Erevan's Guide to Death and Beyond

Erevan's Guide to Death and Beyond

A 350+page tome full of macabre creatures, Undead races, grafting mechanics and necromancy! Death is only the start in this book for 5e

Dive into the dark and mysterious with Erevan’s Guide to Death and Beyond (EGtDB)! This epic 350+ page tome is packed with dark spells, unholy monsters, arcane craftable items, and Undying Megabosses, each with its own premium miniature, that will challenge even the bravest adventurers. 

But that's not all! You'll also discover the Undying Accord, a thrilling 200+ page adventure book where a Total Party Kill is only the start of a journey like no other.

Are you afraid of dying? In Erevan's Guide, Death is only the beginning! 

Here's a Peek of What's on Offer:  

What's in the book:

Plunge into the abyss with EGtDB, packed with thrilling content for an unforgettable gaming experience! Unveil groundbreaking death mechanics and master an Undead Grafting System, unlocking limitless possibilities for your characters. Face over 10 bone-chilling undead Megabosses, the Gravelords, each accompanied by its own intricately crafted miniature

Immerse yourself in the dark allure of 8 haunting races and forge bonds with otherworldly familiars. Unleash the power of dark subclasses and discover everything needed to weave haunting, cursed tales that will leave everybody at the table spellbound!

Death is only the beginning!

The Boss Miniatures

Want the most detailed minis out there on YOUR table? We got you covered! .

Undead Boss Battles

Azalydh rises, bathed in the blood of her enemies and corrupted by the Void!

Prepare for epic Undead Megaboss Battles that will send shivers down your spine! Rise to new heights of excitement and terror as your party scales, leaps, and desperately battles against formidable Titans in heart-pounding encounters.

Lilith the First Blood Daughter and Blautaric the Warlord of Avarice are only 2 of the 10 Megabosses with extraordinarily detailed miniatures!-ALL miniatures come unpainted-

Immersive Subclasses

Dive into a realm of boundless possibilities with our immersive subclasses, each offering a unique path to power and mastery! 

Unleash the dark arts as a Necroblade fighter, wielding deathly spells and necro-infused blades with lethal precision. Harness the divine as a Jailer paladin, wielding holy relics to bind the dead and turn their own abilities against them in righteous vengeance. Embrace the balance of life and death as a  Gravebloom Druid, commanding nature's forces to raise fallen allies and strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.

With over 12 subclass options for established 5e classes, the possibilities are endless. Choose your path, and let the journey to mastery begin!

Holy Relic Domain, Jailer Oath, Netherblood Champion and more dark Subclasses for your time in the Underworld 

Dead(ly), Playable Races

Rise anew as one of our 12 undead playable races, each offering unique abilities to enhance your gaming experience! Embrace the symbiotic bond with an eldritch parasite as an otherworldly Voidkin, wielding the powers of undeath to turn the tide of battle in your favor. Rise from the grave itself as a Skeleton, breathing un-life with newfound strength and purpose. Or take to the skies and rend your foes asunder as a deadly Batkin, commanding the shadows with unmatched agility.

Voidblood, Risen, Dracholichborn and the Aetherborn are only a few races for your grim new reality

A craftable hoard of Magic Items

Fulfill your deadliest gaming fantasies with over 40 new unholy craftable magic items. Harvest rare ingredients from your enemies and carefully craft your battle partners in the afterlife!

Look at those dark weapons, obscure equipment and unholy contraptions, these will be soon yours

A Brand New Grafting System

Erevan’s Guide brings forth a new necromantic and absolutely macabre game mechanic, the Grafting System!

The dark art of Grafting blends the forbidden and the grotesque, pursued by twisted minds, seeking to defy nature's boundaries. Grafts are not mere prosthetics but living enhancements merged onto one's flesh through agonizing procedures. These abominations are crafted from the harvested viscera of powerful monsters and then fused onto those desperate enough to undergo such transformations.

Grafting is simple! Take your dead enemies' limbs and yield them against your new enemies. Or something like that..

New Class: The Thanatomancer

Death is merely a suggestion for Thanatomancers! Manipulate flesh, tear bone, and weaponize the power of unlife while journeying into immortality!

Masters of dark magic and the arcane arts, Thanatomancers can deftly wield life and death, harnessing the power of souls to transcend mortality. These spellcasters have the ability to command undead, reanimate corpses, and even fight Death itself! But at what cost?

In gameplay, the Godless Thanatomancers blend unholy spellcasting and soulweaving. They can take a myriad of forms, ranging from run-of-the-mill necromancers to mad steampunk scientists. These gruesome casters channel primordial elements to infuse an undead army and freely move souls from corpse to corpse to dominate the battlefield.

Isn't the Thanatomancer one of the most beautiful deadly guys you have recently met?(Wait..Is that.. Erevan?)

New Profane Spells! 

With these new spells..Things are about to get real... funereal!”

Unleash the arcane wonders of over 40 new spells! Tap into the raw, untamed essence of primordial magic and elevate your abilities to new heights. Whether you seek to command the elements, manipulate time, or summon otherworldly creatures, our spell compendium offers limitless possibilities for you to explore and master. Are you ready to wield the true power of magic?

Horrifying Monsters

Your spine will tingle with terror while poring over our collection of more than 75 new, absolutely abominable creatures, each with a chilling tale waiting to be told! With stat blocks that build petrifying narratives, dive into a story where danger lurks around every corner, ready to challenge even the bravest adventurers. Are you prepared to face the horrors that await in the darkness?

Silkworm Witch, Darkspell Militia, Fellthought Abstract, Voidblood Tormutation are only a few of the cute abominations coming your way
You're about to look forward to your character dying !

How does the world’s biggest TTRPG not have alternative death and resurrection mechanics?

Fight with Death and fate itself to hold onto your soul or rise from the grave to possess the living! Cast dark arcana to ascend into immortality and even use eldritch parasites from beyond to reanimate your body! FIGHT DIE REPEAT!

A Menagerie of otherworldly Familiars

Gravebinder, Grimbell, Necrowing, Deadsage are your deadly friendly allies in this grim, dark underworld

What’s better than defeating an undead Megaboss? Harvesting its blood and soul into a dark companion that does your bidding! Even better, each of the 10 new bespoke familiars comes with a unique tech tree. Choose your upgrades and craft your ultimate companion.

Based on the very successful mechanics of Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting!

With Death and Beyond, its not only the bosses you are fighting against..

... And More!

Erevan's Guide comes with a treasure horde of epic loot, including card decks for monsters, items, spells, and grafting, as well as dice sets, handouts, GM Screens, accessories, and a lot of miniatures! Check it out!

A full set of stunning gemstone dice sculpted from labradorite and engraved with gold details.

NO AI! Only Real, Gorgeous and Creative art

We take a stand against AI! In fact many of the art pieces or Erevan's Guide were crafted using the old ways..

Free Playtest Material!

Dive into the Gravelord realms early! Explore pre-released player materials or take on a Gravelord in the epic adventure: Anecralon - Archon of Teletes.


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The Erevan’s Guide to Death and Beyond book is already 80% completed! The Undying Accord Adventure book is 65% completed. We are working to deliver the Beta playtest versions of the book PDFs to you by December 2024, and to the manufacturer shortly after we implement feedback from you all.

The project's miniatures have already been fully designed and only have minimal work left for their final engineering and casting. All digital miniature files will be delivered to you within 3-4 months after the funding period of the campaign is concluded, in September 2024.

We have chosen Stretch Goals which we've already designed or will be designed and tested by people outside of the core team to ensure we keep our workload controlled.

Our team consists of numerous members that not only have extensive Kickstarter and project management experience but also have broad production management experience and expertise, capable of efficiently addressing and quickly facing all the various issues that could arise in the production of such a demanding project. We will of course make sure to keep you informed about all developments of the project with frequent relevant KS updates. Transparency, honesty,  and quality work are our priorities.


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The Team

Alessandro Coia is a freelance writer working with Archvillain Games. Born and raised in Rome, Alessandro has always been passionate about storytelling and world building.

David Escribano is a concept artist and illustrator from Madrid, Spain. He has worked mainly in the videogame industry and is now bringing his love for art to the miniature design world! Having a pencil in hand for as long as he can remember, he was lucky to find his path dedicating himself professionally to what he loves: creating worlds and characters to inhabit them. Outside of work, he is a swordfighter, muay thai practitioner, miniature painter, and fancy food enjoyer.

Dimitris Dimarelos is a graphic designer at Archvillain Games. Dimitris resides in Mt. Pelion, the mythic birthplace of centaurs. Specialized in the deepest levels of visual necromancy, he delights in enhancing the darkest projects in tabletop gaming. Ironically, rumors suggest he is rather approachable, and that he loves drawing cartoons.

Enrico Fregolent is a concept artist from Italy working with Archvillain Games.

Enrico Serini is an Art Director and concept artist at Archvillain Games. Class 1989. Formally AD, practically too. Into Soulslike aesthetics, gothic pin ups and fancy suits.

Eryk Szczygieł is a freelance illustrator working with Archvillain Games.

Helena Tzioti and Anna Mentzelopoulou are experienced marketers in the tabletop gaming industry and are currently working in the Marketing department of Archvillain Games. 

Helge Balzer is a prolific illustrator working with Archvillain Games that has worked on numerous prestigious projects such as Magic the Gathering. 

Ioannis Rigas is an editing manager at Archvillain Games.

Jessic Gombart is a freelance editor working with Archvillain Games. Previous notable work includes Heliana’s Guide, Steinhardt’s Guide, and Ryoko’s Guide.

Konstantinos Martinos is CEO, Creative Director,  and founder of Archvillain Games.

Konstantinos Pananas is the Project Manager of Archvillain Games. He has been working in the tabletop gaming industry over the past 7 years for various different board game and RPG publishers. He has managed and consulted more than 13 Kickstarter campaigns and developed numerous products and projects in the creative industry. 

Marco Riggio is a freelance writer working with Archvillain Games and all-around nerd: whether it's games, fantasy lore, or even cooking, you can be sure he has spent too much time obsessing over it. This tendency has given him an approximate knowledge of many things.

Martin Kirby-Jackson is a freelance illustrator that has worked on a number of TTRPG projects and is currently working with Archvillain Games

Mark Teague is an Art Director and 3D Sculptor at Archvillain Games! Mark comes from the English countryside, but he honed his craft during a decade living in the Far East, drawing inspiration from the vibrant culture there. Now he’s back home. When he is not making awesome minis with Archvillain Games, you'll probably find him sculpting a pin-up or two!

Maximiliano Moretto is a freelance illustrator working with Archvillain Games.

Mohammed Bellafquih is a consultant for the Death and Beyond project. Mohammed is also a graphic designer and creative director at Loot Tavern Publishing.

Nick Acuna is a freelance illustrator working with Archvillain Games.

Pablo Mendoza is a freelance illustrator working with Archvillain Games.

Rodrigo Alves is an Art Director and 3D Sculptor at Archvillain Games. Since his childhood, he has been enchanted by the imaginary universe and its most varied ramifications. He is  Brazilian, 33 years old, has graduated in Graphic Design, and has illustrated books. He worked in the digital game field for 8 years and later found his true passion for sculpting. Nowadays, he is sculpting and directing art at Archvillain Games.

Saeed Farhangian is a freelance illustrator working with Archvillain Games.

Terry Wreath is a freelance writer at Archvillain Games with a passion for creating D&D adventures.

Thomas Elliot is an experienced illustrator that has worked in house at Games Workshop for over 5 years as well as his own project, Eskaton. Thomas has worked with Archvillain Games on Death and Beyond.

TJ Phoenix is a writer at Archvillain Games. He has spent over 30 years perfecting the art of D&D adventure writing, fueled by his experiences as an Army Ranger and digital nomad. With over a hundred independently published modules under his belt, his notable works include Motes of the Divine for Heliana's Guide to Monster Hunting, and contributions to Steinhardt's Guide to the Eldritch Hunt, Broadsword Monthly, and Crucible Magazine.

Vincenzo Prattico is an Italy - based illustrator that worked on numerous art pieces for  Death and Beyond.

About Archvillain Games

Since 2019, Archvillain Games has been delivering high-quality,  pre-supported fantasy tabletop 3D model STLs to their patrons. Each month,  a new collection of over 40 models is released with a unique theme,  accompanied by a 5e adventure stacked with lore and new mechanics.

In 2024, Archvillain Games already boasts an impressive 60+ Fantasy Releases and more than 35 Sci-Fi Releases, counting more than 1000 unique miniature models! Additionally, hundreds more hero and boss models have been meticulously crafted, enriching the games of thousands of TTRPG fans and wargamers around the world!

Archvillain Games envisions being a company by gamers for gamers that constantly strives for high quality, innovation, and high-level imagination! We are a company that has full-time employees from more than 10 different countries and regular contractors from more than 20, aiming to bring together as many people, cultures, ideas,  and as much inspiration for gaming and stories as possible!

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