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Status Update: Pledge manager closing date - Rulebooks available for download

2023-06-26 21:07:49

Hello everyone,

We hope this update finds all of you well.

Pledge manager closing on July 15th 2023

We kindly ask all remaining backers who have not completed the pledge manager to do so as soon as possible. The pledge manager will be closing on 15th of July 2023. If you haven't completed the pledge manager by then, we cannot guarantee that your copy will be on the boat to the hub, as we ship specific quantities to each hub, which may result in you having to pay an additional cost to receive your copy afterward.

Production Status

Reports from the factory are that we are on schedule. We are in the middle of the production process. All remaining files have been sent to the factory, and we are waiting for some last e-proof files to approve. In the meanwhile, many components are already being mass-produced.

Rule-book files

It is time to sit back and relax while waiting for the game to get delivered. How about some reading until then? Here you may download the PDF files of all rule-books for Ceres and its expansions. As you can see, we've heard your request, and we created 2 separate rule-books, one for the Base Game and one for the Automa. This will make your games versus Automa easier to process.

Ceres - Rulebook

Ceres - Automa Rulebook

Mars Contracts Expansion

Comets Mini Expansion

KS Promos Rules

We welcome your feedback, comments and questions!

That's all for now! We thank you all for your support!

The Artipia Games Team

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