HexaGram - The Word Game on a Whole New Level

HexaGram - The Word Game on a Whole New Level

A strategic 3D word game for 1 to 4 players. Forget Scrabble, get on the HexaGram train. Includes 5 different word games in one box

3,339 GBP
of 500 GBP Goal
Hexagram the word game on a whole new level!

It's quick to learn and quick to play, with adjustable end goals; play for 10 minutes or for several hours; whatever sounds fun for you. HexaGram® is built for cheerful competitive 

play, also with a solo mode for a relaxed contemplative experience. 

We have introduce a handicap feature which is unique to this game. It allows players of different language skills to compete on an equal base.

Game is for 2, 3, 4 players or two teams of two players each, for example; father and child against mother and child. 

Are you ready to take things to the next level?

Hexagram Gameplay

Players take turns choosing a tile and placing it on the HexaGram® board. They must spell a word. Words can be read left to right, right to left or in any direction, even upwards.

Truely, HexaGram® - The Word Game on a Whole New Level!

Hand selecting a tile

Players gain points as they spell each word, then play moves to the next player.

Score points

Remember, you can move a tile already on the board, as long as you move it to a higher level.

A whole new level, putting tile on higher level
Ending the Game

The game can be played to a variety of finish conditions:

  • a set score, such as 100 or 200.
  • a time limit, such as 10 minutes or 30 minutes.
  • a set number of turns; such as 20 or 50 each.
  • all of the pieces have been placed.

HexaGram® fits neatly into exactly the time you have available.

Only with Kickstarter would we be able to make HexaGram® a reality. As a small game designers and publisher, we don't have the funds to be able to produce game like that upfront, this is our only way to market. 

While HexaGram® might be available on other platforms in the future (with your help of course), it will never be for this price as it is on Kickstarter now.

You will get the game before general release.

Help us unlock stretch goals as it is our dream to release four different word games in one box, we could only do it with your help.

Last point and we could not emphasise it more but we feel that HexaGram® is a true family game that can also improve our vocabulary... while playing a game. 

Pledge Levels

There are five pledge levels:

  • Support the Idea £1+ - support us and become part of the HexaGram® community.
  • Early bird £22 - a special price copy of the game limited to the first 25 backers!
  • Boxed copy £25 - a boxed copy of the game.
  • Two Boxed copies - £44 for two games
  • Three boxed copies - £66 for three games

Postage will be charged after the campaign. See postage section, below.

Are you a retailer, looking to stock HexaGram® ? Please contact us for wholesale pricing!

What's in the Box?

HexaGram® comes with everything you need to play

Please note that the box variants seen in photos and videos and some items are prototypes, and will be changed and improved for final production.

Video First Look

Tabletop Gaming Magazine took a first look at our HexaGram® prototype! Watch it below:

*Declaration of Interest - Chris from TTG recorded this video and we liked it so much we asked him to help with the campaign! It was recorded before he was involved in the project in any way.

HexaGram is a new kid on the block, and with that, it brings fresh ways to play. Something very much needed in the word game market I would suggest.

I would encourage anyone who enjoys Scrabble and any word game to check this one out.


A review by Backer Club 

HexaGram: the Scrabble Slayer has landed! Wave goodbye to board flipping and word disputes and say help to a revolution in word games!

This game promises an elixir of vocabulary enrichment, a sprinkle of strategy and a whirlwind of fun, all in a single box!

This isn't just any word game; it's a multifaceted, cerebral party in a box, with games that can turn your quiet evenings into exuberant, wordy showdowns!

Kudos to the team for giving us 'HexaGram Handicap Feature', allowing word warriors of different language proficiency to battle on and even playing field!

HexaGram is like the Swiss Army knife of word games; compact, diverse and flipping extraordinary!

I have written four different word games and would like to point out that the games on offer are already complete and thoroughly play-tested. In fact, we have played the main game many times with friends, strangers and members of the public and all said without exception that the game is worth its value in terms of fun, education and competitiveness.

As a company, we have been told many times by other colleagues that it is better to create four different games in different boxes and potentially quadruple the profit. We have decided not to do that but truly deliver value for money by combining four different word games in one box. HexaGram®.

With your help we hope to not only deliver these beautiful games to all our backers by reaching the stretch goals but also get Square the Circle Games off the ground and to continue creating new and unique games for fun loving families.

Thank you


HexaGram® is a 5 word-game in one box which hopefully, you will play for years to come.

Important Update

The campaign is due to end soon. 

Thank you all the backers that took the time to back this project and help us create a game that we feel, will be played for years to come… well at least until humans stop using languages. 

The support we receive is admirable and the HexaGram® box will contain two games but we are very sad that we couldn't put all the five word games in the box (it cost too much). 

As a last ditch effort to include all the five games in the box including all the add-ons, we propose that if by the end of this campaign we get an extra £5000 in funding which is not too difficult to achieve, the game that will be delivered in January 2023 will contain 5 different word games. 

We really hope to achieve our goal, please help.

Game one - Words. A true 3D word game

Project Funded.


Game two - Nine Up. Create words fast and use dexterity to win. 

Now that we have reached some support, we would like to include the game Nine-Up with the HexaGram® box.


This game is very fast and chaotic as there are no turns, all the players play together. The faster you are the more chances you have of winning the round.

There will also be a timepiece within the box as part of that game.


Game three -  Show Vowels. Good memory will help you win.

Rules for this game will be released when target reached.


Game four -Ten, Five, Three. Use other players letters to win

Rules for this game and 4 Stands as an add-on will be included when target reached.


Game five - Co-Op. Win or lose together as a team.

Rules for this game will be included when target reached. 

Postage Prediction

Shipping is not included in your pledge and will be calculated and charged at the end of campaign by the pledge manager. Our current estimation is that postage costs for one copy will be as below:                  

United Kingdom - £5

USA - £7 (Hawaii & Alaska £9)

EU - £8 to £15

Canada - £12

China, Hong Kong - £5

Asia, South Africa - £13

Middle East - £18

Australia - £13

New Zealand - £18

Rest Of World - £21 and may be responsible for customs fees:

Shipment to; Afghanistan, Brazil, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Russia, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen or P.O. Box addresses can't be fulfilled.

The actual shipping cost will be calculated after the campaign, they might go up or down depending on the current logistical situation in the world.

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