Heroes of the Sanctum - The Strategy Card Game

Lead a party of heroes through a demonic, post-apocalyptic fantasy universe filled with unique quests, loot, and legendary weapons.

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The Incursion Has Begun!

Heroes of the Sanctum: The Strategy Card Game™ is a portable and deterministic quest-based solo adventure set in a dark, post-apocalyptic fantasy universe. It uniquely combines elements of dungeon crawling, role-playing, tower defence, and tactical combat into a highly challenging and streamlined adventure card game. Heroes of the Sanctum™ also supports up to 4 players (See the Multiplayer Expansion section for more info).

You are called to assemble and control the actions of 4 uniquely skilled heroes and undertake a diverse range of quests. Journey through dangerously reactive environments, interact with your surroundings and become more powerful by defeating threats, gaining loot, managing equipment, and advancing your party. 

The Heroes of the Sanctum™ core set provides the depth of a large box game compressed into a portable package, making it a great choice to take with you on your travels! Designed to be highly modular and expandable, 3 optional Add-Ons are available to extend the game with all-new content and mechanisms, including the Comic Campaign - a unique Graphic Novel / Gamebook hybrid to enhance a dark and brutal fantasy universe with an engaging narrative, persistent effects, choices and multiple endings! For true roleplaying enthusiasts, you can even add yourself as a hero in the game with our exclusive limited edition custom pledge!

Champion, the Sanctum requests your aid! The destiny of all that remains has fallen to you... Will you answer the call?

Heroes, Quests, Enemies, Regions, Loot... Heroes Of The Sanctum™ has it all!

Before undertaking a quest, you must assemble a party of 4 champions to face the dangers of the rift.

There are 12 heroes included in the core game, each with unique actions, allowing you to develop your own play style with custom strategies and tactics!

As an extra bonus, everyone that backs us and signs up for our newsletter will also receive the Sanctum's Chosen bonus hero! *

* To be eligible, sign up for our newsletter, back the Core, Ultimate, or Custom pledge, and complete payment in Kickstarter and the pledge manager!

Choose from 11 thematic and diverse quests! Objectives include finding a relic, protecting helpless villagers, exploring underground dungeons, cleansing contaminations, defending a fort, escaping the rift, or battling various epic threats! All quests include a difficulty rating and estimated game duration, specific setup instructions as well as unique game events for countless hours of replayability! In addition, Heroes of the Sanctum also offers 3 difficulty modes that you can use to modify each quest!

The threats you encounter will employ unique behaviours to decimate all in their path.

No matter the cost, you have been called to lead the last of the Sanctum's champions and crush the abominations of the rift!

Heroes must journey through various regions to complete their objectives. Regions are flipped each turn to update the narrative and invoke deadly effects!

Certain quests and events allow you to advance your heroes to become more powerful. When this happens, hero cards are flipped to reveal their advanced statistics!

As your heroes crush the threats of the rift, they will obtain Loot along the way. When heroes uncover Loot, it is attached to their hero cards. Each hero can hold a maximum of 2 Loot cards.

There is a variety of Loot to find in the core game. To best serve your tactics and objectives, you will need discernment to move items between heroes and maximise the party's effectiveness!

Learn how the game works in these official tutorial videos!

[1/2] Game Setup & Basic Concepts

[2/2] How To Play

NOTE: These videos were created using an earlier prototype of the game. The rules remain unchanged, but there have been tweaks and minor differences to artwork and content as well as new features added to the game (such as optional Difficulty Modes).

Heroes of The Sanctum™ utilises synergistic gameplay and a strong visual sense of location!

Heroes are paired around banners that must be defended alongside their own Battle Lines. These Sanctum Banners use arcane energies to pool the health of nearby heroes together. Be warned, adjacent heroes not only share their health but damage and even death!

You'll find a large selection of double-sided Proximity cards in the core game, ranging from treasure chests, characters, crypts, traps, buildings, places and even infernos!

All heroes have double-sided Hero Tokens that match the icon on their Hero cards. Each turn, these tokens are used in conjunction with Stratagem cards to perform actions.

Stratagem cards provide a tactical narrative as well as the turn's total Action Points and Available Actions. You must plan your actions wisely and not exceed your Action Points!

There are 8 core Hero Actions that may be available depending on the current Stratagem. Heroes can Attack, Heal, Defend, Scout, Use, Taunt, Assist and Move ! Knowing which heroes to use, which actions to perform, and in which order to do them depends on your leadership and strategy!

Make no mistake - This has the depth of a huge game in a portable box! Heroes of the Sanctum is absolutely packed with content!

NOTE: The components of the expansions are found in their own sections!

Which Pledge of Heroes of The Sanctum™ Is Right For Me?

There are 3 pledge levels to consider: Core Set Pledge, Ultimate Set Pledge, and the Retail Store Pledge. Check out the notes under each pledge image below for more info and recommendations!

NOTE: On all pledge levels, shipping and related taxes are calculated in the pledge manager after the campaign has ended. See the Shipping Costs section for estimates!

The Core Set Pledge is an easy and affordable way to enjoy the uniquely awesome experience of Heroes of the Sanctum™. We're offering a ~20% discount on the core game!

For the complete experience of 3 boxed games and the comic campaign book! Multiplayer Mode, Hybrid Solo Mode, 6 additional Heroes, triple the loot, new quests, regions, proximities and tons of content that will take replayability to the next level, the Ultimate Set Pledge is a no-brainer! Can it get better? Yes it can! We apply the same ~30% discount as the Early Bird Core Set on everything in this bundle! Everyone wins with this pledge and we highly recommend it for all players to make the most of the game with the most insane savings across the board - the Sanctum awaits!

If you're a retailer and would like to stock Heroes of the Sanctum, then the Retail Store Pledge is for you. We're offering discounts of 50% on batches of at least 6 copies of the Ultimate Set. This pledge level gives you access to this exclusive discount in the Pledge Manager. Please note that verification will also be required.

NOTE: In the Kickstarter, this pledge level was limited to US and UK only. We have now opened this pledge to retailers in all countries we deliver to (see our shipping chart).

As the realm burns, heroes emerge as architects of their own destinies, forging paths of valour through timeless quests!

Ascend to greatness in the Multiplayer Expansion of Heroes of the Sanctum™, where up to 4 players wield dominion over their own Heroes, uniting together to battle the demonic hordes. Encounter an all-new experience, discovering unique mechanisms and features such as Skillsets, Skill Sheets, Action Trackers, Action Grids and an all-new Multiplayer Hero Phase. The time has come to confront the darkness and weave an epic saga of unbreakable unity, fearless valour, and ultimate victory!

NOTE: In the core game's Collaboration Mode, multiple players can collectively make decisions during the Hero Phase but they don’t individually control their own heroes. Instead, they collaborate to share control of the party, adhering to the same solo rules. We highly recommend the Multiplayer Expansion for a true multiplayer experience!

In the Multiplayer Expansion, significant changes redefine how players command their Heroes. The focus shifts to complete control over specific heroes, while collaborating with the rest of the party to achieve shared objectives. The first big change is the new larger game layout where each of the 4 heroes have their own areas called the Skillset consisting of a Hero's Skill Sheet, Action Tracker and their associated Hero Token.

In Multiplayer mode, all heroes possess Skill Sheets located in an area outside the Battlefield, referred to as the “Skillset”. Each hero has an associated Skill Sheet showcasing their distinctive abilities, alongside a convenient space for equipping and managing loot.

The Multiplayer Stratagem deck differs significantly from the standard one included in the core game. Instead of the usual available action slots located on the left of the card, players will find the new "Action Grid" mechanism in its place, simulating local obstacles for each of the heroes. This diagram shows players what actions are available to the heroes in specific Battle Lines. A Hero can only resolve red actions if the background in it's Action Grid position is red, blue actions if blue, or any action if both red and blue stripes are shown. Players will need to work together to move heroes to optimal positions in order to pursue their chosen strategy. 

Each of the heroes will also have their own personal Action Tracker card. By default, players cannot re-assign the same action they chose in the previous round. Hero tokens are kept in place to track this, giving each player a lot more freedom to control their individual heroes than is possible in the solo game. There is also a handy green X slot to track a hero's UNIQUE action.

Each round, a new Standard Bearer is chosen. In addition to resolving the Threat, Region and Quest phases, the Standard Bearer's role is to discuss and listen to the strategies offered by the party, and then take steps to put it into action. However, this authority has limits, they cannot dictate what actions other players will do but they can choose the order in which other players may perform actions. Players are also free to dissent! With the unity of the party at risk, the Standard Bearer will need to weigh up whether it is better to accommodate the dissenting heroes or to carry out their chosen strategy regardless.

The Multiplayer Expansion also comes with 2 new quests (compatible with both Multiplayer and Solo modes), along with 2 Epic Threats. Will your heroes be able to halt the advances of the Riftwalker and Doombringer? 

Finally (and somewhat ironically), the Multiplayer Expansion has something really cool for Solo players with Hybrid Mode! This is a new solo game layout that trades a little more table space to integrate the Multiplayer Skill Sheets into solo games. This allows for full visualisation of your Hero's actions, stats and loot! 

As the Incursion ravages the land, only your leadership can turn the tide of war. The Sanctum’s re-enforcements have arrived!

Delve deeper with the Heroes of the Sanctum: Epic Expansion™ ! Discover six new Heroes, triple the amount of Loot, as well as new Quests, Regions, and Proximities! Also included are Hero Skill Sheets for use with the optional Multiplayer Expansion. The Epic Expansion also introduces the all-new Companion mechanism, allowing your Heroes to recruit a variety of characters, pets, and more! Expand your strategies and battle the Incursion in this epic saga of survival, valour, and sacrifice!

This optional add-on empowers you to expand your experience with an enormous amount of content! The first thing you may have noticed is that reinforcements have arrived with 6 totally new heroes along with their associated Skill Sheets (for use with the Multiplayer Expansion and Hybrid Mode).

Deploy the melee mastery of the Vanguard, find new ways to scout with the Pathfinder, manipulate Proximities and Regions with the Geomancer, target 2 threats at once with the Hunter, banish threats while mimicking other Heroes with the Enchantress, and unleash the rage of the Berserker. Mix and match these unique behaviours into all new tactics and strategies!

In addition, 6 Skill Sheets for the new heroes are also included to use in Multiplayer and Hybrid Solo mode!

There are also 33 all-new Loot cards! Simply combine these cards into your existing Loot deck to more than TRIPLE the variety in your Quests! Among these Loot cards are the all new Companion subtype allowing pets, spirits and other characters to follow specific heroes and offer powerful new abilities!

There are 2 epic quests to undertake, each features its own custom rules, specific regions and a variety of unique proximities, making this expansion a must-have for multiplayer and solo games alike!

In the first Epic Quest, you must "Protect The Child" as you escape from a dungeon full of demonic traps by using your Heroes to disarm proximities and navigate the Unholy Labyrinth. This Quest features several new mechanisms with custom Proximities and Quest Tokens, allowing Proximities to independently progress into ever darker narratives. If that wasn't hard enough, the Hero who protects the child cannot attack but is given a bonus in defence and health. You will have to deal not only with the threats that lurk in the shadows but also with the dark energies that manifest within the environment itself!

In the second Epic Quest, you will be sent on what, for mere mortals, would otherwise be a suicide mission. Here, you will defend the Kul'dan Citadel and take on the Dreadfiend, a gargantuan beast that summons a variety of colossal serpent-like creatures known as Dreadspawns to break through the proximities of your castle walls. This Quest also features strong use of Quest Tokens with Proximities to independently simulate the progress of each Dreadspawn breaking through your fortifications. While the walls are up, you will receive a +1 in defence, but as they break through, things will quickly take a turn for the worst, as each of the Dreadspawns will negatively impact your heroes in various ways. In another unique addition, The Dreadfiend's attack value increases with the number of Dreadspawns in play. This one isn't for the faint-hearted!

The Incursion grows darker, but you shall carry the light of the Sanctum's justice!

The Incursion looms as the ultimate campaign of survival unfolds. Heroes rise and fall, and the existence of all things hangs in the balance!

Introducing Heroes of the Sanctum: Comic Campaign™ – a unique fusion of Graphic Novel and GameBook. Immerse yourself in the struggle to survive the initial events of The Incursion in a seamless, dark narrative of Quests, featuring all-new game mechanisms and multiple endings!

In the opening pages of the book, brace yourself for the relentless storm of The Incursion. Witness as ancient manifestations of darkness tear through the very fabric of existence, casting a shadow of doom over the land. Stand alongside the Sanctum as they muster their courage in a valiant struggle against the initial onslaught. With time slipping through their fingers like grains of sand, behold their desperate quest to rally emissaries and forge unity among the living against the relentless, demonic scourge hell-bent on purging all life from the realm!

Prepare for an epic campaign as you assemble a mighty band of 12 Champions (Your Hero Pool ). Then, choose your path wisely by selecting from a range of difficulty modes, including the brutal “Legend” difficulty introduced in this campaign. But heed the warning: if your heroes fall, they’re lost forever. With your heroes’ fate dangling precariously, the pressure intensifies as you defy the odds, striving towards the climactic showdown to unravel one of four gripping endings that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. The stage is set, and the adventure beckons – will you emerge as the legendary Heroes foretold by the ancients?

Upon the completion of a Quest, the true test begins: confront the aftermath of Victory or Defeat, unveiling coveted Traits and seizing vital Loot. Yet, the looming spectre of the Incursion demands more than mere triumph. Should your heroes withstand the onslaught, forge onward into the abyss, delving deeper into the campaign’s unwinding narrative. Prepare to confront the darkness head-on, where every decision shapes destiny and each stride brings you closer to the brink of chaos.

Traits are modifications that affect the entire party for the duration of the campaign. If you are victorious after completing a Quest, your party will gain a positive Trait as well as bonus Loot. If you fail, you not only lose those heroes for the duration of the campaign, but you will also gain a negative Trait. As an example, after attempting to save the villagers from a burning village, you will either gain the PYROSHIELD or PYROPHOBIC Trait, depending on the outcome!

As the campaign draws to its climactic conclusion, four dramatic endings cast their shadows across the horizon. Your decisions shall carve the fate of the realm in unyielding stone, as the very essence of existence teeters on the brink. The weight of all living souls rests squarely upon your shoulders, for in failure, only oblivion awaits. Ready yourself, for the final reckoning draws near, where every choice echoes through the corridors of eternity. Embrace your destiny as a true Hero of the Sanctum, for the time to rise is now!

Improve Heroes of the Sanctum™ with more funding!

As our funding increases, we'll improve the game with upgrades and additions. Each section below will be updated as it happens! :)

Spread the word to unlock the Scribe bonus hero!

Each section below unlocks a puzzle piece that will ultimately unlock the Scribe bonus Hero card. The Sanctum rewards your loyalty!


All of our current game booklets and rulesheets for all 3 boxed games are available for preview using the links below:


Heroes of the Sanctum - Core Game (How To Play Booklet)

Heroes of the Sanctum - Core Game (Rules Reference Booklet)


Heroes of the Sanctum - Multiplayer Expansion (How To Play Booklet)

Heroes of the Sanctum - Multiplayer Expansion (Solo Hybrid Mode Rulesheet)


Heroes of the Sanctum - Epic Expansion (Rulesheet)

Check out what others have been saying about us!

Mark from TheDiceTower gives a very cool overview of the game and campaign book!

Richard from RhadoRunsThrough gives his Prototype Thoughts about Heroes of the Sanctum. He also attempts to take on the Dread Knight - one of the hardest quests in the game in the video here!

Adam from DieRollin does a full play through of the introductory / tutorial quest!

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FIRETAP GAMES ® is a small but ambitious indie studio of 2 nerds dedicated to creating thematic gaming products:

We also want to give a shout-out to the talent of these amazing artists :

Roman3dArt, Obsidian Fantasy Studio, Joeprachatree, HWWO Stock, Declan Hillman, Vuk Kostic, T Studio, Kalleeck, aku2003, Janett illustrator, michelaubryphoto, pgaborphotos, Art Forest, klyaksun, Tonis Pan, Warm_Tail, Anastasija Popova, Frogella, Denis Gorlach, Vitalii Gaidukov, Warpaint, Ivan Atin, photomaster, breakermaximus, Jasper Schreurs, Aaron Wong Ting Yi and Charlotte Lensed.

A GREAT GAME: Our primary reason for asking for your support is simple – Heroes of the Sanctum™ is an incredibly fun game. Don't just take our word for it; our testers and reviewers are in unanimous agreement. Crafted with passion and dedication, we've poured our hearts into creating a game that we ourselves love to play.

INSANE DISCOUNTS: As we embark on this journey from the ground up, we recognise that you, our backers, are the lifeblood of our project. To show our gratitude for your support, we're offering exclusive 30% discounts available during this crowdfund. This is our way of saying thank you for joining us on this adventure and helping us bring the Heroes of the Sanctum™ series to life.

WE ARE INDIES: We'll be honest – the path to this Kickstarter campaign has been anything but easy. It's taken us more than two years of relentless work, countless sleepless nights, and every spare penny we could scrape together. But through it all, our belief in this project has never wavered. By supporting us on Kickstarter, you're not just helping us fund a game; you're enabling us to continue pursuing our passion and bringing our creative vision to life.

Your support isn't just about backing a project; it's about joining a community of gamers who share our love for immersive, engaging gameplay experiences. Together, let's make Heroes of the Sanctum™ the best it can be! :)

We've worked insanely hard over the last few years on Heroes of the Sanctum™ and we feel it brings a fresh new take on the Adventure Card Game genre. Even though the game is expandable, we wanted it to be effortless to take the "core" experience with you anywhere and we feel we have achieved that. As our many reviewers have noted, our portable core set is absolutely packed with content and depth!

Heroes of the Sanctum™ isn't just a game - it's a universe waiting to be explored, expanded, and experienced in new and exciting ways. With your support, we're excited to share our vision for the future:

Expansion Galore: The Heroes of the Sanctum™ universe is brimming with untold stories, uncharted territories, and limitless adventures. Our modular approach allows us to continually introduce fresh ideas, mechanisms, and narratives through expansions, books and more. In addition, our commitment to backward compatibility ensures that every expansion seamlessly integrates with the core experience, enriching the gameplay without leaving anyone behind.

Affordable Innovation: We believe in delivering value without compromise. That's why we follow this approach to expansions: "portable boxes packed with content and depth". By streamlining packaging and optimising shipping costs, we're able to keep prices affordable without sacrificing quality. Say goodbye to oversized boxes filled with empty space, and hello to a more sustainable, cost-effective way to expand your gaming experience.

Player-Driven Development: Our players are at the heart of everything we do. Your feedback, ideas, and enthusiasm fuel our creativity and drive us to new heights. We're committed to listening, learning, and evolving alongside our community. If you want more adventures, more stories, more heroes - we're here to make it happen!

We think the universe of Heroes of the Sanctum™ has huge potential, and with your help, we'll have the opportunity to prove it to you. Thank you all for your trust and support! :)

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Core Set Pledge

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One copy of Heroes of the Sanctum - The Strategy Card Game™ with applicable stretch goals.

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Ultimate Set Pledge

BEST VALUE! Save ~30% off the core game and ALL add-ons!

One copy of Heroes of the Sanctum - The Strategy Card Game™ with applicable stretch goals. The Ultimate Set also includes one Multiplayer Expansion, one Epic Expansion, as well as one Comic Campaign book. 30% Discount is applied to ALL items, not just the core game!

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Retailer Pledge

A deposit of 6+ Ultimate Sets of Heroes of the Sanctum - The Strategy Card Game™, exclusive to brick & mortar Retailers.

This is a deposit, not necessarily the full amount for this pledge level. You are committing to purchasing at least 6 Ultimate Sets with all stretch goals at a 50% discount.

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