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Status Update - Development complete - Production begins

2023-05-30 14:29:10

Hello everybody,

We hope this update finds all of you well and safe!

Status update

We are glad to inform you that the development phase for Ceres and all its expansions and stretch rewards, is now officially complete! We have begun the process of uploading the final files to the factory. The factory has already started sending back e-proof files for our approval. The current estimate is to have a complete production within the next six weeks. In other words, everything is on schedule!

Adjustment/Additions to the final contents

We would also like to inform you about a couple of changes in the final contents:

1) Advanced Ceramics and Ore markers: Despite our efforts to deliver these two markers as presented in the campaign's page, we are forced to change their shape due to production limitation. Below you can see the updated wooden components we will be using.

The new shapes for the wooden Advanced Ceramics and Ore markers

2) Additional Mega projects: While developing the Mega Projects stretch reward, we designed and tested more Mega Projects than the two that were unlocked as stretch rewards. As we were happy with all of them and couldn't really decide which ones to included with the stretch rewards, we decided to make the Mega Projects, double-sided which allows us to include 4 in the stretch rewards instead of 2. We believe this change adds great game-play value and further replay-ability to the rewards you will be receiving.

 Pledge manager closing - Finalize your pledges

We kindly request all remaining backers who have not completed the pledge manager to do so as soon as possible. With production underway, we anticipate closing the pledge manager withing the next few weeks. After the pledge manager has been closed, backers will still have some additional time when they will be able to change their shipping address, but finalizing your pledge soon will help us ensure that your copy is on the right container heading for the right continent for delivery.

That's all for now! We thank you all for your support!

The Artipia Games Team

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