Escape From Flat Earth

24,461 EUR
of 5,500 EUR Goal

Your ship marooned on a strange, flat planet. The crew sent out in search of vital resources. Lethal dangers found at every turn. Can anyone…

Having joined the Red Suits, you and others dressed in potentially fatal fashion have formed Away Teams and are already beaming down to the Flat Planet. As Events are revealed that combine to create a mission timeline, it is now up to each of you to take Actions in the hope that you will be the one to land a Red Suit on the final Event. Do this and earn yourself a promotion out of the Red Suits and into a colour that's not only flattering... but also comes with a much higher life expectancy. Or, you could be the only Red Suit left alive, as the planet is fraught with potentially deadly Attacks. You don't want to be going home in carbonite, do you? Then you'd better keep a Teleport close at hand. A card game for those of us who know better than to step onto an alien planet while dressed in red. And especially for those who don't.

Congratulations on becoming a Red Suit - it's a job for life!

We've been sending out our prototypes to a few people kind enough to play our game and they've been writing up a little on how they feel about it! We are really grateful to our reviewers for taking the time to play and post up what they thought:
If you’re reading this then we assume your Captain has you and the crew lost in space. What a wonderful adventure! As a highly valued crewmember of the starship Quin-10, the following survival guide will tell you all you need to know in order to live through any Event you may encounter on the planet’s surface*. It will soon be time to join an Away Team on their next mission - so read fast, suit up and get ready to beam down to Flat Earth.

You look worried. How about we all pretend it's just a game?

* This is in no way a guarantee as we have absolutely no idea what you are about to encounter. Please take care not to damage this guide, we seem to be printing a lot.
To read the full Rulebooklet, click here or on the image above.
We are a small team - essentially just the two of us - and we have been relying on the community since day one for advice, sanity checks and morale boosts and Kickstarter is a way to have a dedicated community working with us to make our game the best it can be. We love our game, we love the art, the humour and the way it plays. We know we've got it as far as we can on our own. With you, we can make it the game we always hoped it would be. So, if a narrative creating sci-fi inspired card game is your cup of tea, please back our project and help us make this game. Live long and, together, we shall go where no one has gone before. - I love Toast (aka Kris and Quinten).
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