Exorcist Files S2


On January 23rd, Father Carlos Martin's case files about these battles with the demonic were opened for the first time. The result was The Exorcist Files , an immersive 3D audio deep dive into spiritual warfare that raced to the top of the Spotify and Apple Religion Charts and has been downloaded millions of times and thousands of five star reviews. 


The Exorcist Files: Season 2 will feature all new, never before opened case files and contributions from other leading exorcists around the country. Listeners can expect the same proprietary blend of chilling suspense, theology and of course, Ryan’s eye roll inducing dad jokes.

Like season 1, each episode will be approximately 35 minutes in length and will feature dramatic recreations of these battles with the demonic along with Father Martin's narration and teaching, co-hosted by Ryan Bethea for a touch of skeptical questioning and comedic relief.

CAN YOU HEAR THAT? The team has also engaged a GRAMMY award winning sound engineer and a cinematic composer to once again bring to you that incredible sound that made the first season so good.

The Exorcist Files (Season 2) has gone independent and will be available wherever you listen to podcasts (Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Google, etc.) The more we raise, the more we can do!

That’s right! Out of almost 10,000 reviews, and a 4.9 rating, we know fans wanted less commercials. We have heard your prayers.

Father Martins is out on an extensive relic tour and has extremely limited time to work on the show, requiring us to rely on a wonderful team to help finish and execute the program. Fans of Season 1 will remember, Father, far from being just an exorcist, is also a steward of relics, traveling the nation with a unique collection of sacred objects reflecting the Church’s history and Saints.

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