Le Neckbeard: Quest For Love

Le Neckbeard: Quest For Love

A Casual Card Game for Casuals

8,231 CAD
of 6,000 CAD Goal

Each deck has the same mix of balanced cards with the lower scores often having a special ability of some kind:

Faceup on the table are the Waifu Cards (Waifu Card shown in the center here), players take turns placing their Neckbeard Cards around them, trying to score the most points and outwit the other lesser Neckbeards with cleverly timed special abilities.

Each Deck is well balanced and leads to all kinds of crunchy in-game decisions, but never at the expense of being a quick-to-learn casual game.

Win 3 Waifu Cards to win the game!

Want more details? Here is a one-minute gameplay video:

The Original Le Neckbeard Game played very different and was a simple set collection game where you collect the set to impress the waifu. (You do not need to know anything about the first game to play the new game)

This is the deluxe edition of the first Le Neckbeard game which features 10 additional waifu cards and comes with a card with variant rules and errata.

And this is a bigger image of the pillow case. It features a Neckbeard HOLDING A BODY PILLOW WHILE ON A BODY PILLOW! And the body pillow doesn't even like him. The actual pillow is sold separately but is a common size and easy to order. (40 x 120 CM)

You could have this cursed item in your home!

If you're a hardcore gamer and want to see a longer video, here is an actual play video of a full game: 

About the Neckbeards Who Made This Game:

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