Life of the Amazonia

Life of the Amazonia

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Build your very own thriving jungle by discovering various wild animals, insects, and plants. 

’Life of the Amazonia’ is a medium-weight strategic meeple placing game that combines bag building and pattern building. In Life of the Amazonia, you’ll be invited to the lush jungle of the Amazon to join in the mission of building an ecologically rich jungle. The beautiful animals of the Amazon will guide you through the deep puzzles and strategic experience. After a pleasantly challenging game, you’ll find that there is a beautiful jungle created in front of each player.

“I absolutely love this game, love looking at it, it just creates such an excellent table presence. It is not just window dressing, this is an excellent game going on underneath it as well.” - Rahdo Runs Through


Create the most ecologically rich jungle!


Be prepared to run your very own conservation organization to make the jungles of the Amazon flourish. Create your very own high-scoring strategy from a variety of action options such as placing animals and plants, restoring an area, purchasing cards, and more!


gif 3

Players will use 4 types of resources with different abilities to perform various actions in order to restore the Jungle. Buy higher-value tokens according to your strategy and strengthen your bag in the desired direction to perform those actions more efficiently!


gif 2

Animals and plants in the Amazon each have their own unique characteristics. Some will provide Environmental Points based on how many trees are in their habitat, how many different animals surround them, or how large their habitat is. Know the characteristics of each Animal and place them in the most optimal location.


Gif 4

In addition to scoring through animals, there are various ways to earn points throughout the game. Scenery cards that can be purchased and track points for planting flora. Strategically use these various scoring methods and bonuses to score higher than your opponents! 



The 60,000 different ways to set up the Basic Animals and a variety of Unique Animals provides a different kind of fun for each game. At the end of the game, each player’s Jungle will vary in shape and size, all taking on a different form.

“I cannot think of another game that is both a bag building game and tile placing game in one. I really enjoyed this so freaking much. It works really well together.” - Board Games in a Minute

Solo Mode

Life of the Amazonia is also available for Solo play. In Life of the Amazonia solo mode, Players play the game against a challenging virtual opponent, Black Comet. Solo mode consists of 9 total scenarios, and each scenario is made up of various prearranged sets and rules to provide varying levels of enjoyment. For more information regarding the Solo mode, please refer to pages 18-21 of our Rulebook.


This video is a preview based on our Prototype. The finalized solo mode is projected to include 9 different scenarios.  

How to play

“This is a very strategic game as players will have many choices and there are various setups to change these strategies that you will find.” - Meeple Mountain



“I like this. I like this. This is a prototype I would JUST keep. Like right now. I’m telling the publisher I lost it” -Quackalope


※ The final look and contents of the project are subject to change. 

※ For more details on Cardboard quality, click here


※ Waterfall: The columns and the main waterfall are easy to separate, with the columns storable in their assembled state and the main waterfall portion storable in the box after unfolding.

Add-on. Upgraded Base Components

Upgraded base components

Add-on2. Upgraded Resource Tokens

Card Sleeves

In addition to the add-ons above, you will also be able to purchase Life of the Serengeti (formerly Wild: Serengeti) related Add-ons as well as the Wooden Rock of Ages through the Pledge Manager.

Pledge Levels

Why Kickstarter

1. Life of the Amazonia will be offered up to 25% off MSRP. 

2. Kickstarter Backers will receive a free Promo Pack that will be valued for more than $12 retail. The Promo Pack will consist of items unlocked from Stretch Goals. The more to join in on our campaign, the richer each Promo Pack will become. So let’s work together to unlock every goal! 

3. The Promo Pack will include Kickstarter Exclusive Items. The KS Exclusive Items will NOT be available for purchase anywhere other than through this Kickstarter campaign.


  • Though, the remaining stock after Kickstarter fulfillment may be temporarily available for purchase directly through Bad Comet.  

  • Retail stores that have pledged through this Kickstarter Campaign will also be allowed to sell copies that include the KS Exclusive items to the public.

4. Kickstarter Backers will be the first to receive their copies. 

5. Retail sales will not be available in certain regions, therefore, depending on your region, purchasing this title may not be possible aside from this campaign.  

6. Bad Comet Games is comprised of a small group of individuals. Unlike many bigger publishers who are able to publish straight to retail, our small team needs the help of supporters to produce and release our creations. We’ve built a great community of Supporters through our previous Kickstarter projects and through the love and support we were able to bring Shaolia and Wild: Serengeti to life. The same goes for our new project, Life of the Amazonia. The team's dedication and passion to making this project a reality can only reach so far without the support from our backers. Kickstarter creates the chance for our projects to see light!

7. Through our last campaign, we were fortunate to be amidst a valuable experience. Producing a game with our Backers to truly make it a game developed by everyone. Through the many ideas and feedback from so many of our passionate Backers, we were able to further develop the game. During the Life of the Amazonia campaign, we plan to actively collect and discuss Backer’s ideas through votes and/or comments. For our team, Backers are not just customers who purchase our games, but partners who become the source of inspiration and development. We want to make sure your involvement matters in creating this project! So, join us, and become a part of our community where we’ll do this together. 


“I’m drawn into it, thematically and mechanically this game absolutely hits for me!” - Rahdo Runs Through


“As you build your jungle, it takes on a life of it’s own. Beautiful game, with an interesting mix of bag building, meeple placement, and strategic choices. Every game feels unique and engaging.” - The Dice Tower


“Life of Amazonia is a game that looks cute but has a lot of depth and replayability.” - Board Game Empire


“A fantastic combination of bag building and tile placement with a theme that works perfectly, and it has amazing animeeples to boot!” - Boardgame in a Minute




“One of the great things about this is there are so many actions you can do on your turn. There is always something to do on your turn. I love that!” - HP Gaming Gamelink!


“This game really keeps you on your toes and has a lot of variety with what you can do.” - Inspired 2 Game



“I can’t get enough of this game! At no point during this game does it feel like it’s going slow or slowing down, you always feel like you are building toward something” - Party Tails Games




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Shipping fee by regions

※ If you would like to pledge for multiple copies, please adjust the quantity in the Pledge Manager after the Kickstarter Campaign has concluded. Each additional game pledged will incur an extra $5 shipping. The shipping cost will be collectively calculated through the Pledge Manager. 

※ If you’ve pledged for a Toucan, Macaw, or Jaguar Tier, no additional shipping fees are incurred when adding separate Add-ons to your order.

※ It is difficult to predict costs as prices, including logistics costs, have risen sharply due to the pandemic, war, and energy issues. However, rest assured, we will NEVER additionally charge Backers for shipping other than the costs listed above.


In compliance with EU, UK, and CA laws, all orders from the EU/UK/CA will see a VAT charge via Pledge Manager according to country of residence. VAT is NOT included in the shipping cost. It will be separately calculated in the Pledge Manager based on the total cost of your order including shipping. The percentage of VAT will be based on the destination of the parcel.

※ Packages to USA, Australia, New Zealand, and China WILL NOT BE CHARGED VATs or TAXes.


“Friendly shipping” is available for Life of the Amazonia in the countries stated below.

Australia, Bahrain, Canada, China, European Unions, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, Macao, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdoms, United States, Vietnam

This means that all shipments of Life of the Amazonia for these countries will be shipped from within their respective regions so backers will not need to pay additional customs upon arrival. These countries aside, backers in all other regions and countries may be subjected to customs, taxes, and/or other local concepts.

Pledge Manager

We will be using a Pledge Manager after the Kickstarter campaign. Through the Pledge manager, you will be able to insert your address, pay the shipping costs and any additional taxes for your pledges, increase your pledge and add more items and other Bad Comet Games products to your pledge.  Pledges can be made at the $1 level on Kickstarter to gain access to the pledge manager, where you can later decide to adjust your pledge. You will gain all benefits from the campaign including Promo packs, pricing, and updates.



  • These are estimated dates that could vary due to manufacturing, shipping, or other reasons. 

  • Also, depending on the current conditions regarding international shipping, backers in different regions of the world may receive their rewards sooner or later than others.


Welcome retailers! During the campaign for Life of the Amazonia, we offer all unlocked stretch goals and promo packs to retailers who choose to make a retail pledge with us. We're looking for long-term partners to keep that ongoing relationship! If you would like to make a Retail Pledge, please proceed as follows. 

1. Click here to access a form where we will ask for your details.


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3. After the campaign, you will be invited to the Pledge Manager to finalize your wholesale order.

For all other questions, please email us at, (no m at the end) or leave us a message on Kickstarter through Kickstarter messages!


Only the English version will be available during this campaign.

We will be collaborating with publishers from various countries to create different language versions of the game. Publishers, if you have licensing/localization inquiries please contact Michael Raftopoulos at

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