Coming Soon on Kickstarter Biblus: Chronicle I

Biblus: Chronicle I

A Bible rebus based card deck with multiple game in one box

Biblus is the latest in a line of successful Urbantek Designed & Published games.

The concept of Biblus started when Curtis (Owner of Urbantek) was playing some card games with 2 of his friends (Liam & Jonny) while away camping. Curtis, Liam, and Jonny are all Christians, and while gaming together the idea was sparked for a biblical-based card game. A fast-based, rebus-style game that would have a large range of gameplay options to make it a permanent fixture in the "Traveling Game Bag/Box". We set out with a couple of objectives:

  • Simple to pick up and play, didn't require hours of learning, a 1 card instruction booklet
  • Play styles for all ages
  • Bible-based (obviously) and educational
  • Quick play times that left you wanting more
  • Multiple card uses
  • Cost-effective. We wanted this to be able to easily sell at schools, bible shops, and Christian community centers so we've kept the cost down as low as possible at under $10 USD for the game!

Liam is a graphic designer, he's been a skilled, hand-drawn, artist for many years. Jonny is an ideator, great at coming up with rebus concepts and game styles, and Curtis runs Urbantek so he knows how to crowdfund. Put them all together and you've got the makings of an incredible-looking game that has fantastic utility. And that's exactly what you'll get with Biblus: Chronicle I

Why Chroncicle I? There are so many people, events, places, and stories in the bible that we can't fit them all into 1 deck. So we're going to be creating multiple chronicles. All decks will be able to combine to work with each other and increase the gameplay experience as the Biblus catalog expands and grows.

Update #1

Artwork Update

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