnarok will trigger. Only one of the two Prophecies will be scored, depending on which wolf (Sun or Moon) triggered Ragnarok, with the remaining Prophecy being discarded. The Ragnarok token indicates which realm will be destroyed. This weakens the realms abilities, as well as disconnecting it from Midgard. The Ragnarok token is then placed above the destroyed realm, blocking the space and making the corresponding wolf track one step shorter.

How to Play - Solo

The solo mode for Micro Midgard, co-designed with Shem Phillips, has you battle for the realms against Loki and their devious schemes. 

Using a unique Scheme Deck that operates with a few simple steps, Loki will move meeples and take actions just like a real opponent.
The dedicated Loki Track represents Loki's shifting focus as Sun or Moon prophecies get scored, as well as two Influence Tracks that give Loki increasing bonuses (and challenge) each turn.


Play Online - Board Game Arena

Micro Midgard is publicly playable on BGA in Beta! Click below to be taken to the game page and play the game online now:

Add-On Rewards

Extra copies of Micro Midgard, the Yggdrasil Expansion, and other Prometheus Game Labs games, can be added after selecting your pledge. Some items are limited in stock, so make sure to add yours to your Kickstarter pledge to avoid missing out:

Shipping & Timeline

The Standard Edition of Micro Midgard, like other Prometheus Game Labs games, was designed for cheap International shipping. Keeping the size and weight shipping friendly, whilst packing as much game as possible into a small space, was a key design goal of this project, and everything fits into a C6 Large Letter box.

Shipping will be charged in the Pledge Manager (Gamefound) after the campaign and prior to fulfillment. UK and EU shipments will also be subject to VAT at the country's local required rate, which is normally ~20%. Collecting and managing VAT in the pledge manager means that the games will arrive with no extra charges at your door!

Pledges are sent from the UK with fulfillment partner Zatu, with the Standard Edition offering both low cost (untracked) shipping, and a premium tracked shipping option for those that want further assurance from local postal services. Note that the Ragnarok Edition only has a tracked shipping option. Shipping options can be chosen in the pledge manager after the campaign ends.


Micro Midgard is complete at launch, meaning there's no long wait to complete the artwork or content. Shortly after the funds clear, I will be making payment to the manufacturing partner who will begin proofing and preparing the digital and physical samples. For more details on the expected timeline see below:

Previous campaigns have delivered early or on-time, however there is always a risk that progress gets delayed by any number of issues. The above timeline should be taken as an estimate.

About Prometheus Game Labs

Backer-Centric Crowdfunding

Board game crowdfunding is vital for a lot of creators to be able to publish their games, but it requires an awful lot of trust and patience by backers to pay money for something well in advance of it being finished, produced, and shipped to them. I want to ensure that the trust backers give me is not misplaced, and so I set out a Backer Centred Crowdfunding Policy that describes my intentions for crowdfunding campaigns. This means you can expect the following from Prometheus Game Labs:

  • I will not create unrealistic funding goals. If the project funds, I will not cancel it later.
  • I will accurately represent shipping costs – even if I choose to subsidize them.
  • I commit to include backers as partners in the process of creation, and not just pre-order customers.
  • I will give at least one progress update monthly to backers until general fulfillment is complete.
  • Backer funds will only be used for the project for which they are crowdfunded until general fulfillment is complete.
  • I will not sell product via conventions or distribution to non-backers until general fulfillment is complete.
  • The MSRP of games will not be lower than the equivalent pledge amount.
  • I will not censor criticism or frustration by backers (with the exception of abuse), and will respond to comments with honesty and integrity.

You can read the original post about Backer Centred Crowdfunding here.

Retail & Localizations

Retail Pledge

The Retail Pledge level is designed to support brick-and-mortar retail stores. Retailers that back the campaign will gain access to the bulk-order section of the pledge manager (Gamefound) which will offer:

  • Free Global shipping
  • 50% off MSRP
  • Fulfilled ahead of general distribution


Thanks to the team at Meeple On Board Vanguard, I've been able to bring professional versions of the game to life in languages other than just English.  Keep an eye out here during the campaign for new additions to the language offerings!

If you are a publisher, please contact my localization partner at kickstarters@meepleonboard.gr, so that I can print Micro Midgard in your language!


Micro Midgard is launching on Kickstarter as part of #MicroGameMay, an initiative to shine a spotlight on our favourite micro games as well as help creators launch their own games!

If you're a fan of micro games (and if you've read this far, I'm sure you are) then check out the Linktree below to see some of the other projects launching this month on Kickstarter:

Thank You

  • You the backer. You are always my number one, and I couldn't do this without you.
  • Shem Phillips for his support in developing the solo mode for Micro Midgard.
  • El'Ton Studio that produced the artwork and illustrations for the game.
  • Alexei Menardo and Pixel and Board for the beautiful animations and renders.
  • All the reviewers that took the time to play the game, record their thoughts, and share it with fans.
  • Dina, Alex and everyone else at Dina Said So for their support and enthusiasm for this (and many other) campaigns, as well as championing Micro Game May.
  • Michael Raftopoulos, Petros Papoulias, Francesco Biglia, and the rest of Meeple on Board Vanguard, for their tireless efforts in finding publishers that wanted to translate Micro Midgard into other languages.
  • Jason Tam for his invaluable support consulting on the graphic design and UI for the game.
  • The Print-and-Players that took up the challenge of making the complex Micro Midgard board to play at home.
  • Gabe Barrett and the Board Game Design Lab community, who are continually supportive and providing feedback during development.
Pledge Levels

Digital Print-and-Play files

Pledge £5

Estimated Delivery: Jul 2025

Micro Midgard
Micro Midgard

Standard, travel sized edition of Micro Midgard

Pledge £12

Estimated Delivery: Feb 2025

Micro Midgard: Ragnarok Edition
Micro Midgard: Ragnarok Edition

Deluxe edition double-size version that also include the standard edition inside the box!

Pledge £40

Estimated Delivery: Feb 2025

Retail Pledge
Retail Pledge

4x Micro Midgard: Ragnarok Edition
4x Micro Midgard: Standard Edition

Pledge £104

Estimated Delivery: Feb 2025

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