Hegemony: Lead Your Class to Victory - 2nd Wave

Hegemony: Lead Your Class to Victory - 2nd Wave

A unique, asymmetric, card-driven 1-4 player board game experience about politics and the economy. A whole nation in one box!

600,178 EUR
of 15,000 EUR Goal
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2nd Wave Pledges - Delivery Update #5

2023-08-02 17:05:12

Dear Hegemons,

This will be the final Delivery Update on the 2nd Wave Pledges for everyone who ordered their game through Hive Pledge Manager! We are excited to announce that all orders have reached their destinations!

Further Customer Support

Please reach out to us through our Customer Support on Hive Pledge Manager if for any reason you have yet to receive your order!

Additionally, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have found any discrepancies with your order, or if you have any questions.

Join our Official Discord Server!

As our community grows larger every day, we have opened our Hegemonic Project Games Official Discord Server, where you will be able to find useful guides, reviews and much more.

Moreover we will be announcing all of our company and game-related news there first, and we also plan to have contests, "ask the Designers" sessions and other exciting events!

Don’t miss the opportunity to join a conversation with fellow board gamers about the game we all love!

Who knows, there might be some interesting news soon…

Link here: https://bit.ly/HPG_OfficialDiscordServer 

Also don’t forget to like and follow our Facebook Page and Group, Instagram and Twitter to stay informed on all the latest developments regarding our projects!

Oh and if you have enjoyed playing Hegemony, feel free to rate the game on BoardGameGeek and leave a comment or even write a full review if you like.

Kind regards,

Hegemonic Project Games

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