Gamemaster's Chest

Gamemaster's Chest

An all-in-one GM tool for your tabletop adventures.

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For a decade, we at Frontier Wargaming have been creating tools and accessories for miniature painters and wargamers. Now, we are taking the plunge and entering the tabletop RPG space with our newest endeavor — The Gamemaster’s Chest.

The Gamemaster's Chest is a modular GM/DM screen packed with all of the essential and quality-of-life-improving tools and features you need to run a TTRPG session at home, or on the go. 

Every Gamemaster's Chest comes with:

  • Book space with a strap
  • Eight magnets to hold your notes
  • Three magnetic miniature trays
  • Two toolboxes to hold your tools and dice
  • Ten magnetic initiative trackers
  • Dice tower and dice tray
  • Device stand with a wireless charger
  • LED light

The Gamemaster's Chest is the result of more than a year of research, development, and playtesting during which we have improved some of our technologies, purchased new equipment, and acquired new techniques.

We use only the highest quality materials. For example, the Baltic birch plywood we use for manufacturing is veneered with the finest quality veneer available and ensures that our products are both durable and lightweight. We use only professional Italian-made wood care products for finishing. This guarantees that our products will serve you for a long time. 

Gamemasters are not only the architects of a fantasy world, they are also one of the players at the table. The chest is sized appropriately so it is never an obstruction, only an enhancement.

Dimensions: 375x250 mm (approx. 14 3/4" x 10")for the front panel, with the screen’s depth of 65 mm (approx. 2 1/2") while stationed.

Weight: 2.1 kg (approx. 4.5 lbs)

The middle compartment of the chest can comfortably carry your rulebooks, module materials, handouts, and notes. The leather strap makes sure that your papers are safe and sound at all times.

Two metal strips run across the top and bottom halves of the screen’s front panel, and one runs through the middle top section, with 8 magnets included in the kit. 

Almost every TTRPG system is easier to navigate when you have certain information at your fingertips. As for the players, having NPC portraits and landscape shots on full display increases immersion and engagement.

Trays are essential! When they are magnetic, it’s even better. A safe and secure way to carry around your miniatures, without each needing a separate holder.

No more finding out that your BBEG is missing an arm, or that a player character broke the blade of their family sword. As long as your miniatures are magnetized, of course.

Exactly what it says on the tin. A toolbox for your dice, pencils, tokens, and other useful stuff you might need during a game. One of the toolboxes comes with a removable foam insert to keep your dice safe. 

The chest comes with 10 magnetized acrylic initiative markers for the magnetic surface on top of the front panel.

Writing initiative on sheets of paper is an old classic, but using these markers allows the whole table to view the turn order of the scuffle. For some TTRPG systems, it’s a blessing to be able to change the initiative without breaking a sweat.

Some believe that dice towers increase the fairness of your rolls. Some just like the sound our math rocks make on their way down. Regardless of circumstances, a dice tower is an elegant addition to any game table, especially when it takes so little space.

Most GMs nowadays use their hand-helds to make running the game a smooth process. Our stand allows wireless charging, so your phone or tablet does not run out of battery when that one juicy track is playing near the end of the session.

An extra light source is useful in many situations. Reduce strain on your eyesight in a dimly lit space, or even consider lighting as one of the instruments in your GM-ing arsenal without compromising your note-viewing. Can be powered by both an outlet and a power bank. 

Add a personal touch with a custom engraving, available for the front and back of the chest. If you wish to have an engraving on both sides, please add this twice. You will be able to specify the side on which you wish your engraving to be and submit an image in the pledge manager.
Please check our engraving guidelines before purchasing this add-on. 
The Chest has a silk-printed logo on the back panel, by default. 

Make your chest unique by choosing one of the five carefully selected color options. The crowdfunding model allows us to offer you to choose the custom color option at a considerably reduced price, compared to our usual offer. You will be able to pick the color in the pledge manager. 

Protect your GM’s Chest from wear and tear with our stylish and durable bag. Crafted from canvas fabric and an extra layer of soft padding, with waxed leather elements that will develop a beautiful patina over time that will add a unique character to the bag.

Every backer that is subscribed to our newsletter will receive an A5 size dot grid journal, perfect for note keeping, map drawing, and session prep. Please note that the email address submitted for the newsletter must be the same as the one you will use in the pledge manager, otherwise, we won’t be able to identify you. 

Production and shipping of the rewards will be organized in waves, and shipped according to your assigned backer number, we plan to ship out 200 chests a month, starting in July and gradually increasing the number of shipments. Shipping may take up to 14 days, depending on your location. 

WARNING! Please note that you will need to complete the pledge manager by the set deadline to ensure your reward ships in time. The deadlines for each wave will be provided at the pledge manager launch. 

We understand that shipping can be tricky to calculate and estimate for crowdfunding campaigns, and this can be a major decision point when backing a project. As we are handling all our fulfillment in-house, we have the luxury of locking in the shipping prices and guaranteeing you that they will be as stated above for all reward tiers of our campaign. 

Almost all of the rewards will be shipped using tracked DHL shipping services. For the regions that are not supported by DHL at the moment of dispatch, we will find an alternative that will not affect the price or safety of your package. 

We have crafted the first batch of 50 GM's Chests to ensure the production cycle runs smoothly. These will be shipped as soon as backers will complete the pledge manager. 

WARNING! Please note, that these GM's Chests will come in the default color and the only available add-on is the Canvas Bag.

We plan to finish shipping the rewards in this wave by the end of December 2024.

All add-ons are eligible for this pledge tier.

We plan to finish shipping the rewards in this wave by the end of May 2025.

All add-ons are eligible for this pledge tier.

Our journey started small, with a laser cutter and MDF wargaming terrain. But, after a meticulous search for a niche, we realized that it could be so much more. This soon led us to a full-fledged woodworking shop. It allowed us to gather a team of passionate hobbyists, who combined their love of the hobby with skilled craftsmanship to make great products.

Our success allowed us to invest not only in the workshop machinery, but also in our local hobbyist community, resulting in our own TTRPG and wargaming club. Which has grown into a wonderful place for geeks like us to meet friends, spend our evenings and, of course, test some of our new products and ideas.

This Kickstarter project will help us bring some of those ideas to life, expand our capabilities, and build a better community even further.

We could say that TTRPGs and gaming, in general, is our biggest passion, but that wouldn't be completely true. Our biggest passion is product design and we hope to share it with you, through our work.

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