Hike It! – The Backpacking Board Game

Hike It! – The Backpacking Board Game

A mid-weight thematic board game that puts you in the Great Smoky Mountains with nothing but your backpack and your wits.

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of 24,000 USD Goal
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Hike It! Update #24 - Status Update

2023-10-27 07:27:15


We are in the final week of finalizing design assets and prototypes with our manufacturer. Once done, we will get a few production samples to test. Once approved, we are then begin the mass production process.

Below are some pics from a month ago of "proof of concept" samples to ensure all pieces are the right size and they are all cohesive. (no printing or coloring on any of these)

All wooden tokens, meeples, tiles and markers. Raw and unpainted and no silkscreen.

The box & latest insert design: We've had to adjust the box size to a bit larger than originally estimated to ensure everything fits ok. The card compartments WILL have room for sleeves.

(w/ packboards tucked into box)

First run of neoprene playmat tests. These are getting a slight tweak so they are not the final design. (both sides)



We have decided to ADD a component to the game to help with lighter or non gamers. The original game had a more complex way of choosing your route, waypoints and trailhead at the beginning of the game. This worked great with more complex gamers, but newer or lighter gamers felt a bit confused. So we decided to make the "Custom Route" an advanced variable and add a deck of WAYPOINT CARDS that will easily give 3 waypoints to each player at the beginning of the game - relieving some confusion and speeding up the setup process. This new component needed to be designed and tested over the past couple months, but will be added at no extra cost to any backers - we just want the game to be fun for every level of gamer. And for you heavier gamers, you can still play with the CUSTOM ROUTE SELECTION variable - this was not removed.


Originally we kept the player aid card (5"x4" card) simple, only with the most important information. But continued testing showed that some players required a bit more information when playing, so we made the player aid a folded card (7"x7" folded) that holds a lot more important information but is still small enough to not get in the way. The newly designed player aid card should house all the information you need to successfully play the game without the rulebook. (assuming you already read the rulebook :)


After the initial KS launch and continued playtesting, we discovered a way to enhance a part of the game and opened yet another path to victory to explore that just made sense. Each player's PACKBOARD will have a new feature added to the top that will allow you to track and gain bonuses based on the SCENIC TOKENS you have collected. Originally these tokens were just end-game points, but now they play a larger way to build skill sets and open up even MORE points and bonuses during your hike.

There are a few other things, but no need to list everything we have been tweaking and finalizing. This game has almost 500 components - with no punchboard... everything has been fully deluxified.


I know there is a lot of interest in the solo mode, so here is the scoop.

There were a few demands I had when designing this solo mode

  • It had to be against an AI opponent - NOT a "beat your own score".
  • It had to be simple to perform the AI's turns so not to detract from your own game experience.
  • It had to not change how YOU played the game - it should follow most of the multiplayer rules.
  • It had to feel dynamic, as though each game was a new experience.

This mode uses an AI opponent named Otto that will hike the backwoods with you and will compete for important items like SKILL CARDS, SCENIC TOKENS, TRAIL CARDS, and CAMPFIRE placement. Otto will travel on his own SOLO BOARD (backside of player PACKBOARDS), but will directly affect the main game board. Otto's strategy could change based on the draw of the cards, his movements, and what region he is in when performing his actions.

Solo mode comes in 3 difficulty levels - Beginner, Advanced, and Extreme. - each with it's own Solo Board (the backs of the player PACKBOARDS)

In each round, YOU will take your turn as usual, then on Otto's turn you will turn over the next SOLO CARD and perform a handful of actions that will progress him along his journey as well as affect the state of the main game board and its resources. Just as in the multiplayer game, solo will also use the AGGRESSIVE BEAR if your opponent beats you back to their trailhead.

Anytime ANY change is made to a game, no matter how minor, it usually requires an update to the rulebook. That is why the rulebook is almost always the last thing to complete on a board game design project. And every time you change the rulebook, it required a review and proofing. Our rulebook is getting another proofing by the co-designer Ron Halliday. For those who don't know, Ron also translates, proofreads and revises the layout of board game rulebooks, the most recent being World Wonders.

Here is the nearly-official version of the solo rules.


This project is behind schedule. I do apologize.

I have not been consistent with updates, and have "gone dark" at times. I also apologize for that.

My health is fine. (for those who have asked)

I spend hours EVERY day doing something on this game to better it and move it forward in some way, shape or fashion. Producing this game is my dream, my goal and I will not stop until it is done - and done right.

If you don't hear from me, just know I am still working.

I will have some pictures of the final production samples from the manufacturer in the coming weeks and will share those once I get them.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, I can't wait for you to get the game.


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