Hegemony: Lead Your Class to Victory

Hegemony: Lead Your Class to Victory

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of 15,000 EUR Goal

Please note that the provided shipping costs are estimates. The actual shipping fee will be calculated through the Backerkit pledge manager and charged once the campaign is closer to fulfillment.

To ensure a smooth delivery process, we will be working with local hubs in the EU, UK, US, and Asia. Depending on the number of supporters in Australia and Canada we may opt to use local hubs in those regions. If you live in these zones, you will not have to pay additional customs fees, duties or taxes upon the arrival of your pledge.

VAT for EU & UK residents will be charged through the BackerKit pledge manager. VAT will be calculated on the total cost of your order including shipping. Participating UK retailers will also be charged 20% VAT, while EU retailers with a valid VAT number will benefit from the reverse charge scheme.

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Delivery Update 7 & News about UK GAMES EXPO

2023-05-15 13:25:17

Dear Hegemons,

We are back with another update on what is happening with Hegemony's delivery around the world:


In our last update, we informed you about an issue that had occurred regarding the last 10% of deliveries within US. Since then, there has been a lot of progress on this matter. Last week the missing items did arrive in the US and our fulfilment partner (Bridge) resumed the shipments to the remaining backers.

Many of you have already reported receiving your pledge. From what we have been informed, the bulk of the orders that were remaining has indeed been shipped, and only a handful remain (less than 5) which will also be sorted very soon. If all goes well, we expect all orders to reach their backers by the end of the week.

If by May 22nd you still haven't received anything (neither the game nor a notification from Bridge), please get in touch with us by adding a ticket in Hive Pledge Manager so we can look into it.


Fulfillment in this region is still under way with most of the countries having already received their games and only a few remaining. Based on what we've been told, Vietnam and South Africa should be receiving the games within these days (or have just received them) and next on the list should be India. The local hub (Vibrant Hobbies LLP) should be receiving the games within the next 2-3 weeks. We will continue to inform you as we get more information on the remaining shipments.


Fulfillment in all of these areas has been completed. If you are a backer there and still haven't received your pledge, please contact us by adding a ticket in Hive Pledge Manager (see details below) and we'll get back to you to sort out any issues.

Contacting Us + Note regarding replacements

We've mentioned this in our previous updates but since fulfillment is still undergoing, we repeat it here to make it easier for people to find it: If you need to contact us regarding any issues with your pledge or your copy when it arrives, the best way to do it is by using Hive Pledge Manager and adding a ticket there. The process is very simple:

Log in the Hive Pledge Manager.

Click on the Hegemony project.

Click on the Contact Support button.

Follow the on-screen instructions.

While we will also be monitoring KS messages and support emails, the best way to contact us if you need anything (and the one that will guarantee the quickest response from our team) is the one above.

Localized Versions

The production of the localized versions has been moving along as expected. All the printing has now been completed (as well as the packaging/assembly of the non-cardboard components). As we write these words, the manufacturer is working on the final steps required regarding the cardboard items (like mounting and punching the boards, cutting and assembling the box etc).

The latest information we have been given is that the production will be completed in about 2 weeks from today. The next step will be for us to inspect the games to make sure everything was properly made. We will have a few copies assembled and express-shipped to us (and to the local partners) to check. If they are approved, the assembly of all the copies will begin and they will then be shipped to their corresponding partners, who will arrange for their delivery.

We'll make sure to post pictures of the games as soon as we received their copies so you can get a chance to see them fully assembled. For now, here are some more pictures are manufacturer has sent to us:

Hegemonic Project Games at UK GAMES EXPO

We are excited to announce that we will be attending UK GAMES EXPO next month!! The fair will be taking place on June 2-4, in Birmingham UK. If you are planning to attend, please make sure to stop by our booth (2-402) and say hi. Both Vangelis and Varnavas (the game's designers) are going to be there and will be happy to hear your comments on the game or just chat about politics and the economy. :)

We are also going to have demos of the game, as well as copies available for sale. So, if you have any friends interested in getting the game, that would be a great chance for them to get one. There may even be some metal coins sets available, who knows! ;)

Hegemony on BGG

Since the game started getting delivered, we've seen Hegemony's rating on BoardGameGeek be on the rise. A few days ago, it rose to 8.6, a truly incredible score, with more than 1,000 people having rated it! We are truly amazed (and humbled) by this and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making it possible.

That's all for now. We'll be back in a couple of weeks or so, hopefully with news regarding the production of the localized versions as well as a small surprise. :)

Until then, take care and make sure you play plenty of Hegemony!

Hegemonic Project Games

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