The final instalment of the 9 card solitaire game trilogy (following Orchard and its sequel Grove).

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Available in multiple languages - see the Licensing section for details!

Forage is the final instalment of the 9 card solitaire game trilogy (following Orchard and its sequel Grove).

Its 18 cards show different types of woodland areas, where you'll find wild blackberries, sweet chestnuts and edible mushrooms. Some areas are split into two types which, together with the custom dice featuring hungry wood mice, offer new opportunities and different strategies to increase your harvest.

The card backs have recipe challenges to provide a win/lose condition (as an alternative to the standard game's ‘beat your own score’) for those who prefer it, adding even more replayability.

Shuffle 9 of the 18 cards and place them face down (recipe side up) to form a draw pile (the other 9 cards will not be used for this game). Place the top card face up to form the start of your woodland and draw two cards to your hand.

Each card features 3 different types of woodland area and is divided into 6 areas. 5 of the areas have food for foraging on them and the remaining area is split diagonally into two of the area types and can count as either (these split areas have no food). 

Each turn you'll play a card from your hand to add to the woodland, rotating it 90 or 180 degrees either way, overlapping one or more of the cards already in play. 

For each area with food on it that overlaps an area of the same type: 

  • If there is no die on the area below then place a die on the overlapping area with its ‘1’ face uppermost. The die type must match the area. 
  • If there is a die on the area below then place it on the overlapping area and increase its value (1 to 3, 3 to 6, 6 to 10, 10 to 15).

If a split area overlaps an area of the same type then any die on the area below is placed on the split area without changing its value.

Place a mouse die on any overlapping area (with or without food on it) that does not match the area, or the die, below it. The mouse die must match the area. An area with a mouse on it cannot then be overlapped (except by using Edwood Mouse).

You'll then draw another card bringing your hand back to two. Once 9 cards are on the board you'll tally up your score (dice on split areas score 1 less, each mouse subtracts 2 and Edwood subtracts 5) to determine how well you foraged. 

Recipe Challenges

As an alternative method play, the backs of the cards feature ‘recipes’ that are used to provide a win/lose condition. You'll randomly set aside 2 cards from 18 cards with their recipe sides face up. Each recipe shows a scoring condition and the bonus points or score modifier you receive for meeting the condition.

Adding together the numbers shown at the top of the two cards will give the Target Score for the game. If you equal or exceed the Target Score, you win!



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It would be an honor to have Forage on the shelves of retail stores! For retailers looking for the English version of the game, please contact Bridge Fulfillment for details.


  • For Greek retailers, please contact Marilena Doukaki from Meeple On Board for details.


For our backers who are interested in other language versions of the game, we for sure will have the following options to select from in the pledge manager:

We also have partners for versions in Hungarian (GémKer-Gémklub Kft), Chinese (Treetato Studio), Japanese/Thai (Dexker Games), and Brazil (Mosaico). However, those will NOT be available in the pledge manager. Please contact those publishers for the best way to preorder a copy!

For other publishers, if you have licensing/localization inquiries please contact Michael Raftopoulos at

If more localization options become available during or after the campaign we'll be sure to let everyone know!

Meet the Team

Mark is a graphic designer by day and a game designer by night. In addition to Orchard and Grove he's also published a bunch of print & play games. He loves challenging his creativity within the constraints of design contests and several of his games have been BoardGameGeek contest winners. He lives on the south coast of England where he enjoys drinks at his beach hut and swimming in the bracing waters of the English Channel. 

Dustin has been playing board & card games since he was beating his family at Pitch back in junior high. He's a highly trained PowerPoint ranger. He was also able to trick his wife, Christa, into marrying him and their 3 kids are too cute for their own good. 

In the daytime Michael is a Software developer but at night he’s a gamer. He first started playing video games when his parents got him his very own NES for Christmas, and the rest was history. Some of his best memories as a kid was playing Chrono Trigger and Earthbound. The thing Michael looks at the most in a game is a theme that’s rich and well integrated into the mechanics. When he’s not gaming, Michael enjoys spending time at his home in the mountains, as well as kayaking and hiking with his family. 

Alan is a software engineer during his day job, that translates into a fascination with game mechanics and the algorithms that power his favorite board games. He has been a life long video gamer and fell in love with the board game renaissance 10 years ago. He enjoys many different board game genres, and a good mechanic above all is his focus. 

Brett wasn't born loving board games like the rest of these nerds, but came to realize an affinity at a much older and saltier age. His appreciation for board games was born from a long history of video gaming. He may not be able to tell you the difference between an area-impulse euro and a modular board deck builder, but he brings a unique, somewhat outsider perspective to Side Room Games. 

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All UpdatesUpdate #3

June Update - Fulfillment Soon!

2024-06-03 16:43:53

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay in the update but I wanted to have as much info as possible to pass along.

Production is completing for all versions of the games and we have worked with our licensing partners to start their logistics chains for their copies. Meanwhile, the English versions should be wrapped up near the end of this week! 🥳

Based on that it should take SFC around 2 weeks to get the delivery from the factory, process the inventory and get it ready to ship out. So a ball park estimate for actually leaving the factory is the week of 24 June. If there are any drastic changes to that I'll post an update to let folks know.

We still have some time to change mailing addresses so if you need to make changes please submit a ticket in the Hive system and I can update our fulfillment data. We prefer that method rather than Kickstarter comments or messages as it is much easier on our end to track tickets in Hive and it gives backers a better sense of where their issue is in the process of resolving. It's a great system so we're pushing folks to use it primarily.

Finally, in case you missed it, the pledge manager for Black Sonata: Strange Shadows opened today. You can finally get a copy of the base game and/or both of the expansions as a part of that campaign. Go check it out here!

As always, if you have any questions or issues please let us know. Thanks again for your patience & support - I can't wait for these to get to our backers!

 - Dustin & The SRG Team

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