Dwar7s Legendary Forest

Dwar7s Legendary Forest

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Dwar7s Spring is a worker placement, engine building game for 2-4 players.

Now that you survived winter, and you have successfully defended your kingdom, it is time to expand your empire by exploring the world and building settlements. 

Beware! Monsters are lurking around every corner. 

You will need to enlist mighty heroes to empower your ranks and defeat the monsters.

Last but not least, you will need to find rare dragon eggs, hatch them, and train your dragons to become formidable companions.

With the help of an army of heroes, you will save the faeries and use their magic to explore the world and build a mighty empire!

Spring is upon us! As the flowers blossom, empires will rise!

All Dwar7s games are language independent. The cards have no text. As such, with just the rulebook you will be able to play the game in all supported languages.

Inside the game's box, the rulebook will be in English. However, through our website (http://www.vesuviusmedia.com) or the Hive Portal (http://www.hiveinteractive.net) you will be able to download the rulebook for the core game and its expansions in several supported languages: English, Portuguese, French, German, and Spanish.

For the Core Game of Dwar7s Spring, you can already download the PDF files in numerous languages here:


Learn how to play by watching the following video:

Click on the image to go to TableTopia and give the game a try!

 For the Core Game of Dwar7s Spring, you can already download the PDF files in numerous languages here:


Kickstarter Previews

 What's inside the Legendary Forest Expansion?

The Legendary Forest Expansion includes the content of the former expansions listed below:

  • Legendary Expansion
  • Elven Uprising Expansion
  • Dragon's Forge Expansion
  • Enchanted Forest Expansion

Also it includes the new Snow White Miniature (can be used as First Player Token in Spring, as part of the Snow White and the Witch variation in Fall) and updated rulebook for all of the above content!

We do not plan to re-print any of the above expansions individually in the future. They will only be part of the Legendary Forest Expansion.

Returning Backers

If you are a returning backer or you have the expansions listed above, you can get the big box (empty with just the plastic tray in it), plus the Snow White Mini, the updated rules and the new content from this campaign by choosing the "Returning Backer" pledge. In addition, if you are missing content (eg. one of the expansions listed above), you will have the option to add them in the Pledge Manager after the campaign.

We will charge shipping after the Kickstarter concludes based on the actual costs incurred to ship. Payment will be collected via the Hive Pledge Manager (https://www.hiveinteractive.net) after the campaign. Shipping costs vary widely based on where you will receive your reward. Unfortunately, a one size fits all price isn't manageable.

We will pay to ship your rewards to our international distribution centers. Based on your delivery address, we will ship to you from one of the hubs below (subject to change):

  • UK: Zatu
  • Asia: VFI
  • Australia: Aetherworks
  • Canada: Vesuvius Media
  • USA: QuarterMaster Logistics or Nord Fulfilment
  • Poland and Rest of EU: Green Logistics
  • Germany and Rest of the World: Happyshops

The above fulfillment hub is subject to change before final delivery.

UK/Europe/Canada Taxes:

As you may have seen in other Kickstarter campaigns, the requirements for remitting Value Added Tax (VAT) in Europe have changed. Therefore, after the campaign, in the pledge manager, backers in Europe will be charged a portion (10% to 15%) of the relevant VAT for their location. We will cover the remaining amount.

For backers in the UK, since Brexit, VAT charges on import are also incurred. Therefore, after the campaign, in the pledge manager, backers in the UK will be charged a portion of the VAT (10% to 15%). We will cover the remaining amount.

For Canadian backers, in previous campaigns, we absorbed the cost of our Canadian sales tax. Unfortunately, this is no longer manageable. Therefore, after the campaign, in the pledge manager, backers in Canada will be charged GST (5% only). We will cover the remaining HST/PST.

Shipping Cost Estimates:

The following is a list of rough estimates for shipping of the various pledge levels. Please keep in mind that these are just estimates, and costs may rise based on weight increases from unlocked stretch goals and any optional add-ons you choose. All prices are listed in US dollars.

Please note, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and other remote states are not part of the USA category. They are included in the Rest of the World category.


If you are close to any of the following locations, you can choose to pick up your reward and not pay shipping costs!

Halifax, Canada

  •  Vesuvius Media HQ: 38 Pioneer Ave, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Athens, Greece

  •  Κάισσα Πειραιά: Αριστοτέλους 11, 18535, Πειραιάς (τηλ. 210 4296845)
  •  No Label X: Μπόταση 4, 106 82, Αθήνα

Essen Spiel 2023

  •  From our Booth: If the production schedule permits it, then we will try and give you this option in the Pledge Manager.

GenCon 2023

  •  From our Booth: If the production schedule permits it, then we will try and give you this option in the Pledge Manager.

We will ask you to specify the exact pick up location in the pledge manager after campaign.

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2023-10-19 19:17:45

We are very happy to report that Kickstarter fulfillment is now officially complete!

If you have not received your pledge, check your Hive account for the tracking information. If you have any concerns about your pledge, this is your last chance to open a Support Ticket in the Hive Pledge Manager.

As mentioned in Kickstarter Update #14, when you receive your rewards:

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We know this is a tough one, especially for people who want to give the game as a gift, but it is very important you check your rewards. We don't expect many damaged or missing items, but when hundreds of games are being produced and shipped worldwide, mistakes are bound to happen. We want to make sure you are happy with your rewards, but if you wait to report possible issues, we can't guarantee we will have replacements. Please check all of your rewards.

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