Bug & Seek: The Bug-Catching Video Game

Bug & Seek: The Bug-Catching Video Game

Grab your 8-bit bug net for this cozy, humorous bug-catching sim. Over 175+ real bugs to catch! Explore, collect, level up, customize.

21,975 USD
of 18,000 USD Goal

Bug & Seek is a cozy, 8-bit bug-catching simulator--with a mystery twist--designed to elicit the feelings of curiosity and wonder as you explore the cute and colorful town of Buggburg and discover and catch new bugs. It's a creature collector in which you collect 175+ real bugs!

UPDATE: The ISOPOD DLC will now be included with the Standard ($20) Reward Tier. It's no longer a stretch goal, so when we meet our base funding goal, Backers of the Standard pledge or higher will also receive this DLC with 20 new Isopods to catch! 

In Bug & Seek, it's all about the bugs! 

  • Explore the different biomes of Buggburg in all four seasons to see what you can find and catch! 
  • Level-up your bug-catching skills to find more rare and valuable bugs! 
  • Make money by selling bugs, fulfilling orders, completing quests, or stocking your Insectarium (bug zoo)! 
  • Expand, decorate, and customize your Insectarium!
  • Talk with the 17+ locals to earn quests and uncover secrets about the Great Bug Heist!
  • Solve the mystery of the Great Bug Heist!

  • At release there will be 175+ real bugs to catch (insects, arachnids, isopods, and myriapods)! 
  • And of course, you can give your bugs names. Want to name your Luna Moth Luna Lovegood? Check! A Dragon Mantis named Smaug? You're golden! 
  • Every one of the 175+ bugs comes with a funny tagline and a codex entry that contains true information about the bug! 
  • The bugs appear during day or night just like they do in real life, and they are found in locations and biomes and seasons that mirror where you find them in real life!

Tired of the daily grind, YOU saw an ad for an abandoned Insectarium up for sale in the quaint little town of Buggburg...so you decided to take the leap! You bought it, and now it's time to restore the Insectarium and start catching bugs. Establish yourself as the preeminent bug-catcher in Buggburg!

You have four ways to earn coins with your bugs:

1. Use them to fill orders for private collectors, museums, and schools!

2. Sell them to local merchants!

3. Use them to complete quests for the locals!

4. Show them off during Saturday public events at your Insectarium! Choose what to display to draw in the crowds.

You also have the option to donate a bug to the Buggburg University, giving you more information about the bug and increasing its value!

And what can you do with your hard earned coins? 

  • You can expand and decorate your Insectarium. Want yellow wallpaper and concrete floors? Go for it. Prefer brick floors and pictures on the wall? You can do that too. Work towards adding news wings to the building and even a butterfly pavilion!

  • You can unlock new areas of the Buggburg World Map:

Meet and interact with 17+ locals and complete quests to earn coins and maybe even a haiku or two. Some locals will gladly share what they know with you about Buggburg and the Great Bug Heist, and for some you'll have to build up trust before they spill their secrets.  

Here are a few of the colorful residents of Buggburg that you'll meet:

Take your time enjoying and exploring the town of Buggburg, which amazingly has every kind of biome a bug could want! 😁 

  • From the Beach to the Evergreen Forest, each biome has its own unique bugs to catch.
  • When it comes to bug locations and availability, Bug & Seek was made to be as close to real life as possible while still maintaining balanced gameplay. 

The town of Buggburg once enjoyed a thriving Insectarium. People came from all over to see the bugs, and to buy bugs for their personal collections. Then, one night, everything changed. All of the bugs were stolen in a crime known as the Great Bug Heist. The Insectarium was left abandoned and empty and the previous owner disappeared. Can you solve the mystery of who committed the Great Bug Heist? 

As you meet the locals and perform quests for them, you'll build trust and collect clues about who might have had a motive to commit the crime. See if you can piece everything together to unmask the guilty party!

Exclusive Add Ons:

A Note on Beta Access: Beta Access will only be accessible on Steam and will become available within a month or two after this campaign ends. The Beta version of Bug & Seek will be incomplete, still have many bugs (the error kind), have unfinished areas/features, and may have gameplay that changes. But Beta Access is also your biggest chance to impact and influence the development of Bug & Seek. 

Physical add-on items will likely be available before some digital rewards are available (e.g. the complete game). 

Bug & Seek began as a collaboration between Chera and Craig, the wife-husband team at So Peculiar Games. Meet them and hear about what led them to develop Bug & Seek and their heart and vision for the game.

Meet Chera and Craig

Chera and Craig have previously released Cozy Maze Game on iOS and Google Play, a simple maze exploration game (it is still currently available on the App Store). They have also partnered with the CrowdFunding Nerds on this campaign.

The purpose of this Kickstarter is to raise funds to hire help to port Bug & Seek to the Switch as quickly as possible. 

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